Who will be the next James Bond?

Who will be the next James Bond

James Norton as the new James Bond after Daniel Craig?

Update March 2020: Due to the corona virus, the film release of the current Bond film is postponed to November.

It is no longer a secret that the producers of the world-famous 007 series want to sign another Briton as the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. The favorite field of the most likely bond candidates has been reading the same for many months – with the exception of a few outliers up or down.

However, one of those outliers could actually become one: McMafia star James Norton is now so popular with bookmakers that his betting odds have not only dropped, but have been temporarily unavailable . Bookmaker William Hill, who has been tested by the betting base, currently has attractive odds.

Next James Bond – the odds of the favorites

  • James Norton: 3.25 @ William Hill
  • Sam Heughan: 4.50 @ William Hill
  • Michael Fassbender: 6.00 @ William Hill
  • Tom Hiddleston: 7.00 @William Hill
  • Richard Madden: 8.00 @ William Hill
  • Idris Elba: 9.00 @ William Hill
  • Jack Lowden: 11.00 @ William Hill
  • Tom Hardy: 15.00 @ William Hill
  • Henry Golding: 26.00 @ William Hill

(Betting odds from 04/29/2020 at 10:16 a.m.)

James Norton is said to have already negotiated

In August 2016, we reported for the first time that the 34-year-old Londoner entered the race for the coveted Bond successor as a realistic candidate. Just in time for the start of the new decade, the choice seems to have finally been made by Norton – at least according to the British tabloid “The Sun”.

The latter claims to have learned that there have already been numerous secret meetings between James Norton and the 007 producers. As a further indication of contract negotiations that are already well advanced, several script samples are said to have taken place.

According to the reports mentioned, James Norton had long been the target of film producer Barbara Broccoli & Co., but concrete negotiations had only begun four months ago.

We will get clarity at the earliest after the next James Bond film

All of this sounds like all the parties involved are just waiting until a corresponding contract is dry and the next James Bond after Daniel Craig can finally be announced in the summer – possibly in the form of multi-talent James Norton.

We will most likely not be able to expect an official announcement in the past; after all, “No Time To Die” has to be released in cinemas in April, the last Bond film with Craig in the lead role. If James Norton has already been confirmed as the new James Bond, we think an announcement in June or July this year is likely.

In any case, some time later, Norton spoke up and did not leave the tabloid responsible for the rumors. The British declared to the “Sunday Times”: “There is not a hint of truth in it. Except the journalists know more than I do. It’s bizarre and I’m very flattered to be considered, but otherwise? Pure speculation. “

So are the claims of “The Sun” really just hot air or is there a conscious calculation behind this statement by James Norton? We will see!

The name of James Bond No. 25 is known! (As of 28.08.2019)

Often comes unexpectedly – or late, as the fan community of the 007 series, which has become a British cultural heritage, had to experience it first-hand at the beginning of the year. Originally, the new blockbuster around the Womanizer launched by Ian Fleming was supposed to appear in October 2018 and confirm our speculations.

A change of director put a stop to this planning, so that the appearance of the highly anticipated agent flick was postponed to February 2019. A subsequent revision of the script was supposedly the reason for the next postponement, which brings us to April 2020 as the current release period.

Now there is at least a small drop of bitterness for the loyal fans of the world-famous 007 series. Although the film studio responsible is still largely silent, some new details about the next James Bond film have recently been released . What we currently know from the official side can be summarized as follows:

James Bond – No Time To Die Release Date & Info

  • Name of the 25th James Bond film: No Time To Die
  • Release DATE: April 3, 2020 in the UK, April 9, 2020 in Germany
  • Main actor: Daniel Craig
  • Well-known  supporting actors: Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch, Lea Seydoux
  • Director:  cary joji fukunaga
  • There has already been filming in Norway, London and the Italian city of Matera

Even if not much has changed in the available James Bond bets in the favorites field for the successor of Daniel Craig, there were at least some tasty details to report for the passionate 007 fans among us. Until James Bond’s German theatrical release – No Time To Die on April 9, 2020 , there is still a little time left – we can only hope that it will stay that way and that there will be no further postponement.

Cillian Murphy: from gang leader to 007 agent? (As of April 26, 2019)

Since, as is well known, Daniel Craig had decided not to give up his 007 tuxedo before the premiere of the 25th Bond film, it was quiet for a long time in the otherwise so busy bubbling Hollywood rumor mill about his successor. Now, as part of the still popular James Bond betting, the bookmakers have envisaged a new promising contender with their betting odds: the 42-year-old Irishman Cillian Murphy. The experienced actor, whose filmography began in 1997, is mainly known from the British BBC series “Peaky Blinders”. Murphy has embodied gang leader Tommy Shelby there since 2013. The acting talent was last seen on the big screen in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk”.

Despite his ongoing role as gang leader in Birmingham shortly after the end of the First World War, the 42-year-old may soon be faced with a change of scenery. If you believe the betting providers, Cillian Murphy, as the next James Bond after Daniel Craig, is an extremely promising candidate for betting. Betting odds of up to 3.25 are currently being offered for the tip that Murphy will inherit Craig, who has already grown to become the 007 icon, after the 25th Bond film.

Only Tom Hiddleston, according to the odds, has slightly better cards to be able to fill in these huge footsteps, after Daniel Craig will be admired as a secret service swarm in cinemas all over the world from April 9, 2020. Although Cillian Murphy’s current betting odds have dropped so rapidly within the range of James Bond bets on offer, we have doubts that the Irishman will actually succeed Craig. But who knows – maybe the team around producer Barbara Broccoli surprises us and confirms the surprisingly low odds of the Hollywood veteran.

