Can you live from sports betting?

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There is hardly an active sports bettor who has never thought about what it would be like to be able to live from the success of his tips. And in fact it is a very nice idea, after all, the time you invest in getting to know the conditions in the sports world is hard work. Above all thinking. Therefore, it can only be a lie if someone denies having thought this thought. In fact, there are some professionals who have managed to make a living from winnings from bets in the long run. Nevertheless, the number of successful sports bets is less than one percent. In order to better understand the topic, a few glimpses of some of the secrets of success of the best weather are to be risked below.

Effective profit tips for sports betting

  • Concentration on solo tips
  • no live betting
  • Consider only good betting odds
  • a necessary financial background
  • interwoven typing and finance strategy

Requirements for successful bets

To live from sports betting , you need one thing above all: experience. As a newcomer, you have to quickly say goodbye to the idea of ​​soon being able to make lucrative sales. It is simply out of the question to earn continuous profits as a bloody beginner, especially when you consider that it often took professionals many years to reach their current level. So here too, be patient and move in slow steps.

Furthermore, sports betting has to be seen as a sober business, nothing more and nothing less. Desires or emotions have lost nothing in this area. Therefore, it is impossible to put your money out of sympathy on the favorite team, even though you know that the chances are bad. The emotion must not influence the behavior of a sports weather.

It is also important to have the necessary specialist knowledge. Each customer therefore sets himself the task of analyzing the options and betting markets in the best possible way. It makes no sense to rely on a good odds based on a gut feeling. This is not how an analytical approach works. Apart from pure betting knowledge, there must also be sufficient sporting experience. If you bet on certain athletes or teams, you logically have to be very familiar with them. Accordingly, the analysis of statistics is also part of it, but should not be limited to this. Successful sports bettors are also very familiar with the details of the individual teams; they even know the preferences and objectives of the players. As an example you can see a tennis player who will take part in an important ATP tournament. The actor is registered, but must still complete the qualification beforehand. In addition, he is in the first tournament round of a rather unimportant IFT tournament. As a result, it can be assumed that he will only use the match as training and then quickly move towards the much more important competition.

Another crucial point in order to be able to make a living from sports earnings is the financial requirements. If you have no financial backing, you will not be able to rise to the circle of professionals. Experts recommend that your livelihood is secured for at least 24 months and that additional cushions exist. It is also ideal if the starting capital is based on a five-figure sum, since this is the only way to play a sensible strategy. So if you want to make a living from sports betting, you shouldn’t think in the short term. If after the first few weeks money is needed to cover the expenses, the end is definitely in sight. At least as important as the points mentioned is the selection of a good betting provider, we recommend it here bet-at-home , the British betting provider bet365 or the German number 1 Tipico.

What secrets of success the professionals have

If you want to become a professional player, you should follow a few basic rules. For example, very few get involved in combination bets. These may be very tempting, not least because of the high odds, but in the end the risk factor almost always prevails. For this reason, the top players mainly stick to solo tips. The profit may be lower for the moment, but in the end much longer.

In addition, sports betting must always be seen as a small wrangling between the customer and the bookmaker. It’s about who has the better knowledge. Successful users decide to put their tips on secondary markets or on unimportant leagues and events. Because an online betting site has hardly a chance to analyze all offers in detail and extensively. Therefore, the quota determination is a little looser with regard to the general disciplines. If you have the relevant knowledge, you can secure an advantage as a customer and outdo the bookmaker.

What you shouldn’t get involved with, at least if you want to act as a professional player, are live bets. Of course, there is a certain tension in placing the tips on an ongoing event, but this does away with the possibility of precise analysis. There is simply no time, which makes a live bet more a game of luck.

In addition, you should keep good odds when placing your tips. Because as a professional player you don’t just work with one provider, you have your account with several bookmakers. If you look at the odds differences throughout the year, they can quickly rise to a four-digit amount. Furthermore, the handling of betting tax in Germany must be taken into account in this area. To find the best sports betting providers here, you should use a comparison portal. Otherwise you simply lose the overview too quickly. Finally, you have to develop your own strategy, which is also only possible by investing time and accumulating experience.

Living from sports betting: working in a betting environment

In addition, many people misinterpret the terminology. Because living from sports betting doesn’t just mean sitting in front of the computer every day and giving a few tips from the gut. In fact, the opposite is the case. If you want to be successful in the betting business, you have to work hard for it. No tip will be given without having carried out your own analysis. This includes, for example, collecting and evaluating information about the individual athletes and teams. Likewise, you cannot avoid weighing the stake several times. The sums of the game also need to be cleverly adapted to your own financial strategies, depending on how high the risk is. It is generally said that no more than 5 percent of the capital should be wagered.

Clear accounting is also essential, much like what happens in a normal business. The aim is that the financial overview is maintained at all times. In addition, bookkeeping can also be used to identify your own weaknesses and strengths and in this way refine your betting system in the future.

Reasons for failure

Again and again there are players who want to get into the betting business of the professionals. But many of them fail. The reason is easier than you might think. Usually most lack iron discipline. So there is sometimes a good strategy, but this is quickly changed if only another lucrative rate appears on the screen. People can quickly be manipulated by the idea of ​​maximizing profits, because that’s what the focus is on users. At the same time, this is one of the biggest mistakes. It is simply not advisable to exhaust your daily limit, even if the next tip seems to be lucrative. The time factor must also be taken into account. Because as a recreational player you would have to deal with sports betting for a few hours every day.

The necessary motivation to live from sports betting

As has been seen, living from sports betting is not out of the question. Nevertheless, it is a long and rocky road that has to be followed. Therefore, most hobby players are advised to stay at the same hobby level when it comes to sports betting. Because ultimately they serve the entertainment, which lives from the joy of small successes, which generate a few useful income. The focus is also on the sports experience with friends. If you now raise sports betting to a professional level, these elements are largely lost. It becomes a sober job in which a lot of work has to be invested.

None of this should, of course, prevent sports bettors who want to exercise their passion more professionally from investing more time and effort. And if you choose this path, you should still think of the fun and entertaining moments in the industry every now and then. Of course, there is no objection to setting higher goals that may initially seem unattainable. But these goals must be patiently pursued over a long period of time. And in the end there is no guarantee that you will be able to make a living from sports betting. The whole thing is not really predictable.

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