IBIA and ITF are expanding the provision of live data

IBIA and ITF are expanding the provision of live data

The International Betting Integrity Association welcomes the decision of the global tennis association to sell the live score data to representatives of the betting industry. Specifically, it is about tournament arrangements within the International Tennis Federation. For betting sites that offer a live ticker in connection with live betting, an expense of $ 25,000 is contemplated. Initially, $ 15,000 was under discussion, and the Independent Review Panel’s proposal aimed to limit the cost of live data bookmaking for all ITF World Tennis Tour events. However, the fact is that the IBIA was able to assert itself so that athletes and ITF can also benefit from the expanding market for in-play betting.

The individual sport is becoming increasingly popular

In Germany, sports betting is always one of the top 3 most popular betting offers on the tennis market. The main markets of the Grand Salm Tour and the national competitions in the Davis Cup and Fed Cup are of course in the foreground. However, the Challenger and Master Events are also experiencing increasing demand from betting fans worldwide.

It is interesting that according to IBIA data collection, in-play bets take up a good 80 percent of the total betting volume in tennis tournaments. The proportion is even greater at the ITF level, where more than 95 percent of all bets are placed during the matches. This shows that tennis is particularly popular with typing fans because it is extremely attractive to place tips during live games.

This depends not only on the exciting encounters, but also on the fact that the daily form is often crucial in order to be able to make an accurate prediction. The German bookmaker Bet3000 has excellent statistics and a comprehensive betting offer for tennis, soccer and Co. on offer.

The betting industry contributes to integrity

Recently there have been rumors of possible manipulation in smaller tournaments. In particular, professional players who are far behind the top 50 in the world rankings are finding it increasingly difficult to compensate for their expenses with prize money. For this reason, maintaining the cost of live data for $ 25,000 is more than justified. Even though there will be more games in the future due to the expansion of the tour, the co-financing of the prize pool by the betting industry is of enormous importance.

This is a great advantage for tennis, both in terms of integrity and from a commercial point of view. Through the use of the IBIA, which was able to convince the sports association to distribute the ITF World Tennis Tour data across the board to regulated tennis betting sites, sports integrity will increase. Without this certified provision of sports data from live matches, millions of players would certainly switch to unregulated channels.

This would make market surveillance impossible. With the new deal, however, it is much easier to act consistently against corruption, since the IBIA can analyze both the match data and the bets of the individual games. Should there be any abnormalities, the umbrella organization of the betting industry could take measures immediately.

Cross-border cooperation increases security

The International Betting Integrity Association is the world’s leading voice for integrity in the licensed betting industry. Through this association, which was founded by stakeholders in order to permanently define the highest standards, is today a tried and tested means of protecting members and implementing collective measures against corruption. The innovative surveillance through sophisticated reporting systems has now proven to be a highly effective anti-corruption tool.

The association also has long-standing partnerships for the exchange of information with leading sports associations and regulators in order to act quickly at the state level. To this end, the IBIA provides the data collected, in part during the transmissions, so that suspected cases can be tracked immediately.

Quality feature IBIA member

As part of the efforts that everyone involved in the IBIA has undertaken, the number of suspicious betting warnings at the ITF level has been extremely reduced. This would allow betting players to type with a clear conscience, because the good cooperation of all industry representatives shows a more than positive trend.

Using the most modern means, everyone is working together to protect the integrity of tennis at all levels and will continue to work closely with athletes, associations and regulators to ensure fair conditions at all times. Ultimately, betting on tennis with a market share of just under 10 percent takes second place behind the football market, which ranks first with over 60 percent. If you want to bet safely, you are in good hands with our renowned providers with IBIA affiliation:

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