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Best European Tour Betting Sites 2020

The European Tour is organized by the PGA and comprises three different golf series in Europe and beyond. The European Tour is also the most important tour, which also includes the major tournaments. At the end of a tour, there is a winner, and it is the player who won the most prize money during the tour. So it’s not primarily about the most wins. The PGA is the The Professional Golfers’ Association, which also primarily organizes the PGA Tour in the USA. Golfer Rory McIlroy, for example, won both the PGA Tour and the European Tour. The tour consists of several tournaments that take place within a calendar year. The overall winner is determined by the points collected in the tournaments. A player does not have to participate in all tournaments to win.

European tour betting

In the meantime, the European Tour is no longer just based in Europe and includes tournaments all over the field. The prevailing in North America is still reserved for the PGA Tour, even if Masters tournaments are also part of the European Tour. For example, the US Open or PGA Championchip. Professional golf was played in Europe in the nineteenth century and earlier. The Open Championchip is one of the oldest golf tournaments in the world and was first held in 1860. Today it is a master tournament and is also part of the European Tour. Up to fifty tournaments are played during the tour, which of course means a lot of possibilities that can be used for European Tour betting. This is especially true for seasonal bets that are actually always pending.

Single and combination bets for the European Tour

The entire tour lasts about a year and starts around November and continues until November. This is a long period in which a lot of things can happen. And up to fifty tournaments are lots of wood. Basically, one can say that the European Tour definitely offers enough opportunities so that the betting providers can put together decent betting offers. However, this does not work for every tournament on the tour, which is not surprising, since they are popular in the end. Major tournaments in particular are much more likely to be found at betting sites. During the tournaments you can bet on the individual days or players. Where bets are offered, combination bets for the European Tour are usually also possible.

European Tour live betting

You can certainly say that golf does not play the first violin at most betting sites and is more likely to be found in the niche area. This is quite normal, especially since the number of fans is clearer than in other sports. In addition, golf is a very special sport that also works differently live than football or tennis, for example. But there are also live bets where you can bet on the current holes, for example. How this looks in detail depends once again on the betting sites, who of course must have corresponding offers. One can also assume that not all tournaments of the tour will necessarily be available and that some betting sites will only concentrate on the most important tournaments.

European tour season bets

The entire European Tour can be thought of as one season, even if there are other tours that players can take part in. It is usually the case that not all players participate in all tournaments. There are tournaments not only in Europe, but also in South Africa, the USA or even in China. There are different points for the victories in the different tournaments, which is why not all tournaments have to be played to win the entire tour. In the season bets you can tap the overall winner of the tournament, but also the winners of the individual tournaments. Sometimes the big names are there, sometimes just not.

Advantages of European Tour betting

If you like golf, you can’t really miss the European Tour. Of course, this also applies to the PGA Tour, although there are overlaps. The reasons for this are actually simple: The European Tour simply comprises a large number of tournaments that also take place worldwide and thus actually offers something for everyone. This also applies to bettors who are only now slowly trying to get closer to the sport. There is no shortage of opportunities and depending on the betting site you get a lot.

European tour bets offer many opportunities

The European Tour comprises up to 50 tournaments and runs over an entire year. There is a view of the entire tour, but also just of the individual tournaments. This is also important, because in the end there is an overall winner, but it is not like a championship in other sports, because tournament wins also have a value in themselves. The European Tour has a lot to offer, from the smaller to the larger major tournaments, so it won’t get boring that quickly. Not every site is so diligent when it comes to individual tournament bets, but long-term bets can actually always be found in the programs.

Lots of information about the European Tour

If you want to bet well, you obviously have to be familiar with the sport. But knowing the rules alone is not enough. Rather, it’s also about the individual tournaments and players. The more you know about it and also keep an eye on the current trends, the better you can make forecasts. The European Tour includes many tournaments and there are mostly websites and information on all of them. The tournaments with the stronger players can of course usually offer more in this regard, but it is essential that there is a lot of information about the European Tour on the Internet, which of course can then be used to make better predictions

Different types of bets to European Tour bets

A tour with up to fifty tournaments and many different players also offers many options for different types of bets. Most golf betting types are slightly different from other sports, but the bottom line is also about winning. And over / under bets are of course also often represented. It is difficult to say how many European Tour bets are available from the individual betting providers, since you have to think more from tournament to tournament. But in this respect, too, the larger tournaments like the US Open or the Open Championchip naturally offer more opportunities.

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