Best Speedway Betting Sites

Best Speedway Betting Sites 2020

Speedway is considered a marginal sport, it is a certain type of motorcycle racing. The races are not held on the street or on a course, but on oval, closed routes. Special motorcycles are used, which must weigh at least 80 kg and have only one gear and no brakes. There is a Speedway Bundesliga in Germany, but Germany is not a typical Speedway nation. The situation is different in Denmark, Poland, the United States, Sweden and Great Britain, which are Speedway nations. With various betting providers you can bet on Speedway, here you can place long-term bets on the overall winner of various races, but also advance bets. Some betting sites also have bets on youth races, the U21. Find out where you can make the best bets on Speedway.

Betting on Speedway – a rarity

Speedway is still considered a marginal sport in Germany, although a Bundesliga is active in Germany – various races are also held in Germany. These races are held over different distances. The betting providers usually treat Speedway as a marginal sport, especially Bet365 and BetVictor are exceptions, here the offer is quite good. Not all betting providers have bets on Speedway in the program, with some betting providers such bets are only available temporarily. Different betting providers have a selection of long-term bets on Speedway where you can bet on the overall winner, but you can also place advance bets. With various betting providers, bets on Speedway are available as live bets, for which a live ticker or a livestream is offered. 

The selection of special bets is very limited, only bets on the placement are available in addition to the bets on the winner. With some betting providers, you can place bets on Speedway on youth races like the U21. BetVictor has recently added bets on Speedway as a virtual sport. The odds for betting on Speedway show that it is a marginal sport because the odds are below the average of the betting providers.

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