Who will be the new James Bond? – Best odds *

  • James Norton: 3.25 @ William Hill
  • Sam Heughan: 4.50 @ William Hill
  • Michael Fassbender: 6.00 @ William Hill
  • Tom Hiddleston: 7.00 @William Hill
  • Richard Madden: 8.00 @ William Hill
  • Idris Elba: 9.00 @ William Hill
  • Jack Lowden: 11.00 @ William Hill
  • Tom Hardy: 15.00 @ William Hill
  • Henry Golding: 26.00 @ William Hill

(Betting odds from 04/29/2020 at 10:16 a.m.)

Idris Elba tweets herself to the biggest favorite! (As of 08/14/2018)

The 007 world is in turmoil and bookmakers’ odds for James Bond betting on Daniel Craig’s successor have seen the first drastic development in a long time! At the beginning of our analysis, we already highlighted that Pierce Brosnan, one of the most iconic bond actors of all time, vouched for Idris Elba’s great 007 potential years ago. Now Elba is taking action even more specifically than before and apparently implies that he shares his fellow actor’s view – the Avengers actor didn’t need more than six words for his vague but unerring message. “My name is Elba, Idris Elba,” the Brit announced on Twitter on Sunday.Anyone who has managed to evade any film trends within the past decades and still have seen this ominous tweet may even consider the hype surrounding the supposedly inconspicuous name to be questionable. At the sight of this uneasy tweet, the rest already sees a smart-looking Idris Elba in a 007 tuxedo in front of his inner eye, who, as the first black Bond of all time, confidently introduces himself on the big screen with the words: “My name is Bond, James Bond. “

Unlike the other trends and rumors of the previous months, even the bookmakers have remained unaffected by the clear allusion to the 45-year-old. While Idris Elba was recently able to play the favorites to succeed Daniel Craig as the next James Bond with odds of 7.00 , his betting odds have now dropped to 1.73 as a result of the notorious tweet!With a probability of success of less than 50% implied by the bookmakers, this is a considerable value – especially when you consider that Elba has dealt with the topic of James Bond several times in the past few years and the number of known and unknown potential competitors is huge . Although the filming of the last Bond film with Daniel Craig in the lead role has not even started, everyone is talking about the 007 series again through the possibly first black James Bond of the traditional agent franchise – but is the uproar justified?

It’s hard to believe, but despite all the excitement and the surprising development of betting odds, we’re still skeptical. On the one hand, there is definitely the possibility that Idris Elba wants to take the rumor mill around the next James Bond seriously by his deliberately provocative tweet – after all, in the past he has not only commented almost annoyed on the regular Bond questions . On the other hand, his age is another factor that does not necessarily speak for Idris Elba as the successor to Daniel Craig. We don’t expect the next 007 film without Craig to be released earlier than 2022. Since Elba turns 50 in September of that year, he would be the oldest at the start of his bond career compared to his predecessors.

“My name’s Elba, Idris Elba.”Idris Elba

A third point, which finally speaks against Idris Elba as Craig’s successor, is again a tweet in turn, which followed his previous allusion ten hours later, which even brought up the rumor spectacle in the first place – more precisely, there are even two separate ones Twitter outpourings, which, however, are supposed to give another provocative statement. Accompanied by a picture of the hip hop group Public Enemy, the British actor launched the phrase “Don’t believe the HYPE …” on the social media platform. Again, the quintessence of the rap quote is unmistakable – only the supposed connection to the bond topic is open and must be evaluated by each observer for himself. In any case, we are not yet completely satisfied with the cited hype, but we do not think the fueled speculation is completely unfounded. 

As we have reported several times, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli appears to be quite open to putting the first black James Bond on the screen after Daniel Craig or to starring a female actress. Nevertheless, we cannot recommend betting on Idris Elba as the next James Bond after Daniel Craig – odds of 1.73 are simply not profitable early enough to justify the risk of a bet, despite all the indications. after Daniel Craig to put the first black James Bond on the screen or to star a female actress. Nevertheless, we cannot recommend betting on Idris Elba as the next James Bond after Daniel Craig – odds of 1.73 are simply not profitable early enough to justify the risk of a bet, despite all the indications. after Daniel Craig to put the first black James Bond on the screen or to star a female actress. Nevertheless, we cannot recommend betting on Idris Elba as the next James Bond after Daniel Craig – odds of 1.73 are simply not profitable early enough to justify the risk of a bet, despite all the indications.

Tom Hardy back at the top of the favorites! (As of 02.08.2018)

Anyone who has followed the rumor mill around the future successor of Daniel Craig in the course of the first half of the year will have probably noticed that the speculations about 007 number 7 roam in numerous adventurous directions. While many long-established fans expect a conservative continuation of the Bond series after Craig and would even be amazed at Damian Lewis as the first red-haired James Bond, others expect a kind of 007 revolution after the next film, which may even include the very first female Bond actress heralds a new age of agents. As early as January, we reported that James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli fueled rumors of such a drastic development shortly before the New Year by stating that anything was possible in this regard.

