Best Weather Betting Sites

Best Weather Betting Sites 2020

Bet it will rain tomorrow? – We like to say that when we plan an excursion and assume that we are unlucky with the weather as always. Instead of talking about it, you can actually bet on the weather. An excursion that falls into the water can at least bring a little more money.

Weather betting has not been around for long at online betting sites, but the principle has been around for some time. With weather derivatives, the economy is actually doing nothing other than betting on the weather. For example, banks assume the risk of crop failures due to frost for farmers. The farmer receives money for every day with frost temperatures in the critical period.

You can find out how small-scale weather betting works at online betting shops accessible to everyone and where the best odds are.

Which betting Sites Have Odds on the Weather?

Weather bets are a fairly young market, which is why they haven’t yet discovered many weather odds providers.

What Can I Bet on in the Weather?

The most common weather bet is that on the temperature at a specific location on a specific date in the form of an over / under bet. For example: Maximum temperature in Berlin on June 26th. – above or below 23 ° Celsius.

But there are also long-term markets, such as the question of whether heat records will be broken somewhere or what the weather will be like on Easter or other public holidays.

Detailed temperature information is listed at bet-at-home. There are different temperatures to choose from for a place and time (e.g. Hamburg Airport, 12 noon on March 28).

The odds and data are constantly being adjusted, which is why they may only be released by the betting sites during the day.

Are There any Tips for Weather Betting?

The nice thing about weather betting are the many easily accessible expert tips: Weather reports are available on TV, radio, newspapers and of course on many websites. The data of individual weather stations can even be called up there and these are decisive for the betting provider.

If you compare the forecasts of the weather service with the actually measured temperatures over a few days, you see how big the deviation is in the current weather situation and can place a tip accordingly.

Our Final Betting Tip:

We all like to get upset about the weather forecast, but actually it is usually correct. So the data basis is very good. So even if weather bets seem a little crazy at first glance, they are pretty promising.

Betting on the Weather: Alternatives for Sports Betting in the Corona Crisis

The new corona virus has a firm grip on the sports world. Sports betting is no longer possible due to cancellations and postponements. So why not bet on the weather?

Tough times for sports fans: Due to the corona pandemic, the 2020 European Championship will only take place in summer 2021. The Champions League and Europa League will remain suspended until further notice. The Bundesliga is also at rest.

The corona crisis also plunges Formula 1 into chaos: the start of the season had to be postponed. The women’s ice hockey world championship was also canceled.

Instead of Sport: Bet on the Weather Now

The cancellations and postponements in the sports world also have an impact on the betting shops. Since it is no longer possible to bet on major sporting events, the online betting site Bovada offers an alternative. Instead of sports events, you can now bet on the weather.

Among other things, you can bet on the temperature of various cities in the USA (including Houston, Philadelphia or Los Angeles). Betting fans can bet on whether the temperature will be above or below a certain value on a certain day, which of course must be in the future.

TV events are also popular alternatives. For example, you can bet on who has to go next at Big Brother. In times of the corona crisis, this is a welcome change for many.

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