Head to head bets

Head to head bets

There are always new betting markets to discover on which the tipsters can bet. Head-to-head betting is also a betting market that not all tipsters have yet on the screen and some are probably wondering what it’s all about? The head-to-head bet originally comes from equestrian sport. Due to the simplicity, however, it has now also established itself in other sports, such as football , Formula 1 or in various winter sports competitions. But what exactly are head-to-head bets? And how can you best benefit from this as a tipster? We would like to answer these questions for you and at the same time introduce you to the best bookmakers for head-to-head betting .

What are head-to-head bets?

As the name suggests, head-to-head betting is a “head-to-head” bet. The H2H bet, as it is also called, is actually one of the oldest types of bets. The head-to-head bet in horse racing has its origins. With the head-to-head bet, you can place a bet on the direct comparison of two different starters, regardless of how the two perform in the overall context. So you bet on a direct conflict between two different starters. In horse racing one would guess who of the two jockeys would cross the finish line first. It does not matter which overall placement you achieve in the end. Only the direct comparison between the two horses counts for the evaluation of the bet. So in general you can say Which of the two competitors ends up ahead in terms of places, points or goals? The overall result is irrelevant. The principle of head-to-head betting should now be clear to everyone and opens up a great new betting market that, despite its simplicity, is very diverse.

Which sports are head-to-head bets for?

Meanwhile, head-to-head bets are offered for many common sports. Of course, this includes the number 1 sport of football, where you can bet, for example, who has scored more goals from two players after 90 minutes. In Formula 1 you can bet on who drives the faster lap time or who has collected more points at the end of the race. If you understand the head-to-head bet, then of course it is clear that not all sports are suitable. Recently, bets on political events or elections have also become very interesting, since here too there is usually a classic head-to-head race.

The most popular sports for H2H betting:

  • horse race
  • Football
  • formula 1
  • tennis
  • golf
  • Winter sports
  • Handball
  • basketball

How do you successfully bet with head-to-head bets?

Of course, you should also be well acquainted with the sport of head-to-head betting, despite the few starting options on the betting market. Just because this is a “2-way bet” you didn’t win automatically. Here, too, it is important to be smart beforehand. Of course you can also use our betting tips. Long-term H2H bets are particularly popular in football, where you bet on the placement of the teams at the end of the season. The great thing is that if you tie, you get your money back, and even though you haven’t won, you still get your bet back. In addition, the bet does not have to be a direct encounter; it simply has to be a comparison between two competitors.

Special features in head-to-head betting

There are a couple of things to be aware of when betting on H2H. In the event of a tie, the stake is paid back to the tipster, but should both competitors drop out in a Formula 1 race, for example, then the one who has completed the most laps in the race wins in the end. If the race laps are also identical, the bet will ultimately be set as invalid. Golf also has a special feature, as there are three exits, unlike most other H2H betting markets. Since golfers often end the tournament with the same end result, the golfer who does not make the cut is to be considered a loser in the H2H bet.

Alternatives to head-to-head betting

If you take a look around at the bookmakers, you will quickly find that there are alternatives to the H2H bet. The best example is the DNB bet. The “draw-no-bet” bet means that you also place only a “two-way bet”, ie win team A or win team B and the bet on the tie Unrated. However, the odds of the DNB bet are of course much worse than a regular 3-way bet, but of course your risk of losing is minimized. Therefore, you should always consider whether it is worth placing a DNB or H2H bet if a draw is unlikely, and then prefer to take the better odds from the 3-way bet with you.

Head-to-head combination bets

It is also possible to combine individual head-to-head bets into a combined bet. As is usual with combination bets, the individual odds of the head-to-head bets are multiplied by each other. So you can make a much higher profit with the same bet. However, the risk increases, of course, because if you lose only one single bet from the combination bet, the entire combination bet does not work out and you lose your entire stake.

Betting site with head-to-head betting

Of course, the bookmakers also recognized the potential of head-to-head betting and didn’t hesitate to include the bet type in their portfolio. In the meantime, all renowned betting providers have included this popular betting market in their program. With many betting providers, the head-to-head betting market must be selected separately. The H2H bets are often also in the live betting area of bookmakers such as 888sport or betway .

Advantages of head-to-head betting:

  • Low risk – high chances of winning
  • Easy to calculate chances of winning
  • Money back on draw
  • Also playable as a combination bet
  • Betting market easier to assess

Disadvantages of head-to-head betting:

  • Not all sports are available – fewer betting options
  • Just a “2 way bet”
  • Mostly rather low odds – low profits

FAQ’s head-to-head betting

Since newcomers to sports betting often have the same questions at the beginning, we have summarized the most common and most common questions for you again briefly and clearly.

Are H2H bets recommended for beginners?

We can answer this question with a resounding yes. 
Gerde’s limited selection in the betting market makes it very attractive for newbies. 
You don’t have to deal with countless complex analyzes of every game, you just have to compare two parameters and correctly assess them. 
That makes it relatively easy and manageable for beginners. 
Although the winnings are not particularly high due to the somewhat lower betting odds, you quickly have a great sense of achievement and this is very crucial, especially at the start of betting.

How can I increase the rather weak odds for H2H bets?

One of the disadvantages of H2H bets is the mostly rather weak odds on the winner. 
This discourages some people who are interested in betting from the betting market, because of course you are primarily looking for a solid profit. 
But of course there are a few tips and tricks on how to increase the profit on H2H bets. 
In this case, we recommend placing a combination or system bet with the H2H bet. 
Of course, you should make sure that a better odds are usually associated with a higher risk of losing the bet. 
But if you take a good middle course between risk and possible profit, you can also make a hefty profit with the H2H bet

Conclusion: head-to-head betting – low risk & easy to learn!

The H2H bets are perfect for getting started in the world of sports betting. 
On the one hand, the betting markets are usually not as extensive and since there are only two results to be expected, the calculation is quite simple and even beginners can usually make a reliable statement quickly. 
Of course, an apparently safe H2H bet can also be lost, but don’t be discouraged. 
Experience has shown that with head-to-head bets you can quickly achieve a sense of achievement with little risk. 
If you have won your first bets with it, then you can familiarize yourself with other betting markets and with a little more risk, the possible profits will also increase.

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