Best NFL Betting Sites 2020

Best NFL Betting Sites 2020

The NFL is the National Football League. It is not only the highest football division in the USA, but also the strongest network of teams worldwide and therefore also internationally popular. Each season, 32 teams compete for the title, which culminates in the Super Bowl every year, the largest single sporting event in the world. The finale is so popular that the day is considered an unofficial holiday in the United States. Most bookmakers always have a good deal on the NFL, which of course is related to popularity. As the strongest league in the world, it’s especially fun to use NFL betting. Live betting can also be attractive, especially if you can also follow the games live.

NFL Betting Sites

Out of all of the different sports that you have the option of betting on out there, probably the most popular (for American bettors at least) has to be football. Football betting adds another level of excitement to the weekends, and also through the weeks.  You are going to find that there are full slates of games throughout the entire weekend during football season, and that there are games scattered throughout the week as well.  With all of this being said, there are many different types of betting options for NFL bettors, and with so many games and options out there it’s important to know exactly what to expect and how to make some serious money betting on football.  First, we will look at the recommended NFL betting sites.

NFL Football Betting History & Stats

The National Football League (NFL) is the undisputed champion of sports betting in the USh marketplace. Pro football betting draws more money than any other sport, and the annual Superbowl game is the biggest single annual sporting event among US facing books and second only to the soccer Champions League final worldwide. Pro football betting is such a ubiquitous part of American popular culture that pointspreads have become part of the common lexicon and are discussed by people who have never placed a bet in their lives. In Nevada, the significance of NFL betting is staggering—approximately 40% of all sports betting action written in the Silver State is wagered on the NFL and the Super Bowl by far is the biggest single betting event in the state.

The current version of the NFL dates back to 1922 when the eleven team American Professional Football Association changed its name to the National Football League. A merger with the rival American Football League (AFL) was finalized in 1970, and the league started to resemble the current day incarnation. A number of expansion teams have been added during the past four decades taking the NFL to a total of thirty-two teams divided into two conferences — the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC).

The NFL regular season begins in early September and runs through the first week of January with each team playing 16 games. The playoffs begin the following week, culminating in the Super Bowl one month later. Sports betting enthusiasts anxious to get an early start can bet on NFL preseason games, which begin in early August. Preseason games can be tricky to handicap, but are an increasingly popular betting event. At one point they were considered ‘easy pickings’ by sharp NFL betting experts but the linemakers have caught up to the ‘wise guys’ and the lines for exhibition NFL games are much tighter than they used to be. Even NFL preseason totals are becoming much more accurate, a testimony to the expertise and professionalism of the bookmaking community.

Pointspread bets are by far the most popular way to bet on NFL games, with players backing a favorite that must win by a certain number of points or the underdog who must win outright or lose by less than that same number. Another popular bet type is the over/under wager on NFL totals, where bettors can predict whether the combined points scored by both teams will go over or under a predetermined number.

In recent years, the growth of technology in the sports betting marketplace has greatly enhanced the popularity of the ‘in running’ bet. In Nevada, Cantor Gaming—a division of worldwide financial market giant Cantor Fitzgerald—has revolutionized a staid industry with their promotion of in-play betting which allows bettors to not only bet the game throughout the contest at odds that are continually updated due to in-game activity, but allows players to wager on the outcome of every play. This type of betting has become very popular with professional and recreational players alike, and other sports books in Nevada and offshore have rushed to get in on the action.

Another popular form of NFL football betting is the ‘teaser’ wager. This type of bet allows the player to modify the pointspread/total by a certain number of points (eg: 7, 8 or 9 points). Thus a -10 favorite can be ‘teased’ to a -3 favorite. The catch is that the player must ‘tease’ at least two games and win them both for the bet to cash. Furthermore, the bet requires the player to lay a minus (favorite) moneyline, usually -120. By contrast, a parlay with the same number of teams will pay back at ‘plus money’. There’s considerable debate on the desirability of playing teasers. Some ‘sharp’ players suggest that it can be a very valuable weapon in trained hands, while others suggesting that the teaser is the province of ‘squares’ and a virtual ‘sucker bet’.

The distant cousin to the teaser bet, the parlay is a popular form of not only NFL betting but in all betting sports. The player can parlay a number of propositions into a single bet with a payout that increases by the number of betting interests. For example, two team parlays typically pay out at 13/5, 3 team parlays at 6/1 and so forth. Typically, the eight team parlay is the maximum allowed though some books will accept bets for bigger ones. An eight team parlay pays at odds of 150/1 at most sports books.
Some sports books also offer a wide range of contests on NFL football. In Las Vegas, the most famous of these is the Hilton Super Contest where players pony up a $1,500 entry fee to select five NFL sides a week against the spread. The winner of the contest will pocket over a quarter million dollars. Other contests are free to enter with lower prices or are single game contests similar to office pools.

