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March Madness

March Madness Betting

March Madness betting refers to wagering on the National USA College Basketball Championships. The competition has become the focus of both fun and serious gambling on the outcome of these basketball championships.

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The term March Madness covers both the men’s and the women’s NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) college tournaments. These basketball tournaments run throughout every March and into early April and they determine who will be the college basketball champions of America.

It is a phrase or moniker that encapsulates the reduction, by tournament knockout competition, of the sixty eight college teams until the NCAA USA national basketball champions are crowned.

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More about how March Madness & its betting lines work

More people get involved with March Madness betting than wager on the Super Bowl.

The US college basketball championships or National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Tournament to give it its official name, take place through the weeks of March each year and sometimes sneak into the beginning of April for the final rounds. It is the sustained explosion of excitement that has evolved around the tournament that has given rise to its popular name March Madness, a condition afflicting college basketball fans not just in the US but right across the world.

There are both mens and women’s tournaments but the majority of the gambling action is firmly focused on the men’s game.

It all starts with Selection Sunday, which may be almost half way through March, when the bracket is announced.

68 teams now contest the mens championships. It was expanded for the 2011 season, much to the relief of the many March Madness fans who viewed the 65th team play in match as a meaningless annoyance.

Since 1994, 64 teams have been invited to take part in the women’s tournament. In both tournaments, the teams are split into four divisions based on their geographical location.

68 is quite an increase on the eight that took part in the very first men’s tournament in 1939 after the famous coach from Kansas, Mr P Allen, had the brainwave that got the whole phenomenon started. March Madness betting has been relentlessly gathering momentum ever since.

March Madness Betting Tips & Hints

March Madness is so colossal that the build up starts long before Selection Sunday. Throughout the regular season there is a constant stream of news on NCAA hoops.

If you want to make big bucks on March Madness betting, keeping track of key player injuries and shooting percentages is a useful way to spend time before the tournament gets started.

If you do not have the time or the inclination to study the latest news on NCAA teams you can always skip the whole research thing and take the advice of the experts instead. There are plenty of them out there providing free picks for you. But make sure you pick one with a long established track record. Getting it right spectacularly in a single year does not make anyone a gambling genius.

Another good tip is simply to follow the most successful coaches. They are around for a lot longer than any of the players and appear to be the key to sustained outstanding performance. No single star player was responsible for UCLA’s record breaking run of successes in the championships. It was the magic of the Wizard of Westwood, their legendary coach John Wooden that took them to the top and kept them there.

There are hundreds of different ways to make big profits in March Madness betting but, if you want to pick the winner of the tournament, take a long hard look at the track record of the team coach. Also ensure you join one of the top USA sportsbooks when you come to place a wager.


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