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Indonesian Odds Explained

Indonesia having their own set of very popular odds does seem quite strange when you look at the political stand point of the Government when it comes to all forms of gambling. Basically they buck the trend of the majority of Asian countries and actively look to shut down all betting establishments and the ability to punt online.

As has happened in most countries that have tried to outlaw gambling, it has only had the effect of curbing it slightly while the majority of people move to underground unlicensed bookies. So with this being the case it is very unlikely that the average non Indonesian will ever come across this odds format, but the fact you are on this page I am guessing you are still interested in how it all works.

Indonesian odds, often just called Indo odds, are very much like that of American odds. They both have a positive and negative value based on whether the perceived chances are greater or less than 50%. The only difference is that Indonesian odds are based on one unit stake compared to American 100 units staked. So for positive odds you are given the amount you’d win for every one unit you bet (one pound, euro, dollar etc.). For negative odds it’s how much you have to bet to win a unit stake.

Converting Indonesian odds to Decimal odds

Indonesian odds are already in a decimal format so might confuse you at first, but like many odds formats (and unlike European decimal odds), the return of your stake is not factored into the number. So when you first see Indo odds you might think you are seeing decimal odds (unless it is a negative odd), as 9.5 would be 8.5. You’d think you were being given poor odds, but it wouldn’t be obvious they were a different set of odds. Sometimes it might be written with the plus sign in front of the odds, but often the only way to know is to ask. So positive odds are very easy to convert to decimal, simply add your unit stake.

Negative odds on the other hand make it easy to see you’re not dealing with decimals, but unfortunately they are not as easy to convert, especially with mental arithmetic. I guess that’s why we have made an odds conversion calculator.

Indonesian odds examples

No point giving a long winded example for how pay-outs work for Indonesian odds as it is all rather simple. If it’s positive odds then multiple your stake by the odds and then add the stake for your total pay-out. And if it’s negative odds you divide your stake by the odds (without the negative) and then add on your stake.

So, you bet Arsenal to win at 3.5 for £50

Total return = (50 x 3.5) + 50 = 225

If you bet a horse to win at -1.25 for £80

Total return = (80 / 1.25) + 80 = 144

As you can see, once you know how Indonesian odds work they are pretty simple, but it is understandable why they frighten people off.

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