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Best Golf Betting Sites 2020

Golf is a ball sport whose origins are not so easy to discover. Apparently there were forms of golf early on, even if professionalization only started late. Today golf is considered a special sport because it can hardly be compared to other sports. The game is not played on a clear field, but on a parkour, which can also be large. Golf is particularly important in the United States, where three of the four largest golf tournaments also take place. It is organized similar to tennis. There is a tour that includes various tournaments. These tournaments can also collect points, which then apply to the players in the world rankings. If you want to use golf betting, most betting sites offer something for it.

What are golf bets?

Where exactly the origins of today’s golf can be found has not been finally clarified. One is certain that there were sports with clubs and balls in ancient times, which may also be related to golf. The somewhat modern origins are dated to the Middle Ages. From France to the Netherlands to Scotland, there are various original ideas here, which one would also like to underpin with paintings from that time. The word golf was first mentioned in the late 15th century. The meaning of the word assumes that golf alludes to the club. Over the years golf has been played more and more officially. Clubs were founded and the first tournaments were held in the 19th century, which are considered the forerunners of modern golf. Today golf is considered a popular sport, but in itself is located in a niche. Accordingly, the golf bets are classified by bookmakers. Golf bets refer to tournaments and individual games.

What are the differences in golf betting?

Golf is not only different from other betting options as a sport. There are also a few things to consider when it comes to golf betting, but it will be easy to get started. On the whole, you can bet on what is available in other sports. So winners are sought, there are also seasonal bets. The differences are basically in the types of bets. At tournaments it doesn’t matter whether you bet on a major or include smaller tournaments. Most of the larger tournaments also offer more betting options.

Betting on golf games

If you only bet on other sports, you might be surprised, because golf has some special features to offer. So there can be games in which not only two but also three players take part. Accordingly, there are odds for the win, but for multiple players. In the end there is no draw, because in such a case extra holes are still played. Basically, you also simply bet on the winner in golf. Often, however, not only for an entire parkour, but also for individual holes that are played on. A tournament therefore often lasts several days, on which all holes are played. In addition to the winning bets, there are often other types of bets at the golf betting sites. Combined bets are also possible.

Golf live betting

In many sports, live betting is so interesting because the heat of the battle is equally exciting, but it also offers opportunities. Now you cannot necessarily speak of heat in golf, since the pace is of course different. But it is always exciting what can also be reflected in golf live bets. These are often offered, especially by the larger betting sites and mostly to the larger tournaments. The betting is then, for example, on who can decide the next hole for himself. The lines between favorites and outsiders can quickly blur.

Golf seasonal bets

A season in golf is different from that in other sports and can best be compared to tennis. As a rule, a tour is played that includes several tournaments. The golf season bets then mostly refer to the individual tournaments. A long time before they start, you can already tap on the winner. The earlier you do this, the higher the odds for the favorites. As soon as a tournament begins and the favorites play their part, the odds tend to drop again. In theory, there are usually also seasonal bets while the tournaments are running.

The different types of bets in golf betting

What golf has in common with all other sports is that, of course, winners are sought. Accordingly, winning bets in golf are the first options offered by the betting providers. This is usually the case when the rest of the betting offer is rather poor in this regard. Overall, golf fans should definitely find enough options to be happy with. Even beginners will find enough material with which you can slowly approach. For example with golf bets on the Masters.

3-way and handicap betting in golf

In golf, too, opponents compete against each other, but in a special way that differs from other sports. So you can not take the points from each other, because everyone plays the course for themselves. In the end, it simply decides who used fewer shots. The main focus is on who wins in the end, i.e. who used the fewest strokes. The classic 3-way bet does not actually exist because there is no draw and there are not necessarily two opponents. Likewise, three players can play a course, so there are three options for the winning bet. Handicap betting is theoretically also possible, but this usually only occurs between favorites and outsiders.

Head2Head golf betting

Head2Head bets originally came from the field of horse betting. Of course, head-to-head races have always been possible there, and the name has been retained for the type of bet to this day. What is meant by this is that you face two opponents. There are also Golf Head2Head bets. So two players are taken and looked who has the nose in front. It is important that the victory itself does not matter. Overall, neither player has to have completed the course or the hole as the winner. The only thing that counts is the comparison of the players with each other.

Golf betting with over / under

Basically, over / under bets go particularly well with golf. After all, the golf course is ultimately about how far you are below average with your stroke rate or not. There is also the handicap of the player, which roughly determines his strength. The handicap is the difference to par, where par is the average number of strokes for the course, at least from a strong player. In the end, it can be evaluated how much above or below a player will be on a course. These are typical over / under bets in golf.

Stroke number bets golf

In the end, golf is all about the number of strokes. In the end, the players are compared with one another or classified, so that players of equal strength can compete against each other. There is a stroke rate for the individual holes or entire courses. Sometimes golf bets are also offered. Then you have to determine exactly how many strokes a player will still need. This can also be the case with live bets for individual holes. This means that the bets differ again to over / under, which is all about typing over or under.

Special bets on golf

Golf is actually often well represented by betting sites. However, there are of course far fewer odds than for other sports, but there are also more competitions. Now and then there are also golf special bets in the offers of the betting sites. These can be all possible types of bets that deal again with a specific event of the golf event. As a golf fan, it is definitely worth taking a look. In general, there are special bets more often, even if the event is correspondingly popular. For example, in the Masters.

Where can you bet on golf?

Certainly golf is not necessarily one of the biggest sports because of the breadth of the events. Football, for example, has a lot more competitions, teams and, accordingly, games. Golf remains just a niche in the end, but the good news is that betting sites are mostly well-equipped in this regard. There is a basic offer of golf everywhere, especially when it comes to larger tours and tournaments. As for golf live betting, it may be that not every online bookmaker really delivers enough for golf fans.

Use mobile golf betting too

Golf is sometimes a more comfortable sport. Of course there is no physical contact here. But you need to be extremely focused if you want to be successful. Golf bets can also be comfortable, at least if you place them on the go. Since most betting sites now also have a good mobile betting range, this is actually no longer a problem. Golf bets can be used on mobile sites on optimized sites or via an app. You can lie on the sofa, travel or even play golf yourself. With the smartphone, a few bets can be placed quickly.

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