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Best Politics Betting Sites

Best Politics Betting Sites

Welcome to the political betting section of our UK betting blog. Unlike most British political blogs, news publications and TV stations you’ll only find non-partisan political views here. This is because all we care about is the best political betting odds. We will not even be promoting a particular betting site, as all that’s important to us is which company offers the highest odds, be it Ladbrokes, William Hill, betfair etc.

Political Betting Markets

As you have no doubt guessed our focus is on finding political betting opportunities. Sportsbooks and betting exchanges offer many different markets and novelty bets on most political events, ranging from General and By-election odds, next party leader, London Mayor Race and (although only marginally linked to the UK) American Presidential Elections.

Most Political bets will be placed on outright betting markets such as winner of the next General election; this is because that’s all that’s generally offered for most political events. But this can change vastly depending on the magnitude and public interest of the event. Once an issue has captured the imagination of the British public bookies will be fast to offer a selection of other bets.

Two-way bets are also favourites for bets on politics, in referendums you obviously have the basic yes/no outcomes, for many outright markets you can break it down to gender of the winner giving a very punter friendly two-way bet. Then there is the win/lose markets and the very popular over/under bets. This could be on voter turnout, number of seats won and even percentage of votes won.

Then of course you have the fun bets, what colour tie will a politician wear, who will say a particular word or phrase first in a political TV debate or even which speaker will get the largest cheer at a political conference.

Political betting odds

Political betting is big business and as alluded to early, it is always best to get the top price offered by bookmakers or betting exchanges. To make this easier we have added a “political best betting odds feed” to every one of our articles pertaining to politics. On your desktop or laptop you can find this on the right hand sidebar of each post and on tablet or mobile it is available at the bottom of each post.

This is a great live odds comparison tool that checks the odds on the major UK facing betting sites, and then compares them to see which firm has the highest odds and displays this information for you in a simple table. We recommend you always take this best price, even if it’s a pain signing up to several new bookmakers, because not only is a £100 bet on a 22 shot instead of 25 a difference of £300 in your pay-out, but opening new accounts normally results in getting signup bonuses and other best price promotions offered via email.

Political betting advice

Our political betting advice is just that. Advice. Don’t go betting any money on it that you can’t afford to lose. Just like bookmakers we keep a look out for all the latest polling news, political scandals and betting market moves. The tips, advice or opinions given will be based on our belief that the bookies have got the odds wrong or haven’t shortened enough based on the latest polling results. They are not based on having some kind of insider knowledge, so not only should you not bet what you can’t afford to lose but we’d also recommend not betting your entire “betting bank” in one go.

Also remember that many political bets are placed for the long term, once you have placed these bets you cannot ask for this back, even if you have dutched, arbed, greened-out for a guaranteed profit you will have to wait until the results are in before getting your money back, unless you have done this via the same bet exchange.