Head to Head Betting Strategy

Head to head bets

The selection of sports betting and the number of betting providers are hardly manageable. You can bet on almost any sport with an online betting site , you can not only choose standard bets as three-way bets on sports that can result in a tie and as two-way bets on sports that do not Tie there, place. Many special bets are now offered, the range of special bets depends on the sport. In various sports, there is a bitter head-to-head race between the individual participants, for example in motorsport or cycling. The online bookmakers have discovered this possibility for a special bet , they offer the head-to-head bet,the head-to-head bet. The head-to-head bet is a strategy, it can lead to success in various sports. If you want to place the head-to-head bet, you should prepare yourself thoroughly and carry out an analysis.

The explanation of the head-to-head bet

The head-to-head bet has its origins in horse betting , it means nothing more than the bet on head-to-head races. Depending on the betting site, this bet is referred to as a head-to-head bet, but also as an abbreviated H2H bet. A head-to-head bet refers to only two participants in an event, which can be individual athletes, but also teams in the case of a larger event. In a head-to-head bet, it doesn’t matter how the other participants do; the participants on whom you place the head-to-head bet do not have to come first.

The head-to-head bet is the direct comparison between two rivals, you bet on the one that is better. In Formula 1, you can place a head-to-head bet on Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, for example. There are only two options: you can bet on Lewis Hamilton’s win or Nico Rosberg’s win, alternatively you can bet on Lewis Hamilton’s defeat or Nico Rosberg’s loss. Head-to-head betting is popular in motorsport, cycling and skiing, but you can also place head-to-head betting on football. In football, you do not place such head-to-head bets on individual players in a game, but are long-term bets on one season, for example

  • Which of two teams has the most points at the end of a season
  • Which of two goal scorers scored the most goals at the end of a season
  • Which of two goal scorers scored the most goals at a European or World Cup

Basically, head-to-head betting is very simple, so it is also suitable for beginners. However, you should be well acquainted with the sport and with the participants on whom you want to make a head-to-head bet.

Examples of head-to-head betting in football

You can place head-to-head football bets on different games with different betting sites, in which the draw is hidden. There are only two odds for these bets, which are slightly lower than a three-way bet. If a game ends in a tie, your bet will be returned. Such head-to-head bets can be found on special bets, they are mostly like on special events

  • Champions League
  • Europe League
  • World Championship
  • European Championship

Sports for which head-to-head betting is suitable

Head-to-head betting on individual sports, which are races, is very classic:

  • Motorsport
  • Cycling
  • Skiing
  • Marathon run
  • 5,000 meter run
  • Hurdle race

When it comes to running, there are even more opportunities for head-to-head betting, and at the World Athletics Championships and Olympic Games, a particularly large number of head-to-head bets are offered. Formula 1 betting is a classic case in motorsport, but head-to-head betting is also offered on other types of motorsport, such as Moto GP or motorcycle racing. Formula 1 offers head-to-head bets on drivers, but also on teams. Head-to-head betting has its origins in equestrian sport, so you can also place head-to-head betting on horse racing. The head-to-head bet on golf is somewhat unusual, but it is possible. Two golfers are compared during a tournament. This type of bet can be particularly interesting because backlogs can often be cleared after the first few rounds. However, you should be familiar with golf and golfers. T

Examples of head-to-head betting on different sports

Head-to-head betting can be explained particularly well with examples from various sports. In Formula One, you can place two head-to-head bets as single bets, and you can place a bet on Nico Rosberg, assuming that he will be better than his rival Lewis Hamilton. You can place another bet on Sebastian Vettel, because you think he will cross the finish line in front of Fernando Alonso. You can also place a head-to-head bet on Alpine skiing. If Marcel Hirscher and Felix Neureuther are considered competitors, you can bet, for example, that Felix Neureuther is better. In football, you can make a head-to-head bet on goal scorers, with Marco Reus and Mario Götze being considered competitors. Head-to-head betting may seem a little unlikely in tennis, but it is still possible. Which one is better? Angelique Kerber or Serena Williams? Place your head-to-head bet. Even with the Table tennis bets are head to head bets.

Earn money with head-to-head betting

While you can bet on three possible outcomes with the three-way bet and even more outcomes are possible with various other bets, you can only bet on two outcomes with the head-to-head bet. The advantage of such a bet is that the risk is comparatively low due to the possible two outcomes. The disadvantage of the head-to-head bet is the fairly low odds. The odds for favorites are particularly low. In addition to the betting options, where the risk is very low, you will also find head-to-head bets with a higher risk, for example bets on golfers or in football betting on goal scorers at the end of a season. The risk is also higher with head-to-head betting on Formula 1, especially if you bet on teams. If you want to place a head-to-head bet, it is important that you are very familiar with the sport and that you are also well informed about the participants. You should prepare well for your head-to-head bet.

Find the right head-to-head betting site

If you want to place a head-to-head bet, you should find the right betting provider. Many betting sites have head-to-head betting in their program, but it depends on which sports they are available for. You should find out about the selection of head-to-head bets in the various sports, for example in Formula 1. Few betting sites offer Formula 1 head-to-head bets on qualifying. It depends on good odds, the industry giants among the betting providers give good odds.

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