Goalscorer Bet

Goalscorer Bet

The goalscorer bet is one of the constantly offered sports bets on you at one. It is also used in football, among other things. The principle of the bet is very simple. Here you bet that three out of five of the players you have selected will score in regular time. You can choose your players from up to five different teams / teams. Betting is possible on both the national and international leagues. Bets can also be placed on cup games. This type of bet is very popular and the principle is very simple. If you bet on the wrong goal scorer, that is, if the selected player does not score a goal, you have unfortunately lost your bet. If you bet on the right player and they actually score a goal, you win.

The principle of the goalscorer bet “3 out of 5”

As already mentioned above, it is important for the goalscorer bet “3 out of 5” that the player (s) you have selected score a goal. This bet is a lot of fun, whether you are watching a football conference on TV or watching the radio when there is a goal celebration, it will be exciting for you, because the player may have scored a goal you have bet on. As the name “3 out of 5”, the goal scorer bet suggests, this bet is about at least three of the five players you have selected to score a goal. If this constellation occurs, you have won the bet. This type of bet also falls under the term system betting. If you want to bet on a goalscorer bet “3 out of 5”, you should also use the statistics here as an aid.

Strategy and statistics

If you want to win the goalscorer bet, you should familiarize yourself with the statistics. According to statistics, it is always the same players who score goals. More precisely, every third goal in a league is usually scored by one of the top 20 goalscorers. You can also see from the statistics that there are very rarely match days on which these selected goal scorers do not score. With this type of bet, you should avoid a combination bet, because this would mean that all the tips you have given, all of the players you have selected, score a goal, which is unlikely and therefore represents too great a risk. In order to find the right goal scorers if possible, you should “study” the goal scorer list carefully. Watch the games on TV, read sports magazines, find out about the selected players. By researching these little things before placing a bet, you can minimize your personal risk of loss. 

How do you choose the right goal scorer?

The goal scorer you selected should of course be found in the first places on the goal scorers list. Once you have selected a player, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the selected player meet regularly and is he in good shape?
  • Is it a home and away game? Where is the selected player more likely to score goals?
  • Does the player only kick his team’s high victories or does he sometimes score 1-0?
  • Does the selected player or his team play against a strong or weak team? How is the defense?
  • Who will be the opponent in the upcoming game? Is this opponent a strong or weak opponent?

Strategy: bet on strikers

With this strategy you can bet on strikers who have not scored a goal for a long time, but who are otherwise dangerous. An attractive odds are usually offered for these strikers / goal scorers.

Strategy: bet on defenders

You should only bet on defenders if you consciously want to take a risk. You should also only consider defenders if they have scored goals regularly in the season.

The betting odds

The betting office attracts strikers or dangerous middle players with odds between 1.55 and 3.50. A odds of 5.00 to 6.00 will also be offered in exceptional cases with strong strikers from a midfield club.


We would like to show you your winning options using the following example: You select five players. The odds for your selected players are: 1.80, 2.50, 3.20, 3.50 and 5.00. If three of the five players you selected score a goal, so your bet is correct, you win at least 14.40 euros. If four of the players you selected (four correct combination bets) or all five players (ten correct combination bets) score a goal, you will win up to EUR 300.86. If you consider that only 1.00 Euro per combination has to be used, this result is a lucrative profit. Here too there are differences among bookmakers with regard to odds.

Advantages of this betting strategy

You can already make a profit here if you correctly guess three out of five goalscorers. You get a very high profit if you pick five correct goalscorers. Big thrill when you listen to or watch a conference and there is goal celebration in another stadium.


Even with this type of bet, you can minimize your risk of loss if you look at the attack information of all teams or teams. Furthermore, you should of course compare the betting odds of the betting sites . This bet type offers a good change to other bet types; because this is about betting on the success of individual players and not – as usual – on entire teams. You have a good chance of winning here if you deal with the statistics beforehand. Of course there is no guarantee of winning here either, a bit of luck is also part of this type of bet. You can promote happiness with a bonus from our betting bonus comparison .

Many other betting offers in connection with the goalscoring bet

In every offer of a betting office you will also find betting offers regarding the most popular questions: How many goals in a game? You can also bet on the total number of goals scored by a team in a game. You can combine these two bets with the addition that the bet should only refer to the first half of the game. Of course, you can also bet on the exact end result of a game. A little more risky is the ability to bet on how many goals a player will score in a full season. You can also bet on whether the opposing team must score a goal or not. Betting is even more exciting if you want to guess in which minute of the game a goal will be scored.

  • Which player may score a goal?
  • Which player could score two or more goals?
  • Which player could score three or more goals?
  • Which player scores the first goal during the game?
  • Which player could score the last goal in the game?
  • Which player scores the first goal in team A?
  • Which player scores the first goal in team B?

The goalscorer bet in other sports

The goalscoring bet can of course also be found in other sports. Here are a few examples:

  • ice Hockey
  • Basketball – the baskets / points are counted here
  • Handball

important instructions

You will not be able to combine the goalscorer bet with a system bet at every betting provider. You can use the betting slip to check whether your selected betting provider offers this option. For some, once the players have been selected, the “System Bet” option is no longer possible. Furthermore, with this type of bet, it should be noted that the selected player or players only score one goal. If the selected player scores two or more goals, you have lost the bet.

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