As interesting as all these speculations of a stylistic reinvention of the traditional 007 icon may sound, one circumstance stands out here in particular: The betting providers are by no means impressed by the heated fan discussions and daring rumors about the main character of the 26th Bond film.Despite still wild speculation in the media landscape, bookmakers largely insist on the betting odds they already had at the beginning of the year for James Bond bets on Daniel Craig’s successor. The order of the actors in question has hardly changed in the odds; only the two biggest favorites on the prestigious Hollywood tuxedo still have a head-to-head race in which the leadership position is anything but set in stone. Although James Norton was recently considered the most promising Bond candidate for a longer period of time according to the betting odds of the betting providers, Tom Hardy has now pushed himself back to the top of the favorites with odds of 3.00. That there is new information about specific plans for Tom Hardy as Bond number 7, is currently unlikely. Rather, it can currently be assumed that the fluctuations in betting odds for the next James Bond are based on rather slight fluctuations in the number of bets placed on certain favorites.

Quota-technically, not much has changed in bookmakers’ betting offerings, contrary to the different speculations about Daniel Craig’s successor. Nevertheless, advocates of a 007 revolution should not give up hope and lose sight of supposedly unlikely Bond successors with high odds. Due to the release date of the last 007 flick with Craig in the leading role on November 8, 2019, we have to wait a few more years until we learn more about the subsequent release with a new Bond actor. On the other hand, Barbara Broccoli made it known that her vision of the 007 series is to always keep up with the times and to challenge social norms.

It remains to be seen whether the producer intends to achieve this through the selection of actors or with other means – nevertheless, given this creative attitude, it is conceivable that the next James Bond after Daniel Craig would be chosen by a completely unexpected candidate. Conversely, the fact that the “ravages of time” for Broccoli is such an important factor for the 007 films means that in the immediate run-up to the production of the 26th Bond film we will again be faced with entirely new prognostic conditions , which makes a tip extremely risky at this point. We will of course keep you up to date on current developments in betting and betting odds for the next James Bond after Daniel Craig!

James Bond after Daniel Craig in a completely new look? (As of January 10, 2018)

As we had learned almost half a year ago, the highly anticipated return of Daniel Craig as 007 charmer for the next agent film of the popular series has been certain for some time. However, it is also certain that Craig in the same blockbuster will finally be seen as James Bond on the big screen for the last time. This inevitably raises the big question for the agent thriller that follows: Who will be the new James Bond after Daniel Craig? There are still betting odds for speculative bets in this area. The odds available at William Hill, for example, were not limited to who will take over from Daniel Craig in the next 007 flick.

“These films usually reflect the current time, so we always try to push the boundaries a bit. Everything is possible. I’m currently very happy with Daniel Craig as James Bond. But who knows what the future will bring? “Barbara Broccoli

After there was no new information about the main character of the 26th 007 blockbuster in the wake of the hustle and bustle surrounding the announcement of James Bond film number 25, the rumor mill was recently re-fueled by Barbara Broccoli himself. The 57-year-old bond producer, whose father is responsible for the original acting incarnation of the novel agent, made some sensational suggestions in an interview. There the Hollywood producer was asked whether she could imagine a female or black James Bond.With her answer, Broccoli caused a lot of conversation among 007 lovers shortly before the New Year, because she immediately asserted that everything was possible. Furthermore, she said confidently that the world-famous film series is always up to date and accordingly often plays with the limits of common social norms.

Such a development would definitely be interesting. It remains to be seen whether the concurrent remark of the 57-year-old is actually a tangible indication of an upcoming bond revolution or just an exciting thought experiment. It is a fact, however, that Barbara Broccoli has previously campaigned for a comparable change within the 007 franchise. After the film character M, who is the direct superior of the skilful cocktail lover in the James Bond series, was played exclusively by men from 1962 to 1989, Barbara Broccoli brought about a daring change at that time: 1995 the role was first performed by Judi Dench with a female actress. M is now male again, but Dench embodied the 007 superior for at least 17 years.

Nevertheless, it is questionable whether Broccoli decides to take a comparable measure when choosing the main actor. After all, such a change in the type of the main character would be an extremely daring step due to the film universe that has been extensively established for years and the stringent premise of the novel, which could be displeased with die-hard fans. In 2012, Broccoli said on the subject that a female bond was a big challenge, but it might not be compatible with the bond universe.In any case, Barbara Broccoli’s interesting statement has not yet been reflected in the bookmakers’ betting odds. Idris Elba, for example, is still holding quotas of 7.00 and female contenders have also not yet shaken up the field of favorites. This is understandable, because considering the new bond strip that will only be available at the end of next year, it will most likely take a few more years until we find out more about Daniel Craig’s successor. Until then, look forward to the last 007 blockbuster with Craig in the lead role and hope that the Briton will end his impressive bond career with a worthy screen spectacle!

Now it is certain: Daniel Craig returns as James Bond! (As of August 17, 2017)

After there were solid indications in July that the 49-year-old cult actor Daniel Craig would once again honor himself as a secret agent with a penchant for fancy gadgets on a big screen, it has now been finally decided: in the 25th Bond strip he takes over British actor starring for the fifth time and slipping into the iconic 007 tuxedo. The rumors about the return of Daniel Craig, which were released by the American and British media a few weeks ago, were initially questioned by some skeptics, despite the alleged reliability.

“I always wanted that, but I needed a break.”Daniel Craig

After Craig’s visit to the US talk show “The Late Show” last Tuesday with host Stephen Colbert, one can hardly ask for a more official confirmation. When Colbert asked his high-profile guest early on in conversation about his supposed participation in the next Bond flick, Craig answered with a clear “yes”. The world-famous Brit also indicated that this step was safe months ago. In retrospect, Daniel Craig simply referred to his infamous pulse vein statement regarding another collaboration in a 007 film simply as “stupid”. As the acting star had indicated in recent years, the main reason for him was the grueling shooting of “Specter”. Due to the high level of stress and effort, the thought of another leading role as James Bond seemed almost unthinkable for a while. Meanwhile, Craig has regained his passion for the prestigious film role and is looking forward to the challenging challenge.

