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Best Ykkönen Betting Sites 2020

Ykkönen was introduced as a nationwide second league under this name in 1993, so the 23rd season of the Ykkönen is already running. As mentioned, it is the second highest division in Finland’s football. That means that you are already on the edge of professional football. Overall, a second league has existed in Finland since 1930, just like a first league. It has only been called Ykkönen for 23 years. With the following sites from our betting site comparison you can place your bets on Ykkönen.

Currently participating clubs at the Ykkönen in Finland

The meaning of the word “Ykkönen” is quickly explained. It means nothing other than “number one”, which means that in Finland, too, the second division is strangely referred to as “first” in the country. The actual first division usually has a sponsor name, including in Finland. The Veikausliiga , which is the real first division, is named after a betting site, namely the state betting site.

Just because the Ykkönen does not have such a name based on betting, it is no less interesting for sports betting, as the information in the following sections will show. Unlike the Veikausliiga, the Ykkönen is not self-governing and therefore virtually independent, but is maintained by the Finnish Football Association, just like all other leagues in Finland.

The following is a brief overview of which clubs are currently playing in Finland’s second division – as well as the name of the respective location and stadium, since the clubs in Finland are often not called the city from which they come.

  • AC Oulu, Oulu, Raatin Stadium
  • Ekenäs IF, Raseborg, Ekenäs Centrumplan
  • FC Jazz Pori, Pori, Pori Stadium
  • FF Jaro, Jakobstad, Jakobstads Centralplan
  • Grankulla IFK, Kauinainen, Kauniaisten Keskuskenttä
  • Haka Valkeakoski, Valkeakoski, Tehtaan kenttä
  • JJK Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Harjun stadium
  • Kokkolan Palloveikot, Kokkola, Kokkolan Keskuskenttä
  • FC KTP Kotka, Kotka, Arto Tolsa Areena
  • Turku PS, Turku, Paavo Nurmi Stadium

While the Veikausliiga consists of 12 clubs, there are currently only 10 clubs competing against each other in the Yk. Here, too, you compete against each other three times in a season. The first one at the end of each season automatically goes up to the Veikausliiga. Quite an attractive sports bet every year, who will ultimately win this race. The runner-up may play a relegation for promotion against the penultimate of the Veikausliiga.

The last two clubs of the Ykkonen, on the other hand, descend directly and without hesitation. An unusually high turnover is possible in the Ykkönen if up to 4 out of 10 teams are no longer participants in the following season. In many other small leagues there is often only one promoted and one relegated. Not so in the Ykkönen, which is why it is always an attractive target for sports betting in a different constellation.

Previous master of the Ykkonen

Here is a look at the previous champions and thus also direct promoters, since the Ykkönen operates under this, then new name. Always keep in mind that the season actually runs in the calendar year . So whoever became the Ykkonen champion in 2015 became the only one with games in 2015.

  • 1993 KuPS
  • 1994 Ponnistus
  • 1995 FC Inter
  • 1996 TP-Seinäjoki
  • 1997 FC Haka
  • 1998 FC Lahti
  • 1999 Tampere United
  • 2000 KuPS
  • 2001 FC Hämeenlinna
  • 2002 KuPS
  • 2003 TP-47
  • 2004 KuPS
  • 2005 FC Honka
  • 2006 FC Viikingt
  • 2007 KuPS
  • 2008 JJK Jyväskylä
  • 2009 AC Oulu
  • 2010 RoPS
  • 2011 FC Lahti
  • 2012 RoPS
  • 2013 SJK
  • 2014 HIFK
  • 2015 PS Kemi Kings

A list of the record champions in the Ykkönen is probably less sensible, especially since those clubs that see themselves more as first division teams are not too successful in becoming champions of the second division.

Stadiums and venues in the Ykkonen

Unsurprisingly, there are currently also very small stadiums in the league, which have a capacity of less than 1,000 spectators. This is also an indication of where the Ykkönen should be sorted in international or in comparison to German football.

  • Turku: Paavon Nurmi Stadium, 13,000
  • Pori: Porin Stadio, 12,000
  • Oulu: Raatin Stadium, 6,996
  • Jakobstad: Jakobstad Centralplan, 5,000
  • Kotka: Arto Tolsa Arena, 4,780
  • Valkeakoski: Tehtaan kenttä, 3,516
  • Jyväskyla: Harjun Stadium, 3,000
  • Raseborg: Ekenäs Centrumplan, 2,500
  • Kokkola: Kokkolan Keskuskenttä, 2,000
  • Kauniainen: Kauniaisten Keskuskenttä, 700

However, it is actually only the stadium of Grankulla IFK that almost fewer than 1,000 spectators. But all fans of sports betting needn’t be interested in that. Because the home advantage is proven to exist even if no spectators attend a game at all. It is probably more about the territorial behavior of the players of the home club, and of course you know your own place better.

With regard to the odds and the expected game outcomes, you don’t have to worry about betting on the Ykkönen that the home advantage suddenly “disappears” here. However, if you do not want to type only with a gut feeling, you have to make a little more effort than in the big leagues in world football to find out the relevant information so that you can use it profitably for your bets.

Conclusion on betting on Ykkonen in Finland

Despite the low sporting quality, the Ykkönen, like the Veikausliiga, has a very big advantage for everyone who wants to deal with sports betting. Due to the climatic conditions in Finland, their season runs in the calendar year and here mainly around the summer months, in concrete terms this usually means from April to October. Good thing for everyone who wants to place sports bets during the summer break of the other leagues and before and after major tournaments. The Ykkönen in Finland is ideal for this – even if it is sometimes a little more difficult to get current information about the lineups, injuries and form, unless you speak and understand Finnish or at least good English.

Nevertheless, especially in the otherwise often summer sports betting months, a hot tip, these Ykkönen, in which an ex-European cup participant also gets lost, as is currently the case for FC Jazz Pori and Turku PS. The Ykkönen should not be completely new territory for the connoisseur.

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