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Best Handball Betting Sites 2020

If you are looking for a fast sport with many goals, you should not go wrong with handball. The sport is one of the most popular in Germany and beyond. Not entirely by accident, because the handball played today was mainly developed in Germany. The games are characterized by going very quickly towards the opposing goal. The referees can even attack if there is no attack. This gives handball a completely different dynamic than, for example, football or ice hockey. There is a strong handball league in Germany and when world championships are coming, the enthusiasm increases a good deal. It is therefore not surprising that handball bets do not fail to have an impact.

What are handball bets?

A handball game can be very fast and create a lot of exciting game situations. And of course, there are plenty of goals in most games. Games with fewer than ten goals on both sides are the absolute exception and very rare. Accordingly, betting on handball is naturally exciting, as a lot can happen in a game. This can lead to winning victories or just saving a few minutes. Making accurate predictions is far from easy. This is why there are usually more bets with tendencies, where you bet whether a certain number of goals will fall. But not only the handball bets on individual games are interesting, because a season often has some highlights to offer, this also applies to major tournaments such as the World and European Championships. So once you’re inside, handball offers a lot of good opportunities for sports betting.

What are the differences in handball betting?

It is exciting enough to just watch handball, but if you add bets, you can get a lot out of this sport. It is no longer just a matter of betting on a team’s victory, there are many more offers. Of course, this also depends on the betting site and how large his handball betting offer is, but with numerous betting types and special bets you give every game a special spice. This makes every game really exciting, even if an absolute top favorite should meet an outsider. In the end, it’s not just about victory, but also the way there and with the different handball bets this is taken into account.

Betting on handball games

A handball game can be extremely exciting, which fans know of course. But even for people who should see a game for the first time, it should become clear relatively quickly that a lot of things can happen on the field and goals are anything but in short supply. Sometimes it’s just details that make or break a win, a few seconds, and sometimes there are very clear results. Handball games allow a lot of sports betting because different events can happen. First and foremost, the bet is always on victory. So either on one or the other team. You can also bet on a draw, for example in league games. Although they are rather rare, they also happen often enough. There are usually very high odds for a draw, so you can at least think about it.

Handball live betting

Even if someone has not seen a single handball game, it should quickly become clear when watching that such a game will not be boring. This is especially true for games at European and World Championships. As a fan you sometimes have to go through a lot, but as a spectator you can really enjoy it. And of course you can also place live bets. Not every betting site is very well positioned when it comes to handball live betting, but there are actually enough offers, especially in larger tournaments. The attraction of live betting is that you can still place it while the game is running. It becomes very interesting with goal betting, because in handball there are just a lot of falls and you do not have to wait a long time, as in football, for something to stir in front of the goal.

Handball season bets

Handball games can become very fast and very exciting, sometimes there is not a moment to catch your breath. A toilet break can also be interesting if afterwards the previous result has been turned upside down. But not only games are interesting for handball betting, but also seasonal betting. You do not bet on individual games, but on an entire season. It can be the Bundesliga season, but it can also be a World Cup. First and foremost, the bet is usually on the victory, i.e. the possible future champion or world champion. The earlier you place the tip, the better the odds can often be. However, this does not always have to be the case. In the course of the season, however, the odds tend to drop when results are already known. Nevertheless, handball season bets can usually be placed very long before the end of the season or the tournament. It always depends on how dominant a team is.

The different types of bets in handball betting

Basically, you could say that sport is about winning. Two teams compete against each other in handball and look for a winner. This applies to friendlies as well as league or tournament games. Accordingly, betting on the winner is usually the most obvious odds, which is also used by many customers. So you can also bet on several games over a matchday and then play them as combination bets. However, the simple result is by no means the only option for handball betting. Depending on the popularity of the event, the betting sites can add other options. This means that there are more opportunities and more excitement. Due to the different types of bets, you can make every game a real hit, no matter how good the game actually is.

3-way, handicap and double chance in handball

You can bet on many different events in handball, but classically, of course, it’s about victory. You bet on either one or the other team. In league operations, a tie can also be added. There are 3-way bets for handball since there are three possible outcomes of the game. Draws are not common, but they are rarely not, and a lot can happen in a long season. The double chances allow you to bet on two possible events and thus increase the chances, even if the profit is lower. A very interesting type of bet has to do with handicaps. This is mainly used for games in which favorites and outsiders meet. The handicap can give the weaker team a head start, for example. In this way, the difference in strength is compensated for by handicap goals, which of course also affects the odds.

Head2Head handball betting

Handball Head2Head bets are not offered by every betting site, but if they do, it can be very exciting. It’s basically about duels. What is unusual is that any team can be thrown into the ring that does not even play against each other on a match day. However, the goals scored are scored so that quasi remote duels can be played. In theory, Head2Head bets can create very different scenarios, which can sometimes produce very interesting odds. In this way, you can bet on games that actually don’t exist. Since Head2Head bets relate to more than one game, they are sometimes more complex, which leads to good odds.

Handball betting with over / under

Goals are often enough in handball, as a fan you can sweat a lot. Predicting the exact goals is of course a lot more difficult than, for example, football or ice hockey. But with over / under betting you can still approach the goals in a special way. With this type of bet, you don’t have to predict the exact number of goals, just a trend. For example, more or less than 20 goals are scored. Even with these odds there are always very interesting moments and the predictions are not that easy. You can never really say that exactly beforehand, but a look at the previous goal balance can help to better classify this. Of course, you also have to see how many goals the teams have conceded.

Handball goal betting

How many bets there are on handball also depends on the betting provider. Basically, there are of course some games that cause more types of bets. Especially when it comes to world and European championships. Some goal bets should not be missing. After all, there are more goals in handball than there is in any other sport. In any case, ice hockey and football can pack up. However, it is difficult to accommodate such exact result bets because the chances are not particularly good. If so, there are very lucrative quotas. Goal bets can also be simple handball bets with a tendency, like over / under bets, so that you only give an approximation of how many goals will be scored. With live betting that gets a very special flavor.

Special bets on handball

All in all, you have to look at the handball betting offer at the individual betting sites. Larger tournaments are certainly always there somehow. As far as special bets are concerned, the game must be very popular in order to be really considered with many options. Now and then it can be worthwhile to take a closer look, because besides all types of bets there are always moments when you can bet on the special events of a game. In this way, there are sometimes a variety of other bets that add excitement.

Where can you bet on handball?

In any case, handball is a popular sport that also receives enough media attention so that as a customer you can definitely find a suitable offer. Of course, this applies to the Bundesliga, but also to the larger tournaments. When a European or World Cup is coming up, the offer is increased at most handball betting sites. However, handball is not a football ball that enjoys sovereignty in the betting programs. So there can be serious differences between betting providers and betting sites, so it is definitely worth taking a quick look beforehand if you have special markets in handball in mind.

Also on the go from your mobile phone

With the beginning of online betting there was also more flexibility. From then on, bets could be placed conveniently from home and at any time. But with the advent of smartphones, the offer was even expanded. Today, bets can be placed anywhere, no matter when and where. Of course, bookmakers could also be called earlier, but today you can stand as a spectator in the handball hall, sit in the pub or as a best man next to the altar – most betting sites offer apps and optimized pages for mobile devices, which are then very convenient and bets can be placed quickly. This also applies to live betting, although here too there are certain differences between the different betting sites.

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