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Best MotoGP Betting Sites

Best MotoGP Betting Sites

The most exclusive motorcycle racing organization is MotoGP. MotoGP betting is highly favored, too. 17 races were included in 2005 MotoGP season.

The newest track that hosted MotoGP Grand Prix is the Istanbul Park in Istanbul, Turkey. A similar one to old Michael Schumacher hegemony in Formula 1 in 2000s has been experienced in MotoGP since 2001. Valentio Rossi, who has been known as the legendary pilot of MotoGP, wrote his name in history by winning all driver championships between 2001 and 2005.

Rossi announced his championship in 2005 season in September at the second rank of Malesia Grand Prix. In 2005 season Rossi won 12 races out of 17 and become the champion. If MotoGP punters would have laid all of their bets on Valentino Rossi as a winner, they could have gained a lot. One does not have to be Nostradamus to assume that Valentino Rossi’s reputation will last for a long time considering that he is only 26. Rossi’s great performance and his likeable personality also attracted other team’s attention in Formula 1, which is the most popular organization of Motor sports and transfer rumors started to circulate.

MotoGP betting is open to surprises as all other motor sport bettings. Even the best pilot may be disqualified from a race due to another driver’s mistake, while everything seems to go smoothly. Also a mechanical problem with his motorcycle may cause the leading driver to leave the race. Usually, it is not that easy to predict the winner in MotoGP bettings, even Valentiono Rossi won numerous races in the last years. Because, there are many variables that are effective in determining the winner, as well as a great number of ambitious drivers that are committed to become the champion.

In order to increase your chance to win in MotorGP betting, you have to be a punter that tracks the statistics very closely and a good viewer at the same time. It is always easier to predict the competitors, who are less likely to win than the ones, who are going to win in these types of sports, where there are many variables.