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[source: John Scarne, “Scarne on Dice”]

New York Craps is a version of Bank Craps found in most illegal gambling houses in the eastern part of the United States and legal
casinos in the Bahamas, England, Yugoslavia and wherever gamblers
from eastern United States operate dice games. The big differences
between Bank Craps and New York Craps is that the New York dice
layout does not possess a Come and Don’t Come betting space and that
place betting is not permitted. Players are compelled to buy the box
numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10). In buying the boxes, the player is paid off
at correct odds, such as 6 to 5 on Six or Eight, 3 to 2 on Five or Nine,
and 2 to 1 on Four or Ten. However, for such services, the bank levies
a direct charge of 5% on the total sum of right money wagered; this
amounts to a charge of 25 cents on each $5 bet. For example, if you take
or lay $10 to $5 on a Four, the bank charges 25 cents for either bet.

New York Craps is played on a specially constructed dice table
that is similar to a Las Vegas or Bank Craps table. However, the table is
shaped somewhat different and the dealers are posted at each end of the
table. A stickman stands at the center of the table and the two boxmen
sit opposite the stickman. A Lookout, known as a ladderman, sits on a
stand high above the table.

Each dealer is supplied with a hundred or more quarters (twenty-
five cent pieces) Which are spread out on the table in front of him.
These quarters are used to help the dealer in taking his 5% charge of a
player’s box number bet or bets. There is one very peculiar fact about
the direct 5% vigorish charge: in most games, the bank’s favorable
percentage is greater than most players think, but the 5% vigorish
charge at New York Craps is less than nearly all crap players and most
casino operators suspect. Here are the correct percentages in favor of
the bank when the operators levy a 5 % vigorish charge:

RIGHT BETTOR PAYS 4.761+%, or about 25 cents, when taking $5 worth
of odds on any point or box number.

WRONG BETTOR PAYS 2.439+%, or about 12 cents, when laying odds of
$10 to $5 on point or box number 4 or 10.

3.225+%, or about 15 cents when laying odds of
$7.50 to $5 on point or box number 5 or 9.

4.000+%, or about 20 cents, when laying odds of
$6 to $5 on point or box number 6 or 8.


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