Long-standing and hotly debated speculations about the potential bond successor have finally come to an end. Many fans of the action-packed and elegant film series have certainly taken a stone off their hearts with the announcement by Daniel Craig. Interested betting fans, however, have to put up with a much delayed resolution of the question about Daniel Craig’s successor. Since the 25th edition of James Bond won’t be released in cinemas until November 2019, the next 007 film without Craig in the lead role is far away. Bet on this, of course, is still available at William Hill, of course. A timely unveiling of the future Craig successor is far from to be expected.

Forecast & betting base trend Who will be the new James Bond?

Given the number of suitable actors for the great role of the next James Bond after Daniel Craig, it is understandable that discussions on this topic are currently going in all possible directions. Do you want to base your selection on the predecessor or do you want to breathe new life into the popular film series despite its success? Should the new lead actor re-launch the original vision of Bond author Ian Fleming, who died in 1964, or promote the creation of a brand new James Bond?

A wide variety of criteria can be relevant when considering who should ultimately be made an offer for the coveted role. Both the type of previous acting experience as well as purely visual preferences could play a major role. It is very likely that the charisma of an actor, which is so characteristic of James Bond, is also an important indication whether he could be shortlisted.

Nevertheless, despite the tempting 1000 betting odds for this case, we would like to give a well-intentioned tip and note that we would unfortunately exclude Robert Lewandowski, even if we would very much like to see him advance from a footballer to a gifted secret agent in a suit.

On November 5, 2015, the 24th Bond adventure “Specter” celebrated its premiere in German cinemas. For the fourth time, 47-year-old Briton Daniel Craig takes on the leading role of James Bond. Previously, as the successor to Pierce Brosnan, he embodied the charming secret agent for the first time in the cult film “Casino Royale”, which was released in 2006, and despite the skepticism of many critics, he knew how to inspire with confidence. This was followed by two more Bond films starring Daniel Craig: “A Quantum of Consolation” in 2008 and “Skyfall”, the most successful Bond film of all time, in 2012. Although Craig has already worked for at least one other branch of the popular film series signed after “Specter”, there is already a lot of discussion about who will take over his successor in the future and when the new James Bond could follow in the great footsteps of the British, who is world famous for his role.

Without a doubt, it would be an honor for any actor to play the lead role in one of the Bond films known in almost all ages. With a gross profit of more than one billion US dollars, “Skyfall”, the last film with the skillful 007 agent, broke all records and demonstrated that the concept, which was popular 50 years ago, can still be convincing. But who can be considered for such an iconic role and is up to the task? There are many possible answers to this question and therefore there are an impressive number of conceivable candidates. Although it is therefore difficult to predict the exact selection of the next James Bond, based on the betting odds among the bookmakers, we do see some favorites that we will introduce in more detail below.

The favorites for the new James Bond

Tom Hiddleston surprisingly joins the top favorites (as of April 19, 2016)

tom hiddleston

For some time now, a top name has been kept among the top favorites, which was not heard very often in connection with the successor to Daniel Craig, which may soon be needed. Tom Hiddleston would have been a more than worthy James Bond since his grandiose appearance as ex-soldier Jonathan Pine in the new thriller series “The Night Manager”. The bookmakers’ odds also reflect this, because he can still maintain his favorite status. This is unlikely to change in the near future. The fact that Hiddleston is suddenly acted as vehemently as the possible next 007 agent is all the more understandable if you take a closer look at the character he embodies in “The Night Manager”. There he plays an extremely elegant-looking British spy. It is therefore hardly surprising that the transition from Tom Hiddleston’s night manager role to the iconic female hero in an agent suit is obvious to a large number of Bond fans.

“I’m a big fan of the series and if they ever knock on my door it would be an exceptional opportunity.”Tom Hiddleston

But what does the 35-year-old Brit say about the hotly discussed rumors? On the one hand, he describes himself as a great lover of the Bond series and, according to his own statements, has always been very taken with the widely popular style of successful films. For this reason, a leading role in the next 007 film would have a special appeal for the London-born actor. He would therefore most likely not reject an offer of this type, despite the challenges involved. On the other hand, however, Hiddleston also said that such requests or negotiations between the bond managers and him have not yet taken placewould have. This suggests that so far most rumors pointing towards Tom Hiddleston as the hot candidate for the new James Bond have been based almost exclusively on his appearance in “The Night Manager” and subsequent fan speculation.

These rumors are not necessarily unfounded, because when choosing a successor for such an iconic leading role, it can certainly be an advantage if potential candidates in the past have already successfully demonstrated their acting spectrum in similar roles. Nevertheless, one should not jump to conclusions here and exercise caution when betting on Tom Hiddleston, as the rumors at this time are based more on his increased popularity than on indications of any kind from the official side. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the likeable Brit in the Night Manager thriller has brilliantly shown how suitable he would actually be for the much sought-after 007 suit.

Tom Hardy
film and theater actor from England
The British actor Tom Hardy was born in London in 1977 and had his international breakthrough when he played villain Shinzon in 2002 in “Startrek: Nemesis”. In 2010 he also played the role of Eames in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster “Inception”. Although many would not necessarily recognize him from it, the intimidating masked villain Bane in the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises”, released in 2012, is one of his most famous roles. Most recently, Tom Hardy starred in the latest film in the popular Mad Max series last year and has been considered one of the favorites for the new James Bond for several years .

