Lucky 31 Calculator

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What is a Lucky 31 bets

Lucky 31 bets fall in to the category of “Full cover bet with singles”. They consists of five selections, combined into 31 separate bets. One fivefold accumulator, 5 fourfold accumulators, 10 trebles, 10 doubles and being a full cover bet with singles you also have 5 single bets. Lucky 31’s are also the equivalent of a Super Yankee or Canadian bet but with singles.

Lucky 31 bets were given their name due to the concessions and bonuses given. If you are lucky enough to have your Lucky 31 have all five selections win, most bookies will add to the luck and give an extra 20% on top of your winnings. Similarly, if you are unlucky and have only one winner, it is common practice to double the odds of that selection. Making you, the punter, feel a little bit lucky.

Lucky 31 calculations

When calculating a lucky 31 bet anyone who hasn’t been shown the correct method will always work it out by calculating all 31 bets separately and then adding them together. This will seem ridiculous once the correct method is learnt. The correct equation becomes easier to understand once you see an example of a basic formula with its brackets multiplied out.

(A + 1)(B + 1)(C + 1)(D + 1)(E + 1)

When you multiple the brackets out you get the following

ABCDE + ABCD + ABCE + ABDE + ACDE + BCDE + ABC + ABD + ABE + ACD + ACE + ADE + BCD + BCE + BDE + CDE + AB + AC + AD + AE + BC + BD + BE + CD + CE + DE + A + B + C + D + E + 1

This is almost the exact equation that is needed for a lucky 31. As you can see there is one five-fold accumulator, five four-fold accumulators, ten trebles, 10 doubles and 5 singles. The only problem is there is an extra + 1 at the end that isn’t needed. So in order to easily calculate a lucky 31 all you need is the top formula and then minus one.

((A + 1)(B + 1)(C + 1)(D + 1)(E + 1)) – 1 = Winnings

Example of how our Lucky 31 calculator works

Now you have the formula it’s now as easy as filling it in with the decimal values to calculate settlement. You don’t need a scientific calculator to do this a basic calculator will do or if you are half decent at multiplication you can calculate this in your head. It’s so simple once you know how.

Your Lucky 31 consists of 5 winning football teams. You have bet £10 on it, and the odds are 3, 3.2, 1.3, 5 and 4. Now assign one of these prices to one of the letters in the equation.

((3 + 1)(3.2 + 1)(1.3 + 1)(5 + 1)(4 + 1)-1) * 10 = winnings

Now this looks complicated and you might think this looks a bit tricky to do as mental arithmetic. But if you add all the +1’s to the with it within the bracket, which you must agree is pretty simple, you get

((4 * 4.2 * 2.3 * 6 * 5)-1) * 10 = winnings

This now looks very manageable, and once you multiple these numbers together you get £11,582. You must now see this is much more palatable than working out each multiple separately. This formula is not just helpful for calculating Lucky 31’s, with minor alterations it’s also a helpful formula for all full cover bets with singles.

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