Hong Kong Odds

What the odds mean 1

Hong Kong Odds explained

Honk Kong odds, normally denoted HK odds, will all other odds are just a representation of the relationship between the amount bet and the possible pay-out. Along with decimal odds, Hong Kong odds are by far the easiest to work with, they are slightly trickier when working out multiple bet odds, but nothing compared to the difficulty faced when using American odds.

Big betting is very common in Asia, and Hong Kong is no different, betting syndicates pool their money and bet massive amounts on anything they believe they are getting value on. This is done generally on singles, and Hong Kong odds are perfect for this. They are represented in decimal format and you simply multiply your stake by the odds to get your profit. Unlike European decimal odds format it doesn’t take into account your returned stake. So you must add this to your winnings after. Giving you, total returns = stake x (HK odds + 1).

Not having stake returns within Hong Kong odds is what makes it slightly harder to calculate multiple bets, as rather than multiplying all the odds together than multiplying the answer by the stake – as with decimal. You’d have to add 1 to each of the odds first, and then do the multiplying.

Hong Kong odds

Converting Hong Kong odds to Decimal odds

Not really much to say here; Hong Kong odds are basically the same as decimal odds except the stake isn’t added. So all you need to do is add 1 to odds.

Once you know how to convert to decimal odds all other formats become much easier. If you want to know how to convert to fractional odds, American odds, Indonesian odds or Malay odds head over to our decimal page for all the details.

Basic Hong Kong odds examples

To be honest Hong Kong odds are no trouble at all to work out. Simple multiple the stake by the odds plus one. But examples always make things seem easier, so let’s do one involving a single bet, and then one for multiples.

You find yourself at Sha Tin racecourse for one of their main events, the Hong Kong Cup. Being a gambling man you decide to have a punt on the 0.5 fav, placing a hundred Hong Kong dollars. This horse steams home to everyone’s delight. Now to work out your profit you multiple the odds by the stake.

Profit = 100 x 0.5 = 50

Meaning you win 50 dollars plus you get your hundred in stake back as well.

Along with this single bet you also did a multiple bet including the bet you just had, along two of the other big races that day, the Hong Kong Vase and the Hong Kong mile. The odds were 3.5 and 4 respectively and you bet 10 dollars.

Total return = 10 x ((0.5 + 1) x (3.5 + 1) x (4 + 1))
Total return = 337.5

As you can see, when doing a multiple it is easiest to simple convert the odds to decimal format before doing your calculations. The treble pays out a nice 337.50 HKD.

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