Last Minute Goal Bet

Last Minute Goal Bet

In order to be successful with bets in the long run and to achieve attractive profits, a good strategy is essential. Each strategy takes time because you have to prepare for your bet and do an analysis. A strategy does not guarantee that you will always win, but you can increase your winnings and minimize the risk. There are many strategies in use for football betting , but it depends on what type of bet you want to place. In football Not only are pre-bets popular that you can place before the game, but often live bets are also placed during the game. The strategy I am going to present to you today is based on live betting, it is the last minute goal bet. This bet is not to be confused with the last minute bet, which you place a few minutes before the kick-off, but this bet is placed towards the end of the game. The bet is popular, it promises excitement. If you want to make the last minute goal bet, it is important that you follow the game live.

How a last minute goal bet works

You can make a last minute goal bet at the last minute, just before the end of the game. In a live bet, the odds change constantly, depending on the likelihood of an event that changes constantly during the game. The odds for last minute goal betting get higher the closer the game comes to an end, because the less time there is left for the game, the less likely it is that another goal will be scored.At least the bookmakers estimate the probability less and less and therefore set the odds ever higher. However, many past games have shown that a goal can still be scored in the last few minutes when no one is expecting it. This goal often leads to a completely unexpected outcome of the game. 

If you want to make the last minute goal bet, you can benefit from good odds. You can now bet that one team will still be able to take the round in the last few minutes. It is not uncommon for the team that is lagging behind or has not scored a goal during the game to manage to miss an unexpected turn with a goal in the last few minutes. You can often see that a team really puts pressure on again at the end of the game. This often happens when the coach has already replaced one or more players. You can place the last minute goal bet as a live bet with various online betting sites, but you can also bet against a result on a betting exchange. 

However, the betting exchanges are only suitable for advanced betting fans; only a few betting exchanges are available on the German market. Most of these betting exchanges are only available in English.

Suitable sports for last minute goal betting

Football is particularly well suited for last-minute goal betting; football is also the most popular sport among Germans. Football games are often exciting in the last few minutes, which is often the case when a game has so far been rather boring. It is then uncertain which team will ultimately win the game.  Even if the team that is lagging behind no longer scores a goal, there is a high probability that the team with a lead in the goal will score another goal in the last few minutes. Last minute goal betting can also be used for other sports where goals are scored:

  • Handball
  • basketball
  • ice Hockey

In these sports, however, there are significantly more goals than in soccer, so last minute goal betting is far from being as common as in soccer betting.

The last minute goal bet is explained using an example

I would like to explain the last minute goal bet to you with an example, it works best with football. I’ll explain the last minute goal bet using the example of the Champions League, where a decision is always important and a game therefore goes into extra time if it ends in a tie. If there is still no goal in extra time, there will be a penalty shoot-out. In the example, the game has already gone into extra time and still no goal was scored in the 115th minute. The odds for a possible draw now drop to 1.0. You can also bet against a draw at a betting exchange, but this is complicated and only recommended for experienced betting fans. At a betting exchange, you can bet against a tie, for example, the odds are 1.1. You make a bet of 20 euros and take a maximum risk of two euros if no goal is scored. You win 20 euros if a goal is actually scored. Two scenarios are possible with this bet: a goal is scored or no goal is scored anymore. The risk is 1:10.

Chances of winning the last minute goal bet

The last minute goal bet allows high winnings, but it is important that you follow the game live to be able to assess the situation correctly. Especially when important decisions are important, for example at the European or World Cup, a goal is often scored in the final phase or in stoppage time. Since the odds for betting on late goals are usually quite high, this bet promises attractive winnings, even with comparatively low stakes.

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