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Ice hockey is an exhilarating sport, particularly widespread on the North American continent, with the famous US and Canadian league: the NHL, but also in Russia, Scandinavia and to a lesser extent in Europe: Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and without forgetting France with the Magnus League.

Before betting on hockey, it is better to know a minimum of rules and follow some advice that we will try to reveal to you.

What are the biggest competitions to follow?

The ice hockey season is dotted with great competitions to watch. Here are the most important competitions on which we advise you to bet:

  • NHL Championship: the North American Championship is the largest competition in the world, and brings together the stars of hockey. The winner wins the coveted Stanley Cup. There is no point in betting on the little black puck if you do not follow the National Hockey League. It’s sort of the best ice hockey championship in the world. Either way, you will be able to put your money on the exploits of the best players on the planet to guess who will be the big winner of the Stanley Cup. A total of 31 franchises will compete in a breathtaking season energized by a very busy schedule. And if there will be many matches, you only have to bet on attractive odds and interesting matches. Therefore, we offer you precise nhl predictions to make the most of your money on an online bookmaker!
  • Swiss Championship (National League): the best Swiss teams compete in this highly competitive championship. 12 teams compete for the supreme title, in fiery atmospheres. For 17 seasons, CP Berne has been the club with the best attendance in Europe, with an average of over 16,000 spectators per match. Get an introduction to the most prestigious championship in Europe while following our LNA predictions!
  • Ligue Magnus : the French championship also brings together 12 teams and has greatly developed in recent years. It welcomes players of different nationalities, making a fairly diverse championship in terms of game philosophies and talents. The French championship is renowned for its suspense, with games generally very close.
  • Kontinental Hockey League : the Russian league is also followed by bettors since it puts in opposition different teams from several countries: Belarus, China, Finland, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Russia. The level is therefore very high and the number of matches to be predicted quite high. In terms of pure level, it is probably the most raised league.
  • World Championships: this competition brings together the best nations in the world each year. In 2020, the ice hockey world championship will take place for our greatest happiness in Switzerland, in the cities of Zurich and Lausanne. Nations such as Canada, Russia, Sweden and Finland regularly trust international titles.
  • Olympic Games: ice hockey is an Olympic sport, and therefore sees the best nations in the world compete for the Olympic title every four years. The next edition will take place in 2022. It is also an opportunity for ice hockey to increase its international visibility, since the Olympic Games are the most attended event in the world.

calendar of major events 2020

So that you do not miss any quality meeting, we offer below the calendar of major events of the season:

  • NHL Championship: from October to June;
  • Swiss Championship (National League): from September to the end of April;
  • Magnus League: from September to May;
  • Kontinental Hockey League : September to April;
  • World Championships: from May 8, 2020 to May 24, 2020.

How to make a successful bet on hockey? Follow our 5 tips

If you particularly like the cold of ice rinks, you have to bet on ice hockey! this discipline is very popular with bettors. And if the bookmakers offer you attractive odds and spectacular encounters to bet on, we offer you 5 techniques to win your predictions every time. Don’t wait any longer and bet on ice hockey.

Tip # 1: rigorously analyze the upcoming meeting

To bet with serenity on an ice hockey match, you must start by analyzing the meeting with rigor. Indeed, this data will allow you to anticipate the score or the final result of a match.

Thus, it will always be interesting to analyze the history of confrontations and the calendar of a team. As the hockey championships are played on a reduced space-time, the dynamics of the teams will greatly influence the possible result.

Tip # 2: find the winning bet type

Ice hockey also has its own types of bets. Some are more popular than others and allow you to win more. For example, we would like to advise you on single bets if you are just starting out in hockey. Victory, draw or defeat, there will be 3 possible outcomes.

In addition, there are moneyline bets in hockey to bet only on a team’s victory. The draw is canceled and you can win your bet at the end of a penalty shootout. Finally, for the most seasoned, you will be able to bet on the match score and the total number of goals at the end of the game.

Tip # 3: play on clean sheets

In terms of scores at the end of games, ice hockey is very similar to football. In fact, you will notice that the results are very close and that the number of goals is quite low than for other disciplines. Thus, in addition to the spectacle and the suspense, we notice a certain magic in ice hockey which allows the outsiders to win their duels against the favorites.

What’s more, goalkeepers have a major role on the ice. This is why, we advise you to analyze their statistics as well as their physical and mental form. By having this information, you can bet on “clean sheets”. Either way, you will be able to bet on a team that will not take any goal during the hockey game.

Tip # 4: Bet Live

In ice hockey, as in all other sports, you will be able to use the “Live Betting” platforms. In itself, this is a game option developed by online bookmakers to allow you to bet on a live match.

As far as hockey is concerned, Live bets are a good alternative to benefit from more attractive odds. Indeed, the odds proposed by the bookmakers are changing and will change over the course of the match depending on the game situation. To take an example, the expulsion of a hockey player can change the aspect of the match.

Tip # 5: bet on the best bookmaker

To complete this advice page for winning your sports bets on ice hockey, we suggest that you play on an attractive bookmaker that meets your expectations. To do this, you must read some reviews of online betting sites (see our Top Bookmakers), in order to evaluate the operator’s services. You should know that some bookmakers specialize in certain disciplines. For example, a platform like William Hill is ideal for betting on American sports including the NHL championship.

In addition, to increase your chances of winning your predictions, consider using all the bonuses that the operators make available to you. The good plan is to register on several sports betting sites in order to claim several promotions from your beginnings. This technique will also allow you to find Surebets, as well as offers specially dedicated to ice hockey.

Services to use to bet on hockey

As ice hockey is not as popular as major sports like football or basketball, we recommend that you trust a bookmaker reputed for the quality of its ancillary services. You will see that in practice, these little attentions on the part of the betting site will make your daily betting much easier, and that you will also be able to generate more profits if you take advantage of them.

Live TV from bookmakers

Difficult to watch hockey games on TV when you’re a hockey fan. Sports channels broadcast this sport very little, and you must therefore turn to additional solutions to be able to watch the matches and improve the quality of your forecasts. Among them, the Live TV service offered by bookmakers allows you to watch certain live hockey games for free.

Cash out

Turnarounds are frequent in hockey, especially if a team plays in numerical superiority or in double numerical superiority. To avoid stress at the end of the match, do not hesitate to use the cash out option to win winnings regardless of the final outcome of the match.

Bookmaker stats

Many hockey tipsters rely on statistics to establish their predictions. It is indeed difficult to watch the matches of all the championships, and stats like the last results, the head-to-head, the number of goals scored and conceded are essential parameters. Rather than browsing the web for reliable information, you can find all of this data directly on some bookmakers.

types of sports betting to favor

As with any discipline, ice hockey has certain specific types of bets that we recommend you use. Some of the most profitable short-term bets include:

  • The Money Line bet: this bet is very interesting since you will only have 2 possible outcomes, the victory of a team or its opponent. The draw is therefore excluded, since you are betting on the result of the match including overtime.
  • Goalscorer and pointer bet: This type of bet is similar to goalscorer and passer bets in football, except that they are much more popular in hockey. This sport, unlike football, relies heavily on statistics. Bookmakers have understood this and most of the time offer to bet on goal scorers or smugglers (called pointers). The odds for this type of bet are usually very high, so it would be a shame to miss out!
  • The Puckline bet: if you are a fan of sports betting, you already know this type of betting since it is similar to the handicap bet available in other sports. The puckline bet therefore allows to rebalance the balance of power before the match, and therefore to be able to bet on certain matches which would not have been interesting in moneyline betting.
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