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Best Motor Sports Betting Sites

Best Motor Sports Betting Sites

Motor sports is a common name for many sport organizations followed closely by speed fans. Major ones among them are F1, Moto GP ve WRC. Motor sports betting is included in betting options of all major betting sites. A lot of important motor sports organizations are shown live on television everywhere in the world. Therefore, there are many opportunities to lay live bets on motor sports during the season.

Motor sports are held in many different categories. You can find betting options for all those categories. The most significant car racing categories are as followed:

Single Seater Racing (Open Wheel) :
This category includes the most favourite types of motor sports. These are the races where vehicles only with one driver are involved. Vehicle wheels are not closed but open. Racing cars are designed specifically for speeding. The foremost organization among single seater racing group is F1. Formula 1 bettings are also number 1 among motor sports bettings. Besides, other organizations in this group are Indy racing, F2 and F3.

Touring Car Racing :
Touring car racing is a type of racing performed with highly modified vehicles that should have similar strength as close contact between cars are provided due to high number of vehicles. The most important races of this type are World Touring Car Championship, V8 Supercar and Speed World Challenge.

Stock Car Racing :
It is a version of Touring car racing performed in the United States. Races are held on oval tracks. The most important organization of this type is, of course, Nascar Races.

Rallying :
Rally is a type of race, where drivers demonstrate their performances driving specifically strengthened vehicles from one point to the other by trying to use their time very efficiently.
The most important one of rally races is World Rally Championship (WRC). WRC bettings are offered in many bettings sites as live betttings.

Except for these, there are many other types of car racing.

Another type of motor sports that attracts as much attention as car racing does is motorcycle racing. The king of motorcycle races is definitely Moto Gp. Betting sites gives more space for Moto Gp due to the high interest in it. Moto Gp bettings are essential to betting sites.