When asked directly about the rumors of his future takeover of the Bond role, Hardy gave no clues as to whether he had actually received offers in this direction, but he would be ready for this role. The better-known of his previously played film characters don’t have much in common with the iconic character of James Bond, but he has shown enough times that he is multifaceted enough to detach himself from his previous image of the Bane and to transform himself into the elegant secret agent. So we see the rumors that have been around for a long time as not being absurd and give Tom Hardy a good chance of being the next person to embody James Bond after Daniel Craig.

Idris Elba
Actor, film producer and musician from England
43-year-old Idris Elba comes from London and was mainly known for his role as drug dealer Russel Bell in the American hit series “The Wire”, which debuted in 2002. The talented Briton not only played important roles in numerous successful films such as “Pacific Rim”, “Thor” or “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, he is also a passionate musician and has already released several recordings; including an album released in 2014.

“Idris Elba would make a good bond.”Pierce Brosnan

When it comes to the discussion about a possible successor to Daniel Craig for the role of James Bond, Elba has also been seen as a favorite for some time. Even the former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was obviously talking about seeing Idris Elba as a suitable candidate,to take the lead in the 007 film series at some point. Although he is an excellent actor and no doubt would have no problem in playing the casual noble agent convincingly, he himself said half a year ago that there had been no talks with the producers and the rumors had so far only been about Speculations act. In addition, it is not even certain if he would take on the role of James Bond if he got such an offer. Therefore we would not bet on Idris Elba.

Damian Lewis
actor from England

Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis was born in London in February 1971 and graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1993. Since then, he has appeared in numerous films, including the Stephen King film adaptation “Dreamcatcher” in 2007 and “Romeo & Juliet” in 2013. However, he is best known for his role in the extremely popular US series “Homeland”, for which he received both an Emmy and a Golden Globe. He confidently plays the figure Nicholas Brody and embodies the sergeant with an authenticity that is second to none.

When Daniel Craig thought about quitting the role of James Bond at times after “Skyfall”, the name Damian Lewis fell in the discussions about possible successors. He quickly became a favorite for the coveted leading role and not without reason. Lewis would not only bring the necessary charisma. In terms of elegance, no one can fool him so quickly and he has already sufficiently demonstrated his acting class in “Homeland”. We too can very well imagine Damian Lewis as James Bond and think that he has considerable prospects of being shortlisted for Daniel Craig’s successors.

Richard Armitage
Theater and film actor from England
Although the 44-year-old from Leicester is not necessarily the favorite in every discussion for likely Bond successors, the voices that Richard Armitage would like to see as secret agents in the future have recently become increasingly louder. Most of his newer films can be assigned to the genre Fantasy, but his numerous series appearances indicate that he can also shine in other areas. In 2015, his appearances in several episodes of the American series “Hannibal” showed this all too clearly.

In addition, Armitage would make a completely convincing Womanizer in the role of James Bond. Admittedly, Daniel Craig to Richard Armitage would probably need a big step in getting used to it, but many couldn’t imagine Craig as a new bond after Pierce Brosnan. We can understand that Armitage is currently becoming increasingly relevant in the speculation about the next 007 agent, but in our view this is not enough to bet on him.

Henry Cavill
Actor from Great Britain
The British, born in 1983, missed out on a number of major roles. Among other things, he not only got almost the role of Cedric in the Harry Potter film series, he almost played as Edward on “Twilight”. One might think that this selection does not qualify him to play a James Bond. But he actually got almost the role of Bond in “Casino Royale” when he auditioned for it. Finally it decided between him and Daniel Craig. We know the result of this decision only too well.

However, he was seriously considered as a cast for the lead role, and rightly so. It’s no shame that he couldn’t win the race in the end. He was only 22 at the time. Therefore, it is likely that he was simply too young at the time for the role of James Bond. This should of course no longer be an obstacle and Henry Cavill has certainly not lost his acting talent over time. He has also said in the past that he would like to play the leading role in a Bond film.

“No new Superman film has been announced yet, but that could well happen. That would mean a whole year for me. “Henry CavillHowever, he is also known as Superman of the “Man of Steel” released in 2013. If another Superman film were to be announced in the near future, Cavill’s lack of time could well put a spanner in the works, so in such a case he might not even be able to play James Bond if he got the offer. For this reason, despite its promising characteristics and the betting odds pointing in its direction, we would rather not place a bet on Henry Cavill.

Current rumors (as of February 17, 2016)

Since the premiere of the latest James Bond film “Specter”, the rumor mill about the possible successor to actor Daniel Craig has been bubbling more violently than ever. Even if no one really knows who will ultimately receive this honor and whether Craig will actually be seen again as a quick-witted 007 agent on the screen, countless more or less reliable speculations still appear. However, one thing is certain: Sony producers have already said several times that they will continue to try to win the coveted Daniel Craig for another bond flick. So it stands to reason that the ultimate decision to return as a secret agent with a preference for shaken cocktails and graceful women ultimately lies with Craig himself.

Even before the appearance of “Specter” in an interview with a British magazine, however, he said that he would rather “cut his wrists” than slip into the role of James Bond again. In addition, major rumors came out of the English tabloid “The Sun” that Daniel Craig would probably not embody the skillful agent again. The rumors are based on the fact that Craig will appear to be part of the already planned TV series “Purity”, which is based on Jonathan Franzen’s novel “Innocence”. Such a series commitment could in fact make it considerably more difficult for the popular actor to film a new 007 film.

