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Best Rally WRC Betting Sites 2020

The name already sounds like dusty and dirty roads, but the term rally actually only means something like a meeting, which is due to the fact that driver friends met in certain places. A rally (WRC) is basically not held on a specific route, at least rarely in the sense that laps are driven. Rather, it is primarily about the fact that the routes can be anywhere, i.e. normal roads or dirt roads. It can also be very exciting if forest paths are included. This of course rally races differ massively from, for example, Formula 1, which knows routes that are driven in circles again and again. Many betting sites also have rally bets in their program, which can be extremely interesting for motorsport fans.

Rally Betting

It didn’t take long after cars were developed, and the first races soon started. Rallyes have a long history, with the famous Monte Carlo Rally also playing an important role. This is now considered the mother of all rally sports. A star trip was launched in 1911 to attract people to Monaco. It started in Berlin and Vienna, among others, until it finally arrived in Monaco. Since then, the rally has been held almost annually. It is characteristic that there is a specific destination that can only be reached over a few days and that different sections have to be covered.

Over the years, more competitions have been added, and of course the cars and rules have also changed. Today, especially in the field of motorsport betting rallies, there is a special variety, because there are not just round courses that are driven. Many betting sites have corresponding offers in their program, some of which do not go beyond seasonal bets.

Single and Combination Bets on Rally Races

Rallye is the umbrella term for a whole range of different types of racing. These are often also available from WRC betting sites, although in case of doubt you should look again. The wider the offer of the bookmaker, the higher the chance that rally bets can be found. Individual races can be used to place individual bets. For example, the winner. Sometimes there are also special bets that go beyond the winning tip. Place bets, for example. If there are rally markets, these can of course also be combined with one another. In this way, you can get better odds or include other motor sports in the station wagons.

Rally (WRC) Live Betting

Sports betting is attractive enough in itself, but live betting usually makes things a lot more interesting. Now and then there are rally live bets, but they are the exception with the betting sites. It is also due a bit to the races themselves, which can drag on over a few days. Here, too, it is advisable to take another look if necessary when a race is in progress. The chances are of course greater in races of the World Cup. Basically, live bets differ from normal bets in that they are placed while the event is running. This is no different with rally betting. In live betting, favorites and outsiders can be turned upside down for a short time.

Rally Season Bets

In most cases you can definitely find rally season bets in the programs of the betting sites, if they even have motorsport in their betting range. Seasonal bets are, for example, for the World Championships or more specific competitions in different countries. Season bets are not just about the individual races, but about the sum of the races. The classic question is who can ultimately become world champion. Even before the start of the season you can use the odds and bet on them. But even if a rally season has already started, the season bets do not necessarily end there. This then has something to do with the season and to what extent decisions are still pending.

Advantages of Rally Betting

There is no question that rally bets are rather the exception in sports betting and, accordingly, in WRC betting sites. This can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but in the end it remains a niche, which can also be seen in the media coverage. But apart from this offer, rallies are extremely exciting and can provide sporting aspects that are not available in other sports. Even races over several days offer a number of options that a football game with its ninety minutes, for example, cannot give.

Various Rally Competitions

First of all, the advantage of rallies is that there are many different ones. This is just an umbrella term that can encompass many different routes and types of races. For example rally cross, rally sprint or even ice races. You drive on normal roads, on field and forest paths. This is an enormous range, which is offered here and can be very interesting for fans and spectators. Basically, rallies also offer enough material for motorsport betting. The only question then is which of these are actually included in the program by the betting sites.

Rally Betting Information on the Internet

If you haven’t had so much to do with motorsport before, then getting started in rally betting can be a bit bumpy. But even if the races are not all televised, there are many ways to get a lot of information about them. The Internet offers all the options to get general information about rallies, motorsport or even the individual races and drivers. If you already have a connection to motorsport, you can quickly get started and thus a new niche in sports betting. Sometimes you can watch the races live on the Internet, which of course has advantages for live betting.

Sports Betting with Technical Competition

Of course, rallies fall into the category of motorsport and this differs in that there are not only technical aids themselves, but also motorized ones. This is again different from, for example, cycling races. Rallying demands a lot from the technology, because it is not just about smooth roads, but over hill and dale. A lot can happen, which is of course also interesting for rally betting. But it is also exciting that there is just sporting and technical competition. So if you basically consider motorsport betting, you can discover an interesting field for yourself with rallies.

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