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Best Olympic Games betting Sites 2020

There are plenty of sports and events, especially in modern times, but the Olympic Games have a real special feature. It is basically the oldest sporting event in the world that has been going on for more than two thousand years. Certainly the games today are not entirely free of advertising interests and political games, but the Olympic spirit cannot be broken down. It’s about great sport where athletes and teams from all over the world compete against each other. They fight for gold, laugh and cry, win and lose. Olympic games take place every two years, with a distinction being made between summer and winter games.

What are Olympic Games bets?

First and foremost, a distinction is made between the Olympic Games of antiquity and modern times, even if one clearly builds on the other. 2000 years BC Chr. There are said to have been events of this kind, they are dated 776 BC. It is also the official date of the first Olympic Games ever. Incidentally, an Olympiad is not actually the name for the games, but the name for the four years that traditionally lie between the games. In 1896, the Olympic Games were brought back to life and set as a major event in which participants from all over the world were asked to participate. At that time the International Olympic Committee was founded. Today the Olympic Games are a regular event that continues to operate on a rotating basis, so the games don’t take place in the same country within four years. The Olympic Games bets refer to all possible sports and events of the games.

What Are the Differences in Olympic Games Betting?

Of course, the Olympic Games are not a sport in themselves. Around 40 sports are practiced every four years at the Olympic Games, and around 17 sports at the Winter Games. There is a lot from athletics to team sports with the ball or tennis. You can bet on a lot of sport and that every day. Accordingly, there are all possible betting options, both before the events, during or on a larger scale with seasonal bets. If you like sports betting and generally look at many sports, the Olympic Games will give you the best opportunities.

Bet on Olympic games

With over 40 sports to be done in a short amount of time, there will surely be something to bet on. In addition to the World Cup, the Olympic Games are the largest sporting events ever. You can bet on athletics, team sports and much more. There are actually all kinds of bets available, as you are used to from the sports anyway. Sometimes even more. In the first place, the individual events are based on victory. However, it is also possible to use special bets and other types of bets. There are also place bets, since the Olympics are of course also about gold, silver and bronze. Likewise, all bets can be brought together in combination bets.

Olympic Games live betting

A special feature of the Olympic Games is the event character. There is unlimited sport in about two weeks. The disciplines are held from morning to evening and can usually also be followed live. Since the Olympic Games only take place every four years, it is of course all the more exciting whether some athletes can win or not. There are also live bets on the Olympics, which can be very different. Some disciplines are less suitable for there to be live betting, but in general the betting providers are well equipped so that the necessary tension should not be lacking.

Olympic games seasonal bets

Betting on the Olympic Games, which is not just about individual disciplines, is also popular again and again. There are many different options for seasonal betting on the Olympics. On the one hand there would be the total bets, since there is a medal table. You can bet on which nation will be in front or generally collect more gold medals. Sometimes there are still special bets. Likewise, you can also bet on individual disciplines or athletes. For example, how many medals an individual athlete will win at the upcoming Olympics. The possibilities are very diverse and it is worthwhile to simply browse through the programs of the betting sites.

The different types of bets at the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are actually a real paradise for sports betting. This is not only due to the fact that there are so many different sports, but also according to the types of bets. In this way, you don’t just have to bet on victory, but you can take a closer look at the betting offers and also use interesting odds. It is also good that most bookmakers start their programs properly when the Olympic Games are coming up. Long-term bets start long before, but shortly before the opening ceremony, the range of bets on offer increases significantly.

2-way and handicap at the Olympic Games

What exactly you can bet on at the Olympic Games also depends on the sport. Tennis differs from the hurdle race again. But in the end it is usually about winning and the winning bet is an option. When it comes to tennis, the 2-way bet is actually indispensable, but in other sports there are larger fields of participants, so that there are also several options that you can bet on. There are also occasional Olympic handicap bets that balance out the differences between favorites and outsiders. But that can also differ from sport to sport.

Head2Head betting at Olympic Games

Head2Head betting is an interesting type of bet that originally came from horse racing. This means that two teams or athletes are compared with each other. Of course from the same sport. For example, two runners from a starting field could be brought together in a Head2Head bet. Then the bet is on victory. In the end, it is not decisive whether one of the two actually won the race, but only who will be the better of the two.

Over / under betting at Olympia

With so many sports and occasions, over / under betting is a must. These are very often to be found in the betting offers for the Olympic Games. Partly for individual disciplines, but partly also for the entire games. For example, you can bet on whether a nation will win more or fewer medals than specified. You can also bet on tennis or hockey over / under. The possibilities are varied and in any case always available. A good thing about this type of bet is that sometimes the balance between chances and good odds can hold up very well and it is worthwhile to bet accordingly.

Olympic Games point and place betting

In football there is usually the possibility to predict the exact result. This is often an option at the Olympic Games, too, so goal, point or place bets are offered. An attempt must be made to predict an exact result. In hockey that can also be the result. Place bets, on the other hand, are also the question of whether an athlete will land on one of the first three places, for example. There are then point bets, for example in tennis, where set bets are also possible. The more precisely you can predict it, the higher the profits can be.

Special bets at Olympia

Almost all online bookmakers have one thing when Olympic Games are coming up: special bets. These are mostly bets that allude to special events of the events and can bring interesting odds into the field. These can be special bets based on nations, teams or individual athletes or sports. That often brings a lot of variety. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to go through the offers of the betting sites before the Olympic Games.

Where can you bet on the Olympic Games?

You can actually bet on the Olympic Games with any betting site. There are no exceptions. As far as the width is concerned, they are usually all very well positioned so that all events and rounds are included. There may certainly be differences in the depth of the bet types. The question is how interested you are in the small options. Also at this time, the betting sites are always paying extra when it comes to bonuses. It becomes clear that the Olympic Games are not a village festival next door, but one of the largest possible sporting events in the world.

Bet on the Olympics on the go

You don’t have to mutate to an athlete just because you want to bet on the Olympic Games, but at least smartphones allow more flexibility so that you don’t just have to squat in front of the computer. This is not unimportant, especially at the Olympics, since disciplines are held here from morning to night. If you want to take everything with you, you will certainly have less fun in front of the computer than if you can easily pull out your seni smartphone from anywhere and place your bets. Mobile Olympia betting is no longer a problem and is supported by most bookmakers. Either you use the offered apps or go to the corresponding websites of the betting sites.

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