“I have the right to change my mind at any time.”Daniel Craig

It’s fairly safe to assume that Daniel Craig was really committed to this series, but the rumors spread by “The Sun” that Craig is almost certain to reject another James Bond flick are cautious to enjoy. The popular tabloid is a kind of equivalent to our kiosk newspaper known in Germany, which is also mainly intended for entertainment. Reliable sources are not always the basis of such statements. In addition, a role in “Purity” would not inevitably mean that the current Bond actor would definitely not make another film in the series, even if this does not necessarily make his return more likely. Come in addition, that Daniel Craig has become a lot more positive about his role as James Bond since his infamous hard pulse artery statement. In addition, according to his own statement, even in times of “Skyfall”, he seriously considered giving up the agent suit in a similar way, but then continued anyway.

But what about potential successors regarding the rumor mill at the moment? Basically not much has changed in terms of the favorites listed, but with the British series star James Norton , who is mainly known for his role in “War and Peace”, has a new potential candidateenter the ring. The betting odds don’t reflect this yet, because you can’t bet on the 30-year-old English actor yet. However, various rumors have recently been circulating that his chances for the coveted position are not bad. In the still relatively new series “War and Peace” he skilfully embodies a prince, but would he also play the role of a casual secret agent? We could imagine him as a new James Bond with a short familiarization phase, but still see Damian Lewis and Co. as clear favorites. Nevertheless, it might be worth keeping your eyes and ears open in this direction.

With Aidan Turner, the number of favorites increases again (as of June 19, 2016)

After rumors of Tom Hiddleston as Craig’s successor have recently intensified due to his recently public relationship with Taylor Swift, a 33-year-old hobbit star Aidan Turner suddenly comes to the fore .

There are several reasons why the likeable actor from Ireland has suddenly become a favorite: In addition to his generally relatively high profile as the dwarf “Kili” in “The Hobbit”, he has also joined the currently very popular British BBC series “Poldark” Made names. In addition, rumors have recently been circulated with caution by the controversial tabloid “The Sun” that allegedly there have been talks between Aidan Turner and the bond producers. Another key reason for Turner’s new favorite status is the fact that there has recently been a rapid increase in betting on the Irish as the next 007 agent, which has caused his betting odds to decrease significantly in response.

Tom Hiddleston, too, continues to remain among the actors most frequently cited as possible 007 successors due to the fact that he is still largely devoted to the public His supposed love affairs with Taylor Swift only reinforce this fact, although admittedly his private life may not have much to do with the much sought-after Bond role according to Daniel Craig at first glance. However, there is widespread speculation that the next James Bond will be played by an actor who is as world famous as possible. So it probably doesn’t hurt Hiddleston to remain in public conversation – albeit through reports that are rather insignificant for purely film-interested readers.

However, it is still too early to say exactly how meaningful these new developments are in the end. After all, it has been observed several times over the past few months how much even a small surge in the rumor mill can influence the favorites. Therefore, it might be advisable not to jump to conclusions and not to lose sight of other possible bond candidates in addition to the currently most hotly discussed candidates Aidan Turner and Tom Hiddleston.

James Norton tops the list of favorites (as of 08/07/2016)

The rumor mill around the successor to Bond star Daniel Craig continues to tirelessly and again a new potential candidate for the coveted role has secured the position of favorite. Who will ultimately become the new James Bond is still as unclear as before, but at least in the hearts of bookmakers, apparently a new hot contender has sneaked into the elegant 007 tuxedo.

The likeable and war-peace actor James Norton, who was born in London, is surprisingly the latest favorite for the lead role in the next Bond film. As an educated swarm of women who also knows how to perform first-class acting, it is easy to see why many see him as ideal for the post. But what has changed in the past few months? Why is Norton so suddenly topping the list of possible 007 successors?

Especially after Aidan Turner recently appeared on the field as such a convincing favorite, such a rapid new development of the events seems a bit strange. The main reason for this seems to be that Turner recently signed a new season for the TV series “Poldark”. This doesn’t make him a candidate for the new bond, but it makes it extremely likely that the shooting of “Poldark” could conflict with the production of the next 007 film. However, the new “Poldark” season will be shot this year. However, since the next film about agent James Bond is only scheduled for the second half of 2018, Turner cannot be excluded with certainty here either.

Overall, the current development shows once again how vulnerable the favorites around the new Bond role can be to rumors. There is no doubt that from time to time these rumors can be used to obtain useful information that can be used to assess the current situation somewhat more easily, but the knowledge gained from this should always be used with caution. In addition, Daniel Craig has already said in the past that in all likelihood he does not want to slip into the elegant bond suit again, but he has not officially rejected the role in theory.

Nevertheless, we are extremely excited about the further course of negotiations for the role of the next James Bond and will continue to monitor the events closely. Maybe one or the other interesting contender will join the current favorites in the next few months.

Jamie Bell as a new insider tip? (As of 01.09.2016)

There is still a lot of debate about who will eventually replace Daniel Craig as the new James Bond in the foreseeable future, and lately British actor Jamie Bell in particular has been stirring up the speculation rounds. Although the 30-year-old is primarily remembered as a child star who started his acting career at a young age, he most recently appeared on the big screen in 2015 in the blockbuster “Fantastic Four”.

The rumors surrounding Jamie Bell were initially perceived with a certain degree of skepticism in view of the frequently changing favorites list, but have recently become increasingly firm. At this point, this is still reflected to a limited extent in the development of the betting odds, but Bell’s rate has already been reduced. In addition, it is no longer a secret that the number of film lovers who can imagine the relatively young actor from England very well in the role of James Bond is steadily increasing.

