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Sports Betting Odds Tricks

Do you stay loyal to one or 2 bookmakers you have accounts with? Many of you do I’m sure, this could be down to the fact you have money  already in one account or the plain and simple convenience factor of it.

Bookmakers are scoring big time and it’s mostly down to punters laziness just taking the odds on offer. This is why they all offer such good bonuses if you sign up with them. They know customer acquisition is the key, once they have you on board there is a good chance they will be your one stop shop for your gambling activities.

You wouldn’t book a Holiday abroad without shopping around so why do it with your betting.

Don’t Be a Lazy Punter

I am going to show you some examples of why it’s important to shop around and that Bookmaking is the one business it does not pay to be a loyal customer.

If you want to place your betting on a more professional level, it is essential that you give yourself the best chance to succeed by opening as many accounts as possible.

Now, in the following example let us assume you are a reasonably good punter who has around a 50% strike rate on all your selections. (In other words, one out of every two bets placed is a winner.)

If we look at a typical weekend in the English Premier League, you have four £25 single bets on Arsenal, Everton, Aston Villa and Stoke to win their respective matches. This weekend you suffer two losses, with Arsenal and Aston Villa failing to win. However, both Everton and Stoke won.

So let’s look at your returns on the winning bets. On one bet you placed £25 on Everton to beat Fulham, and Everton won 2–1. Before the game, the best odds available were 21/20 (2.05) and the bookmaker offering the lowest odds was quoting 4/5 (1.80).

If you backed with the bookmaker offering the best odds, you collect £26.25 in winnings. Were you to place the bet with the bookmaker offering the lowest odds you would collect only £20.00 in winnings. This represents a £6.25 (31.25%) difference.

On the second winning bet you placed £25 on Stoke to beat Newcastle, and Stoke won 4–0. Before the game, the best odds available were 13/10 (2.30), and the bookmaker offering the lowest odds was quoting 11/10 (2.10).

If you were to back the selection with the bookmaker offering the best odds you collect £32.50 in winnings. Whereas if you place the bet with the bookmaker offering the lowest odds, you collect only £27.50 in winnings, which represents a £5 (18.18%) difference

By betting with the bookmakers with the best odds, you would6 be £8.75 in profit; but by choosing the bookmakers with the lowest odds, you would have a loss of £2.50. There’s a £11.25 difference between best and worst practice.

Now this may not seem that much money. But if you replicate this over a 38-week season, betting with the best odds on offer shows a profit of +£1332.50, a very respectable 8.75% return on investment. Placing such bets with the bookmaker offering the lowest odds shows a loss of -£95.00, -2.50% return on investment.

So, as you can see, following this one simple discipline can make or break your season.

Spending a couple of hours opening accounts with as many bookmakers as possible puts you in a position where you are always able to take advantage of the best prices available. Not only that. If you take advantage of some of their bonus sign up offers you will be in front before you start.

Odds Comparison Sites.

There are many Odds Comparison sites on the Internet – The two I would suggest you use  are Oddschecker and Oddsportal both of these are very good with the latter my preference as they cover a wider range of bookmakers including some of the very good offshore bookmakers that have larger limits and don’t ban you if you are winning on a consistent basis. They also cover a more comprehensive offering of Asian Handicap lines.

A great site to compare odds and probably the most popular odds comparison site out there, mostly focused on getting acquisitions for bookmakers. Very simple to navigate and if you bet on more niche markets such as corners & booking then this is the one to use, on the popular European games they cover around 200 betting markets per match and offerings from every High Street bookmaker  such as Ladbrokes, Coral, William Hill & Bet365 to mentioned just a few. Along with the major bookmakers they offer up odds from the betting exchanges such as Betfair & Betdaq.

Oddschecker also have a funky feature where you can add you selections to the shopping basket and place them in one go (subject to having the various bookmaker accounts). This feature is great if you are doing multiple bets such as accumulators, doubles, trebles etc.

My chosen site for comparing odds, they cover a broader range of bookmakers including the offshore bookies such as Pinnacle and SBO bet who work on smaller margins and welcome winning accounts, unlike many of the well know High Street bookmakers.

They also focus on Asian Handicap markets which is where 99% of my betting activities take place on.

They have some great tools where once you sign up (100% Free) you can set additional bookmaker filters so it only displays the ones you want. In addition they have a great archive area where you can look back at historical odds for pretty much any sporting event in recent history.

I would say this site is better suited to the more experienced punter. You won’t see odds for the fringe markets like you do with the former Oddschecker.

With the above information you should now have no excuses when it comes to getting the best odds, all there is left to do is get a portfolio of bookmakers accounts registered and below is a list of the ones you should open straight away along and make sure you take the offers  available as every little helps. I won’t list them all but these are the ones I suggest are top of your list.

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