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Best Motor Sports Betting Sites 2020

Motorsport Betting – Betting on Motorsport Races

Motorsport is of course an umbrella term for various forms of racing. This actually includes everything that uses vehicles that are powered by an engine. Cycling races are not included. Different types of races may be known depending on the country. In Germany, for example, Formula 1 has millions of fans. The Nascar races are extremely popular in the USA. As a rule, however, it is always a matter of making it particularly fast and having several opponents competing for victory. This is of course perfect for sports betting and so there are always some motorsport bets in the offers of the different betting sites. Even if you are not really into the subject, you can at least take the winning bet with you or bet on the possible world champion.

What are Motorsport Bets?

Basically, motorsport is almost as old as vehicles with engines. As soon as the first motor vehicles had been developed and were also ready for series production, some people already came up with the idea of racing them. Over time, a separate branch developed, so that vehicles are no longer designed for comfort alone, but also for races. In 1894 there were already car races, followed in 1907 by a car race that went from Beijing to Paris, i.e. over a distance of 16,000 kilometers. At that time there was no question of security and many rules. As a result, the desire for more professional races grew with the technology. Formula 1, for example, was only launched in 1950. The races are ideal for sports betting, which can actually be found for almost all betting sites for motorsport.

What are the Differences in Motorsport Betting?

Motorsport is of course only the category in which very different types of racing can be divided, which can differ in different ways. The main distinguishing point is usually the vehicle. This can be the difference between a car and a motorcycle, but also the distinctions between speeds or the routes that are traveled. But as different as some of the requirements may be, bets are usually not all that different. For example, you can primarily bet on the winner at the end of the season, otherwise you can always bet on the winner of the race. Most motor sports have in common that it is about being the first to cross the finish line.

Betting on motorsport races

There is much more to motorsport than just the races. For example, the teams work long and hard on the vehicles, and then they still drive in training before qualifying. But of course the race is usually the first betting opportunity that comes to mind, since it all boils down to within a race week. With single bets you can bet not only on the winner, but also on subsequent placements every now and then. Of course there can also be motorsport combination bets, even combined with different types of racing. Single bets of this type are placed before the race or qualification. Sometimes there are bets on the fastest lap or the like.

Motorsport Live Betting

Once the traffic light turns green, speed is the order of the day. But not just alone. A race wins not just the one who can press the accelerator pedal to the stop, but also the one who knows how to brake and can tactically drive. A lot can happen in a race, especially when it comes to overtaking. Refueling breaks can also lead to important strategies. In short: a race is very exciting, especially if you follow it live. Accordingly, motorsport live bets are not to be scoffed at, they live from a very special tension and can also have different odds for the pre-match bets in detail. How large the range of live bets is depends, of course, on the betting sites, some of which differ.

Motorsport Season Bets

The view of motorsport can essentially be discovered from two perspectives. On the one hand there are the races, which are about who wins first place. But then there is also the season in which the title is contested. Depending on the competition, this can also be the World Cup. And in the end, it’s not just the world champion who has won the most victories, but who has scored the most points. It is not without reason that the races at the end of the season are twice as exciting. As far as the motorsport season bets are concerned, for example for Nascar, Formula 1 or Ralley, there are corresponding offers at most betting sites. Seasonal bets can also be placed if races have already been raced. Then, however, with adjusted quotas.

Different Types of Bets in Motorsport Betting

A race does not only include the question of the winner, especially since decisions can be made before the race. In Formula 1, for example, qualifications are also used beforehand to determine the starting order. Accordingly, there is more than just the normal winning bets, if these also form the core of a motorsport betting offer. Depending on the betting site, the program for a race can be very extensive and include various types of bets with which you can get even more out of an event, which is exciting but can also be lucrative.

Victory Bets in Motorsport

Victory bets are common across all sports, including motorsport. Races are usually about who is the first to cross the finish line. So you can basically bet on every participant of the race beforehand, but of course there are also favorites and outsiders. There is a peculiarity in motorsport, because here there is the athlete, but also the racing car. Only if both work well and both harmonize with each other can you win the races regularly. It is also interesting because there is usually a starting order that can already provide information about how good a driver is at the moment or how well his car is working. The same applies to motorsport victory bets that the odds are related to the probability of victory.

Head2Head Motorsport Betting

This type of bet fits very well with motorsport, it is always very often about head to head racing. In detail, Head2Head betting is about at least two drivers being compared and there being a quota for each. What is special is that of course not only the two drivers will be on the track. In the end, these bets do not count who won the race, but who of the two opponents is higher in the ranking. However, favorites and outsiders are less often brought together, but rather drivers who are roughly on the same level in terms of the probabilities, so that it becomes exciting.

Motorsport Betting with Top Positions

In a soccer game there is a winner and a loser, at least if there has not been a tie. It is of course different in motorsport races. There is the winner of the race here because he was able to get the first place, but even after that there are still placements that are enough for the winners’ podium, but above all they also score points. And mostly the points are not only collected for the drivers, but also for the teams. Points are very important in a race and in the end you can theoretically become a world champion even if you haven’t even finished in first place. When betting on the top placements, it depends on whether a driver makes it into the top 3, 6 or 10, for example.

Motorsport Point Betting

At the end of the race it’s about points. And the further ahead you are, the more you can collect. That’s why first place is so popular. Scoring bets is relatively easy in motorsport, as it is usually just a question of whether a driver will collect points in this race or how many. However, this differs somewhat from one type of race to another, for example from Formula 1 to Nascar races. But it can always be exciting. The odds for this are usually rather clear, as favorites usually get at least a few points, but a lot can happen in a race.

Special Bets in Motorsport

A lot can happen in a race, because in the end a lot of laps are usually driven. It’s often the details that make the difference. And these details can sometimes also be found in special motorsport bets. Then there are other details, such as who will set the fastest lap, who will be the first to drop out or who will finish the race at all. With these types of bets, you can usually get a lot more out of a single race, so in the end it’s not just about the possible winner.

Where Can You Bet on Motorsport?

Actually, all betting sites usually have something to do with motorsport. However, when it comes to width and depth, there are major differences. Ralley, Formula 1 and Nascar are the more obvious options, but when it gets more detailed, not every betting site can serve an abundance with an offer. The typical bets, i.e. on victory or the season, are in most cases. A betting site comparison of motorsport odds is usually worthwhile when it comes to seasonal bets and outsiders. There are often major differences.

Switch to Motorsport From Your Mobile Phone

Above all, the internet is fast, or at least it should be, just like the racing cars on the track. Thanks to smartphones, you no longer have to sit in front of the computer all day, but can conveniently place your bets from anywhere. This also applies to motor sport bets, which can also be placed on the go. This basically applies to all betting sites. Anyone who offers today also has a mobile offer in some way, which also includes motorsport. So you can sit comfortably from the sofa, lying on the beach or even while standing on the racetrack and want to see the race live.

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