The growing attention that is currently being given to the British regarding a possible bond successor is due to the fact that several sources want to know about one or the other conversation between Jamie Bell and the producers of the 007 series . Producer and franchise manager Barbara Broccoli in particular is said to have kept an eye on the British actor for a long time. It is therefore hardly surprising that Bell is not necessarily the most unlikely candidate to embody the female hero in the agent suit next, according to Daniel Craig. In terms of time, it would also be conceivable that the Briton could, in the case of a corresponding offer, take the step to commit to the main role in several parts of the 007 series.

Still, it is still not really certain that Craig is in fact in the mood to change his mind about his aversion to further Bond flicks with him in the lead role. However, he is said to have already rejected an extremely handsome deal in this regard. As a result, it is still conceivable that we will not see him again in 007 tuxedo on the screen. In addition, the decision about Jamie Bell’s possible successor is likely to drag on anyway. However, it would be interesting to develop from the main character in “Tintin” to the casual secret agent in the next Bond flick.

All in all, it is therefore advisable not only to keep a certain amount of skepticism about the Bell rumors, but also not to lose sight of its strong competitors. In addition, it might be wise to continue to look for new possible favorites that have not yet entered the field in terms of quotas, but may surprisingly push themselves to the top of the favorites list. Nevertheless, Jamie Bell could currently be a plausible insider tip due to the alleged talks with the bond producers, which can also come up with an attractive betting rate.

Jack Huston surprisingly expands the list of favorites (as of January 15th, 2017)

Although the favorite field in terms of betting odds has remained relatively constant in recent months, the odds of a possible candidate in particular fluctuated: Jack Huston. Some time ago, after a surprisingly high number of bets on the 34-year-old Briton, the bookmakers saw him temporarily as one of the top favorites for the lead role in the next Bond flick. This development was quite surprising, because at the beginning of the speculation about the next James Bond, not many of his names were on the list. It is still unclear what exactly triggered this change, but Huston has still not completely disappeared from the list of favorite actors. In the meantime, his favorite status has declined somewhat.

Nevertheless, he is currently at the top of the most likely Bond successors together with James Norton, Aidan Turner and Tom Hardy with a betting rate of 6.00. It is not currently known whether the “Boardwalk Empire” star would be willing to follow in the footsteps of Daniel Craig. Nonetheless, it does not appear that current plans for other major projects will discourage him from accepting an offer. It is also difficult to imagine that Jack Huston would refuse such an important opportunity. Therefore, it is advisable to continue to consider him a promising candidate, but rumors about enjoying it with caution.

However, changes in the favorites field at the moment are not the only topic of discussions about the successor of the 007 agent of the last four films. Quite a few people still have hopes that Daniel Craig will experience a change of heart and yet again stand in front of the camera as a charming secret agent. His fans are far from the only ones who would be extremely happy with this decision. The responsible bond producers have been trying to lure the 48-year-old with impressive offers since the start of planning for the next 007 release. The panic of the MGM film studio is easy to understand in view of the filming that is likely to come closer and closer. His acceptance or refusal also plays a role in whether Sony Pictures will again help fund the film. So far, the rather one-sided negotiations have failed.

The fact that Craig previously claimed that he would rather cut his wrists instead of playing in another bond strip is hardly a good sign. So why are both die-hard fans of the iconic agent films and the producers concerned still hoping for the return of the popular British actor? The main reason for this is in all likelihood that Daniel Craig himself is still silent. Despite his comment on the pulse vein at the time, he has not yet spoken in favor of or against another Bond lead role.The hopes in this regard were finally reignited when Craig later described his embodiment of James Bond as hard, but nevertheless as the best job in the world. Accordingly, it is obvious that the Brit has at least not completely written off this possibility and deliberately keeps a surprising return open. However, we do not consider such a drastic change of opinion to be very likely. Despite everything, Daniel Craig should not be completely forgotten when considering betting on possible secret favorites like Jack Huston, even if his previous attitude to this topic does not necessarily leave much room for optimism.

Tom Hardy: from Batman villain to Bond celebrity? (As of June 28, 2017)

At the beginning of the speculation about the next James Bond, we had good chances for Craig’s successor that London acting icon Tom Hardy. After he was already among the favorites at the time, he has now fought his way to the top of the most hotly discussed candidates as part of a steady development. With betting odds of 4.50, the bookmakers Hardy attest among his numerous competitors the best chances to go after Daniel Craig as a 007 agent to hunt criminals.Some may find it difficult to imagine someone in the role of James Bond who fought the dark superhero Batman five years ago as an intimidating bane. However, anyone who takes a closer look at Tom Hardy’s acting career will quickly notice how changeable the 39-year-old is today.

Even if you only restrict yourself to the roles of the past few years, the great diversity of the gifted actor is more than clear: In “The Revenant – The Return” he was an integral part of the film, the Leonardo DiCaprio finally his long-awaited first Oscar brought in. As the protagonist of the last offshoot of the iconic Mad Max series “Mad Max: Fury Road”, he excelled in a post-apocalyptic action setting. Most recently, Tom Hardy gained additional popularity through his leading role in the British drama series “Taboo”, which started on January 7, 2017.

