Best Handball Bundesliga Betting Sites 2020

Best Handball Bundesliga Betting Sites 2020

Even if there were ball sports in many cultures that are remotely reminiscent of handball, this sport is actually still relatively young and is around one hundred years old. In the course of this time, not only were rules adjusted, but clubs were also founded and new competitions launched. One of them is the Handball Bundesliga in Germany. This is the highest division for handball that exists in Germany and every season a German champion is sought here. The Bundesliga offers a lot of exciting games every year, even if there are of course classic favorites and outsiders. However, the Bundesliga is also perfect for a few handball bets, since markets regularly arise here, as well as for live or seasonal bets.

Handball Bundesliga betting

1917 is considered the year of birth of modern handball, especially since the name was given here, which is common today. At the time, handball was actually only intended as a sport for women, where there should also be no duels. Over time, men also started to exercise and there were always changes in the rules. The Handball Bundesliga has been the highest German division since 1966. VfL Gummersbach became the first German champion to win the most titles behind THW Kiel. In 1975, the trophy was introduced parallel to the league, which has been played every season since then. A season traditionally begins at the end of summer and ends at the end of spring the next year. During this period you can of course place a lot of handball bets, but also use seasonal bets before. There is a multitude of markets for the Handball Bundesliga on every match day.

Single and combination bets on the Handball Bundesliga

As with football, a season in the Handball Bundesliga consists of a total of 34 game days and 18 teams. But there were also exceptions like in the 2014/15 season, in which one more team was there for licensing reasons. Around every week of the season there is a match day on which the teams compete against each other. At the end of the season, each team will have played twice against everyone else, once with home rights and once away. There are a lot of games and of course plenty of opportunities for handball Bundesliga single bets. For example, you can simply bet on the victories of the individual teams, although draws are also possible. With goal or handicap bets, the handball betting providers usually extend the offer to the Bundesliga.

Handball Bundesliga live betting

Handball is definitely one of the sports that involve many points or goals. Football and ice hockey can definitely pack up there. There is even a rule that a team has to lean towards the attack. Time games are therefore prevented by the referees. Basically, this guarantees that many goals will be scored and accordingly, a game like this can get pretty hot. Ideal prerequisites for handball live betting, where you can watch and use the markets directly to the game. Live betting always relates directly to the status of the games. So if a first goal is scored, this already affects the further odds. Most betting providers do not offer all games worldwide, but the Bundesliga is mostly available for live betting.

Season bets for the Handball Bundesliga

The entire game season covers 34 days. It usually begins in August and ends the next year at the end of spring. It is a long time in which a lot can happen. Of course, the main question for an upcoming season is who can ultimately win the championship title. There are favorites and outsiders, which also affects the odds accordingly. The lower they are, the more likely it is to win the title in the Handball Bundesliga. But there are also other seasonal bets. For example sometimes without the favorites, other times the question is which team occupies which places. In general, the earlier you bet, the better odds you get. But even while the season is still running, you can usually place bets. The more likely a result will be

Advantages of handball betting

Handball is a sport practiced mainly in Europe and Germany has a lot to offer in this regard. The German Bundesliga is one of the strongest leagues in the world and is therefore also very attractive for handball fans. There are many games here every year that you can of course bet on. So there are many possible markets, so that basically everyone can find something for themselves. Handball betting offers enough opportunities for games with favorites and outsiders, but also balanced odds.

The strength of the Handball Bundesliga

Handball is a traditional sport in Germany, which has been played for over 100 years and is therefore also part of the sporting culture. As a result, the Bundesliga is also very strong and can often prove this in an international comparison. It is not without reason that German teams are often at the forefront in the Handball Champions League. The strong league has some very strong favorites like THW Kiel, but also a lot of balance, so that interesting games come about. Many international stars play in the German league, which makes them extremely attractive. Also for handball betting.

Watch Handball Bundesliga matches live

The Handball League may not have as many fans as football behind it, but it is still a very popular sport. The advantage of this is that it can be followed in the media and handball games can be seen very often live. This is of course an advantage for fans, because you can follow an entire season in this way, including with the cup games. But this is also very important for handball betting. After all, if you want to successfully use sports betting, you also need to have the experience and knowledge to be able to assess the teams. Watching the games is a big difference from just reading the results from the internet. For live betting, it is almost indispensable that you can also watch games live.

Many handball Bundesliga betting types available

The range of handball bets at the betting sites can vary widely. The German handball Bundesliga is so strong that it is very popular, even abroad. Accordingly, many online bookmakers already have a very healthy betting offer that does not only include the winning bets. Often you can bet on other events or make use of handicap and goal betting. In this way, the range of possible markets expands every day, which of course also includes new and lucrative opportunities.

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