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Online Casino Reviews Guidelines
If you have ever gone online to search for an online casino before, you probably came across more casino reviews than the casinos themselves.  More often than not, these sites usually have some fun-fare description about casinos they are promoting, constantly repeating phrases like “This casino is the best” or “Voted #1 casino on the Web”.  The truth of the matter is that it is very likely you will read claims about online casinos winning false awards, and false quotes made by non-existent players as well.

So who can you really turn to when searching for an online casino to play at?  To be honest – nobody.  Not to negate the efficacy of our own casino reviews provided on this site, you still need to trust your own judgment.  You need to know that you have the power of keen discernment and are fully capable of smelling out a scam or a lackluster gambling establishment.  This is no overstatement – Whatever you need to know, you have the ability to answer yourself.  Therefore, trust your own judgment as you pay attention to these few things:

If and when you come across other online casino review sites, also called gambling portals, there is a chance that both the site itself and the review are not worth your valuable time; And there are several things you can look for to help you quickly weed these sites out in an effort to find the highest quality online gambling portals on the Web.  We consider Online Casino Betbubbles to be one of them.

When you get to a site, you will immediately receive a first impression – Pay attention to it.  If the site is sloppily put together and has many misspellings, leave right away – do not even bother reading the reviews.  This isn’t to say that some of the casinos listed on sites like this are of no value, because many fools are out there promoting very fine online casinos.  However, it is safe to say that if the promoters don’t take the time to manage their website, they are surely not going to take the time to update casino review information, or even review the online casino they are promoting!

Second, pay attention to excessive advertisement on casino review sites.  If you see a horde of flashing banners and buttons saying $800 Free or Download Now! don’t.  This alone should not warrant you to download software and open an account. What you should be looking for is rich content and information about online casinos – not a banner farm of promotions and fake offers.

When you come across an online gambling site that has some casino reviews content on it, pay attention to the wording as described earlier.  Usually, these sites will say things like, “such and such casino is a “gamblers paradise” and offers the “hottest casino games”  Wow! So what’s their point?  Don’t buy into flowery language – it is insulting to your intelligence.  Look for content that is objectively presented – This is what makes a true and unbiased review.  At Betbubbles, we only review those casinos which have been deemed the best in the business.  This is why we also provide a Casinos Blacklist section (see the left-hand navigation menu for access).  We try to make it easier for gamblers to decide where they want to gamble by either giving an online casino a green light or a red light.  If you come across a casino review on another site that has only good things to say about it – which is possible – try to discern if the wording is objective, or if it is wording used solely to entrap and promote.  If it is solely used to entrap and promote, you will likely see numerous exclamation marks, and more of that repeated flowery phrasing.

In summary, online casino reviews to stay away from are those that:

  • Are sloppily kempt, dotted with numerous misspellings and outdated information.
  • Are banner farms and excessively advertise with flashing banners, pop-ups and other promotional buttons.
  • Use repetitive, flowery wording with excessive exclamation points, making all their reviews sound the same.

So, let’s say you have found a reliable online casino review site.  All you need to do now is look for a few simple things. Who the online casino is operated by, what gambling software they use, what kind of casino bonus they are offering, what their bonus terms and conditions are, what their payout percentages are, what their online gaming policies are, and what kind of games they offer are all things you will eventually want to know about an online casino.  You may not get all of these questions answered in a single review, but you definitely should after visiting the casino in question and perusing through its website.

All good online casinos will:

  • Let you have access to their no-download Flash version or previews of their gambling software.
  • Display their bonus terms and gaming policies visibly on their website.
  • Share their monthly payout percentages as audited by independent third parties.
  • Share their licensing qualifications (through a reputable gaming commission).
  • Protect all financial transactions and gambling sessions with 128-bit encryption and Secure Socket Layers.
  • Welcome you to contact them.

When you have found an online casino that meets all these requirements, before joining and depositing any money, it is your responsibility to try and contact their customer support team via all their available contact methods.  Even if you must make up a silly question, suck it up and do so.  Be sure to contact every department by every line of communication the casino permits, and that you have access to.  Then, monitor their response.  If it takes them several days to get back to you, don’t bother.  There are online casinos in operation who will have an answer for you within minutes.

The last thing worth mentioning that players can do to be certain an online casino is in the right, is to research what other players have said about the casino. You can do this in many of the gambling forums available on the internet. Now be careful, for just as in life, there are many cheaters out there – People who scam online casinos for bonuses, falsify winnings and the like.  Just because you hear someone say such and such casino robbed me blind, does not mean it’s true.  Whether the allegations are true or not, if you hear several people saying the same thing, you might want to research the claims further.

There are many groups of clone casinos out there waiting to steal money from players with dirty tactics, which they are legally able to get away with.  The only reason these sites are still in business is because players do not take the time to investigate them beforehand.  If they did, they would see a track record of dirty spots, and would hopefully go elsewhere.  If you hear the same claims against a casino over and over – although there is no way of proving them – it is better to stay clear from that casino and move on.  Believe me, you will surely find another casino with just as good a promotion, software, or whatever it was that sold you in the first place.  There are thousands of online casinos out there – don’t take your chances on one that might rip you off.  On the other hand, there are many representatives of casinos working the forums solely to promote their affiliated sites. While this is perfectly good business, just be sure the advice you are given is – once again – objective and relevant.

One last thing in regards to online casino ratings:  If an online casino is a keeper, you will definitely hear its name come up again.  Remember, you are going to fly through gambling portals when searching the Web for online gambling information – which you will need to do, because there are literally hundreds of thousands of these internet gambling sites out there.  Therefore, don’t worry about passing up any good information or a “missed opportunity”. You will undoubtedly come across it again.

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