There are still great mysteries surrounding the next James Bond after Daniel Craig, but it is certain that Tom Hardy would be willing to play a 007 role. He emphasized this again at the beginning of the year when rumors hardened that popular director and film producer Christopher Nolan, along with his film production company Syncopy Films, could be responsible for the production of the next Bond film. Hardy says he is excited about the idea of ​​working with Nolan again in a film project as prestigious as James Bond. This is not a surprise, because in the past Tom Hardy has repeatedly said how positively he remembers his experience with Christopher Nolan, which he made while filming “Inception” and “The Dark Knight Rises”. Most recently, Nolan inspired film fans worldwide through the 2014 blockbuster “Interstellar”. His next project is already in the starting blocks: In the summer of this year, the historic action film “Dunkirk” will be released in cinemas and will also feature new works by the legendary German film composer Hans Zimmer.

It is difficult to say whether Tom Hardy’s now clear favorite role among potential Bond successors can be described as justified. If Nolan were actually responsible for directing the next 007 spin-off, that would at least increase Hardy’s chances– provided Daniel Craig doesn’t slip into the iconic agent tux again. In terms of acting, we at Tom Hardy see no problems in taking on the demanding job of the next murderous charmer in the 007 universe. He likes to act on the big screen on the side that is not in compliance with the law, but especially in a team with his old companion Christopher Nolan he would easily be able to change his acting again. However, we are cautious about speculations of this kind and advise you to keep an eye on the developments in this regard with regard to supposed bets.

Surprising turn: Daniel Craig probably as the new old James Bond! (As of 07/27/2017)

Although it looked like a fifth appearance by Daniel Craig as James Bond was unthinkable for a long time, the tide has apparently changed dramatically in this regard, at least according to the New York Times. Initially, after filming the last 007 blockbuster “Specter”, Craig found clear words: “I would rather cut my wrists than play this role again,” he told a British magazine. It is therefore understandable that this harsh statement triggered controversy on the one hand and caused numerous speculations on the next possible Bond actor on the other.

In the meantime, the 49-year-old Brit has relativized his statement at the time and justified it with stress-related fatigue. Although he had a few positive words for his time as a charming cocktail connoisseur, he never decided whether he would be available for bond number 25. He even went so far as to say that he would play James Bond one more time just for the money, since the filming of the cult film involves extreme physical and mental strain.

After almost no information about the next 007 film was released to the public in the last few years after the release of “Specter” in 2015, there are finally tangible clues to the general conditions of the subsequent bond release. At the beginning of this week, the production companies Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Eon Productions announced that the next James Bond film would be released on November 8, 2019 in the US cinemas – at least this information is based on statements from the official side.

On the other hand, it becomes more speculative in a report recently published by the New York Times, which provides two further highly interesting information about the new Bond spectacle: On the one hand, 007 producer Barbara Broccoli is allegedly certain that Adele will sing the next theme song for the film . The 29-year-old singer has already won an Oscar, BRIT Award and Golden Globe with her song for “Skyfall”. On the other hand, the American newspaper claims to have learned from two reliable insider sources that Daniel Craig will once again slip into the prestigious cult role of the most famous secret agent in the world. Barbara Broccoli has now finally managed to persuade the exceptional British actor to play his fifth leading role as James Bond.

The direction of the 25th Bond edition on the big screen is still completely open. However, screenwriters Robert Wade and Neal Purvis, who were also involved in the last six 007 screenplays, have already confirmed their renewed collaboration. Both the long-awaited official announcement of the next James Bond and the supposed renewed participation of fan favorite Daniel Craig is of course good news for the world-famous film series. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that only the date of the theatrical release comes from official announcements – the production companies responsible did not yet want to comment on the New York Times report. Nevertheless, there is much to suggest at the present timeAccordingly, we can look forward to the fifth performance of Daniel Craig as James Bond in November 2019.

Key facts – who will be the new James Bond?

  • Henry Cavill had almost become the new James Bond before
  • The current Bond actor Daniel Craig is 47 years old
  • Damian Lewis would be the first red-haired James Bond in the series

Thanks to his outstanding acting skills, Idris Elba would be a very suitable candidate for the next cast of James Bond and Henry Cavill demonstrated in his audition to “Casino Royale” ten years ago that he could play the adventurous agent with flying colors. Richard Armitage also has many advocates for Bond’s successor.

Nevertheless, from our point of view the two British Damian Lewis and Tom Hardy emerged as favorites for the next leading role after Daniel Craig. In addition to his rather brutal portrayal of the Bane from “The Dark Knight Rises”, Hardy convinced in various roles of other kinds and in no way lacks the elegance necessary for a James Bond, even if some might think so. Lewis finally made his incredible talent as an actor finally clear in the US series “Homeland” and showed a diversity that would be in good hands in the Bond series.

It is not for nothing that he has received multiple awards for his credible performance and we also think Damian Lewis is a genius in acting. One might think his age of 44 would be an obstacle to being shortlisted, but the current James Bond is already 47 years old and is still under contract for at least one more Bond film after the upcoming “Specter”. Although we think Henry Cavill should be kept in mind despite his time constraints, we would bet on Damian Lewis as the next James Bond.

Best betting odds * for Who will be the new James Bond?

  • James Norton: 3.25 @ William Hill
  • Sam Heughan: 4.50 @ William Hill
  • Michael Fassbender: 6.00 @ William Hill
  • Tom Hiddleston: 7.00 @William Hill
  • Richard Madden: 8.00 @ William Hill
  • Idris Elba: 9.00 @ William Hill
  • Jack Lowden: 11.00 @ William Hill
  • Tom Hardy: 15.00 @ William Hill
  • Henry Golding: 26.00 @ William Hill

(Betting odds from 04/29/2020 at 10:16 a.m.)

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