Malay Odds

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Malay Odds Explained

Malay odds are by far the most confusing of the major odds formats. Malaysian odds come in both positive values and negative ones. But unlike other odds, such as American odds and Indo odds, the positive values are for odds on prices, and the negative odds are for any odds greater than even money.

In Malaysia football is by far the primary sport when it comes to betting, and generally bets will just be singles, which is fortunate as Malay odds are a nightmare to work with when it comes to multiple bets. Especially is there is a mixture of both negative and positive odds.

Malay odds are any number between one and minus one. When in the negative range the odds lets you know how much needs to be bet to win one unit, be it pounds, dollar, euros, etc. So if the odds are -0.25, you’d need to bet 25p to win one pound. When positive the odds represent what your profit is for a one unit bet. 0.25 would be a 25p win if a pound was bet.

Convert Malay odds to decimal odds

With Malay odds being both negative and positive, when converting to decimal odds they are best looked upon as to separate odds formats. The positive version being very easy, as they are just decimal odds without the retuned stake given. So for positive odds it is simply a case of adding one unit to the price – meaning 0.5 becomes 1.5.

Negative odds are a whole different ball game. But none the less there is a very nice formula to convert the odds. Trouble is, it isn’t that east to do the maths in your head, so we do recommend you bookmark our calculator if you plan to convert odds often.

Malay odds pay out examples

Starting with a positive odds example, this should be a piece of cake even for punters that are terrible at maths. Simple multiply your stake by the odds. You place a bet at odds of 0.75 and put £50 on it. If it wins you get

Profit = 50 x 0.75 = 37.5

This bet gives you £37.50 profit, and you also get your stake back, giving a total return of £87.50
For negative odds it’s not much harder, but now instead of multiplying together you are stake by odds (without the negative sign). So if you now place a £50 bet on a football match at -0.75 you’d get the following if it wins.

Profit = 50 / 0.75 = 66.66

Again the stake isn’t included. Adding that to the profit gives a total return of £116.66

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