NFL live betting

American football games are characterized by a very special dynamic. On the one hand, it’s a tough fight, in which you just have to walk every meter. On the other hand, the games are mainly tactical. The moves can decide whether to win or lose. Football is a perfect sport for the enjoyment of team sports where strategies are important. Of course, it is also a lot of fun to watch the games live. These games get their special spice when NFL live bets are also submitted. They are not always offered by all betting providers, but the NFL is so popular that there is usually a good betting offer. The playoffs in particular can offer a lot.

Advantages of NFL betting

Sports betting can basically be applied to all sports and games, but it is only really fun when the level is high. This also has special advantages, since the level increases the probabilities, because chance decides the games less often. Of course, this cannot be completely ruled out, especially when teams play at the same level. The NFL simply offers all possibilities for exciting sports betting. There are exciting matches, an interesting season and, above all, good opportunities to find out about the games.

Good chances with NFL betting

When it comes to American football, you simply cannot avoid the NFL. In this respect, it is simply the measure of all things, which of course is due to the long tradition on the one hand, but also the large sums of money that are dealt with here. The NFL offers several very strong games every season in which everything is possible. A game can spin in a few minutes. Especially when it comes to the end of the season, it is all the more exciting. So the NFL offers plenty of good opportunities to bet on. This is ideal for customers with betting sites, even if you don’t have a lot to do with the sport.

Lots of information about the NFL

The success of NFL betting is no accident. Like a coach, you just have to prepare for the next game and use as much information as possible. The more information you have on hand, the better you can make a forecast. Of course there is never a 100% guarantee, but it makes a difference whether you can roughly assess the strengths of the teams or flip a coin before the tip. The advantage of the NFL is that there is a lot of information about it. The Internet offers all the options to follow the games, get information and look at statistics.

Different types of bets on the NFL

In the NFL you can bet on a lot of games. Even if there are not so many football bets among the betting sites, the NFL is always well represented. This is due to the strength and popularity of the league, which cannot be compared to any other in the world. However, this not only ensures that there is basically a wide range of bets on offer, but also that a lot is offered in depth. Different types of bets can be found on many games, especially when the Super Bowl is coming up, it is often a real pleasure from a sports betting perspective. Of course, this basically applies to all NFL games in which the strong and very popular teams meet.

Football Betting and Weather

Serious weather conditions will impact upon football betting results – and just because the result came out the way you predicted, doesn’t mean the weather didn’t have an effect!

Bad weather can very often help an underdog by creating a more ‘level playing field’. Let’s face it – if a poor team are languishing at the bottom of the NFL and are coming up againt a top team – hot on offense and defense – then a bit of rain and mud can only help the underdog’s cause.

It is also generally considered that football total scores will also be lower in wet, cold, muddy, conditions. Teams tend to keep things ‘tighter’ by running the ball more and making shorter plays rather than risk a long ball downfield in driving rain.

But in every case where you think weather may be a factor – remember that there is a big difference between a bad forecast and the forecast bad weather actually arriving over the field of play. Also make sure you know which teams are playing in domes where weather conditions will have no effect!

There is nothing new in the assumption that football teams from the sun such as Miami or Tampa face a tougher test when they travel northwards for mid-winter games. The opposite is also most likely true in that teams comfortable in freezing conditions struggle in extreme heat. But make sure you keep an eye on motivational factors – if for example Miami were humiliated on their own turf by the Patriots – you may find that the Dolphins might put up a better fight than expected if they met later in the season in cold New England. One thing teams do have in the NFL is pride.

To summarise, if you feel extreme weather is likely to threaten – work out the likelihood of that extreme weather actually occurring, analyse the team and their style of play and decide if you want to back them or oppose them in the forecast condtions, decide which betting market holds the value i.e pointspread, totals, moneyline, then get down on the line at the opportune moment before other bettors. You can pick up serious value.

Football Betting Tips

The most important betting tip that I can give for football betting and any other type of betting is to never over bet based on the size of your bankroll.  This is standard betting strategy and money management of course, but it’s still crucial.  Also, with a sport like football there are many things that you should be factoring in such as home field advantage, records against the spread, how teams play against each other, injuries, and much more.  With that being said, taking the time to do the research that is needed to get all of the information is important as well.  Just read up on the games and look for the best possible angles before you get a final bet down, and this will make it so that you are a consistently profitable football bettor.

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