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Best Nascar Betting Sites

A wide variety of Nascar betting sites allow you to bet on Nascar motor racing events, such as the Sprint Championship and other races in the Sprint Cup Series. Bettors can bet on ultimate outcomes of entire Nascar seasons, as well as the placement of drivers within individual races. When choosing a Nascar betting site, it’s important to select one with varied betting options, large bonuses, easily navigable software, responsive customer support and reliable banking options.

NASCAR betting is becoming more popular everyday and NASCAR is one of the fastest growing sports in America. Betting on NASCAR in Las Vegas has grown to record proportions. They have a race in Las Vegas every year and the NASCAR weekend is starting to rival New Year’s Eve and Rodeo weekend enthusiasm levels. With the growth of stock car racing comes the growth of NASCAR betting. Sportsbooks in Las Vegas and around the world are getting more involved with betting on NASCAR races and are offering more options for the bettor looking to bet on NASCAR.

When betting on these races you need to be ready for a lot of volatility. I have betting on NASCAR for many years and it has extreme highs and lows. This year the luck has ranged from losing a bet because of a pothole in the racetrack to winning a race because it finished under yellow. Betting on these races offers the bettor quite a few options so let’s go over the many things available.

When betting on NASCAR we first start with betting on who will win the race? An online gambling site will offer odds on each driver that range anywhere from 7-1 all the way up to 100-1 or more. The odds vary depending upon the racetrack and how each driver performs leading up to the race. Odds are adjusted after the drivers practice and qualify for each race. Usually one practice is held Friday afternoon, they then qualify, and then two practices are held Saturday.

Odds are adjusted mainly after the drivers qualify for starting position. Qualifying is held to determine where each driver will start the race. A good or bad qualifying effort can greatly affect the odds for each driver winning the race. The next NASCAR betting option offered by the sportsbooks is individual matchups. Each week matchups are put up listing one driver against another. Here is an example of what this will look like:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. -140
Jeff Gordon +110

In this example Dale Jr. is the favorite and Jeff Gordon is a slight underdog. You would need to place a $140 bet on Dale Jr. to win $100 whereas you can place a $100 bet on Jeff Gordon to win $110.

Wagering at Sportsbooks

Usually sportsbooks will offer anywhere from 5 to 10 matchups for each race. They are adjusted just like the race odds, after qualifying. Some other bets that are listed for NASCAR betting are number of cautions for the race, number of leaders, winning car manufacturer, winning car number, etc. I’ll take a look at how to start handicapping NASCAR and give you some tips how to profit from America’s fastest growing, and in some areas, most popular sport.

The first areas to really concentrate on when betting on NASCAR are qualifying and practice. I stated earlier that there are usually three practices in addition to qualifying. That gives us a good idea of what cars are fastest for the week and which cars are really struggling. If we take a composite and add together the results, we have an excellent starting place, and can make some very informed NASCAR wagers. Betting on who will win the race is difficult and it might be better to concentrate on the matchups. It just depends upon your bankroll and what you are looking to achieve. If you are looking at turning a small wager into a nice return then consider betting on someone to win the race.

Remember though that it is tough because only one driver can win. Matchups are somewhat better to concentrate on because we can narrow it down and really select a driver or two who we think will really have a good race. Let’s say we like Jeff Gordon this week and really think he has a shot to win. We can take him to win the race and we can also focus on finding matchups that he is involved in. Usually sportsbooks will always put up well known drivers like Gordon, Jr, Stewart, Kenseth, etc.

Look at the matchups carefully and find one where a driver you really like has qualified and practiced well. Then try and find your driver matched up against someone really struggling for the week. Those are the matchups to hit hard. Keep in mind though that racing is full of luck and occasionally all the hard work in the world will mean nothing if your driver crashes, an engine blows up, a tire goes down, or his pit crew messes up. Many things can go wrong in racing but it is a great opportunity because you have the advantage over the books. You have just as much or more information than the people setting the lines. You can research the matchups and get the qualifying, practices, notes, etc. Most sportsbooks do not go that in depth and you have the edge.

I have bet NASCAR for many years and have found that the matchups present the best opportunity for making money when betting on NASCAR. I love betting on who will win the race but it is so tough to make it worthwhile since only one person can win the race each week. NASCAR is great to watch and even better to bet. Take a good look at NASCAR betting and I think you will be pleased with your results.