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Best Lacrosse Betting Sites

Best Lacrosse Betting Sites

How to bet Lacrosse in the biggest competitions

Lacrosse is a game that primarily originated in the North American region. It was played by the Native Americans before the Europeans arrived there. Currently the sport has been embraced by many people across America particularly in Canada and the US although it is also being played in Europe and Australia.

There exists a professional Lacrosse league in the US currently although it is not a major sport in the country. In Canada the sport is loved by many it only trails hockey in terms of popularity. This therefore means that colleges and professional teams give an opportunity for people to gamble on the different matches available. There exists three big championships which are the worlds, the world indoors, and European that often brings about excitement and thereby attracting bettors across the globe.

Lacrosse betting types and odds

While betting on the lacrosse game you may be able to wager on a spread, scoring totals (over/under) and whoever wins a particular match. In certain instances sports books will likely differ on what bets they offer. You will find that certain sports books will make many different types of wagers available while others will not instead choosing to cover only the most basic bets.

Moneyline bet; moneyline betting in lacrosse is one in which you will bet on an outright winner. It may be listed as follows:

Team A -200
Team B+100

Team A would certainly be the favorite owing to the minus sign. For you to bet on team A you will have to wager $ 200 to win $ 100 and wager $ 100 to win $ 100 if you bet on team B. These measures are put in place to encourage bettors to make bets both ways.
Spread bets; in a spread bet you will not only bet on who wins but also how much you will win.

The over/under; this wager is usually won based on the joint scores of both the lacrosse teams involved in the game. As a bettor you will bet on if the final score will be over or under an amount presented by the sports book for instance you may bet that both the teams will score more points (over) than 8 points combined.

Major Lacrosse competitions in the world

Some of the major lacrosse competitions in the world that offer lacrosse betting are;
The world championship– is an event that is played to determine the best lacrosse team in the world originally played by just four teams. Currently it has grown tremendously and it is sanctioned by the federation of international lacrosse (FIL).
The world indoor lacrosse– an event sponsored by the federation of international lacrosse featuring only eight teams.
The National lacrosse league– is a Canadian indoor lacrosse league that features up to eleven teams.
The European lacrosse championship– is an event sponsored by the European lacrosse federation (ELF). It fields both the men’s and women’s lacrosse tournaments.