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Best Boxing Betting Sites 2020

Boxing is certainly not everyone’s favorite sport. Some like them, others can’t do anything with them. Historically, it is always interesting because it is one of the oldest sports of mankind. But boxing has nothing to do with a simple brawl and is still very strictly regulated today. In many cases, however, this does not relieve the tension. Boxing was originally a sport, so boxing was originally. Of course, you started betting on boxing early on. There were mostly simple winning bets around the ring, which of course is still the most popular type of betting among betting providers. There are many boxing matches throughout the year. Sometimes with the famous names and world champions, but often with smaller numbers.

What are boxing bets?

Even if one assumes that there was a type of boxing very early on that was not just about survival, the Olympic Games from 688 BC apply. BC as the first official date for it. But only in the past centuries has boxing developed to the sport that it is today and probably got the biggest boost in the 20th century, as well as media components such as radio and television. It is important that boxing is about a fist fight, but today it is usually always carried out with protective gloves. This protects both athletes equally and ensures that it can remain a sporty and fair competition in the end. The amount of events can of course not keep up with other sports such as football, but what is generally so

What are the differences in boxing betting?

Basically there are no differences that arise from the struggles themselves. There are of course different weight classes, but they actually don’t change the betting options. But also when boxing, there are many other types of bets if the fight is particularly popular. This is usually the case with World Cup matches. Otherwise there are still differences when it comes to the possible bets, as there are often live bets in boxing.

Betting on boxing matches

Actually there is always a box somewhere. There is no summer or winter break because there is no season like in other sports. The fights are basically decided and there is no game plan, so every boxer must have boxed against another. There are title holders and challengers. If the latter wins the fight, the title can go to him. But of course not all boxing matches are title matches. But every boxing match is an opportunity for individual bets, which are also offered by many betting sites. In the rarest cases, every fight is offered that exists somewhere, but after a certain size and attention most betting sites are well stocked. Combined bets are then also possible, for example composed of several fights.

Boxing live betting

Even if boxing matches today are accompanied by excessive media and advertising is not neglected, there is still something original about it. And that also applies to boxing live betting. In the past, it was not uncommon for the bookmaker to sit on the ring and accept bets directly on site. And if something happened, then new bets can be offered quickly, which adapt to the current odds. Modern live bets do nothing else. These are not offered for all fights, but if there is another kind of century fight, you can be sure that one or the other betting site will not miss it.

Boxing seasonal bets

It is very rare to encounter seasonal bets when boxing, which of course is simply due to the fact that there is no actual season. The main thought is from fight to fight and it can take a few months. There is, of course, a type of seasonal bet, which is not fundamentally different from normal single bets. However, it is sometimes asked whether a certain boxer can defend his title. Special bets appear here and there and sometimes even long before the fight. Here you can find what you are most likely to find at the major betting sites.

The different types of bets in boxing betting

When betting on sports, everything always starts with the winning bet. Two teams or boxers face each other, you bet on who will win the game or the fight. But it is interesting that there are not always only winners in boxing. Even if boxing looks like the sport in which there must be a winner, draws are also possible. Three judges award points. All three could be tied or just one while the other two disagreed. Accordingly, there are not only winning bets in boxing.

3-way and handicap in boxing

First and foremost, it is about finding a winner in battle. So you bet either on one or the other fighter. In most cases, the betting sites only offer 2-way bets, i.e. with two options. In theory, draws are also possible, but they are rare and are therefore not often converted into quotas. Who is wrong because the fight ended in a tie is wrong. What is also rare in boxing are handicap bets, in which a fighter gets a head start from the betting sites.

Head2Head boxing betting

Head2Head bets originally came from equestrian sports, which also explains the name. After all, it often happens here that two riders with horses have a real head to head race. What is meant by this is that two opponents are confronted and there is a winner. It doesn’t really matter whether one of the two actually wins the race. Head2Head bets are rare in boxing, since there are only two boxers per se. Theoretically, there are sometimes Head2Head bets, in which two boxers are placed against each other, but do not fight against each other at all. But that is very rare.

Boxing bets with over / under

Over / under bets are very popular in sports betting and can also be found very often. So the bet is on whether there are points or goals above or below a certain specified number. This type of bet is not offered very often in boxing, but sometimes you can find it. Then, however, it is about the rounds, so that you bet whether more or less than a certain number of rounds will take place. The advantage of this type of bet is that the odds are usually good, but you can also type realistically.

Boxing round bets

What is special only in boxing is the round bets. Just as you can bet on the exact result in football, there is also the possibility to bet on the exact round in which the fight will be decided. If there is a task or a technical knockout, the fight can be ended very early. It all depends on the opponents and how strong they are. The more balanced two boxers are, the higher the chance for more rounds in the match. If a favorite hits an outsider, the odds for an early round are usually lower. It is all the more beautiful when a boxer then belies the odds and maybe even manages the full distance of the fight.

Special bets on boxing

Even though many boxing matches are usually offered by online bookmakers, there are by no means an excessive number of bet types. Special bets are also rarely found. For this, the struggles must have a certain prestige. When it comes to the world championship title and there is a lot of media interest, there is also a greater chance that there will be various special bets that have not been covered by any type of bet before.

Where can you bet on boxes?

Boxing is one of the oldest sports of mankind. It is of course not a popular sport in itself and cannot attract the public like any other sport, but boxing matches are not events that go under the radar. Ultimately, boxing betting remains a niche, but at least a firm one. Most betting sites actually always have boxes in their program and as far as the more obvious fights are concerned, you will definitely find them. When it comes to boxing live betting, you won’t necessarily be happy with every betting provider. But in general it also applies here that popular fights tend to create the path to the offer.

Also use mobile boxing bets

It was not true what pessimists once predicted, that all people will only sit in front of their computers. It’s almost the opposite, because smartphones naturally make you flexible. This also applies to boxing bets. If a betting site has boxes in the betting offer, you can usually access them on the go. In most cases there are practical apps or at least websites optimized for mobile devices, so that you can easily navigate to the boxing bets. This is also quick and easy, even if you are sitting in the bar and the fight is about to begin.

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