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The Gaelic Athletics Association is responsible for managing and marketing Ireland’s indigenous sporting codes. Gaelic Football and Hurling are the two most popular sports codes in Ireland and are followed by fans in Ireland, Northern Ireland and many Irish expatriate communities across the globe.

The marriage between traditional Irish sports and Ireland’s passion for betting on sporting events, produces an excellent array of sports betting markets for GAA Sports leagues and matches. Paddy Power and Boylesports, Ireland’s two biggest sportsbooks, offer comprehensive coverage of GAA Sports, as well as a wide selection of exciting free bet and money back specials on GAA Sports matches.

The GAA Sports betting markets focus on:

The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship: Easily the most popular sports league in Ireland, the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship is Ireland’s annual Gaelic football tournament, and is contested by every county on the Island.

The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship: The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship is the highest level hurling tournament in Ireland.

The International Rules Series is an international sports series played annually by Ireland and Australia. The two match series, played in October, was developed to give Gaelic Football players and Australian Rules players the opportunity to represent their nations in an international tournament.

GAA Sports Betting Opportunities

GAA Sports provide a wide variety of sports betting opportunities, with up to 23 markets being made available for each match by Irish bookmakers. These markets most resemble rugby betting markets, and offer the same excellent value. Popular GAA sports betting markets include:

Match/Handicap Betting: The staple of punters everywhere is always available for all GAA sports matches. Backing a side to win a particular match can provide great value, particularly when betting on the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship which is a highly competitive, open league.

Handicap markets allow fans of GAA sports to back their teams by adding or subtracting points from the final scores of Gaelic hurling or football matches. These markets provide the best value for hurling matches, in which three teams have dominated the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship for much of its history.

Winning Margin Betting: Winning margin betting provides far better value than traditional match betting. These betting markets allow punters to predict the score difference between the two sides participating in any Gaelic football or hurling matches.

Odds in these markets are so generous that punters can hedge their bets by placing money on a selection of possible winning margins, thereby increasing their odds of earning a payout from these GAA Sports betting markets.

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