Over / Under Betting Strategies

What are over / under bets

A very special type of betting are the so-called over / under bets. Bets of this type are not only used in football, but are particularly widespread compared to other sports due to the usually low number of goals scored here. Often it offers a higher return than simple result bets or even just trend bets, which is precisely why over / under bets are not only quite common, but also very popular with many bettors . Primarily, if not only, over / under bets are chosen if the outcome of an event is particularly open in relation to the result and therefore usually appears to be difficult to type.

What does the term over / under betting mean specifically?

The over / under bet offers a worthwhile alternative, in which a win then appears much more likely, which is why many friends of sports betting choose it. what the over / under bet is about: the number lies of goals scored after the game (or in a half-time) overor below a certain value? Those who correctly predict this will often be rewarded with good odds for their winnings. At the same time, you should keep in mind that goals are generally scarcely scored in football, especially when a league is particularly balanced. This is often the case with the top leagues in Europe or other parts of the world, apart from some high-flyers or one or two outliers. Precisely because there are often comparatively few goals scored, an appropriate strategy for over / under betting is very appropriate. One of the best betting sites for over / under betting is Bet365, where new customers receive the lucrative Bet365 bonus .

Unlike classic type bets, over / under betting is not about which party decides which pairing to choose, regardless of the sport. Rather, a prediction is to be made here as to how many hits in a game will total or at least or at most. In the end, the sum of the hits scored is above or belowa certain value? Because of this principle, the over / under bet cannot be used for football alone, but for all ball sports in which two teams competing against each other try to score or score. So while you often find this type of bet in football games, handball or ice hockey games and it is very common, this is rarely the case with basketball due to the enormously high variance in the scores. Nevertheless, these bets are also offered and accepted here, as well as this applies to American football or just any sport in which points are scored against each other. Because over / under betting is also common in tennis.

This is not a bet on a certain limit of goals, which is either exceeded or fallen short of, but on the total points scored in a tennis match or, for example, only on the total of “games” played within a game. These examples make it quite clear that the over / under bet in football is still the easiest to solve, meaning: with the greatest probability. We know that on average in the big leagues there are only between 2.1 and 2.9 goals per game – which leads to the usual over / under 2.5 (goals) bet, which is the most common in football. For the evaluation of the outcome of this bet, it does not matter which of the two sides scores or points. 

All goals scored are added together and ultimately decide whether or not the goal has exceeded 2.5 goals in this game. A 2: 1 fulfills this requirement as well as a 0: 3 as the end result of a game. Depending on the Sports betting sites estimated different game strength of the two teams but other values ​​than 2.5 are common for an over / under bet. Especially in cup games against underclass opponents, in which one assumes many goals for the favorite, the value counting as a criterion can rise more or less as desired. The betting odds offered also change, of course, depending on the assessment of the goals to be expected.

If two defensive strong clubs meet, a bet for over 3.5 goals would of course bring a fairly high odds, while a bet on over 0.5 might be considered relatively low, but a bet on under 0.5 would again be relatively high quality. The over / under bet is similar in other sports, although criteria higher than 2.5 are usually used here. In ice hockey, even in ice hockey, more than 2.5 goals are often scored, but the odds decrease accordingly despite the higher criteria.

Different versions of the over / under bet

However, the sheer number of points or goals that should be exceeded or fallen short of is not all in over / under betting. Because such a bet cannot be made solely on the goals scored after a complete game. In addition to over / under bets on the total value of the goals scored, there is also the option of placing these types of bets only on a specific period of a game. For example, only for a half or even more restricted, only for the time from minute 1 to minute 30 or more or less all conceivable, sensible, time segments of a game. In tennis, this is also only possible for a certain set, in volleyball as well, in ice hockey, the division into thirds (or two of the three thirds to be played) that is obvious due to the rules is added.

The basic principle remains the same, of course. Is the corresponding bet value exceeded or not? If you e.g. B. knows that in football there are significantly more goals towards the end of a game than at the beginning, a bet on less than 0.5 goals in the first half or the first 30 minutes of a game is always worthwhile.

Another variation is the live bet with over / under system. Here the goals or points already scored are dropped under the table and an over / under bet made at a certain point in time then only takes into account all the points or goals scored afterwards. Although live betting is very popular, the pre-match variant is still more common here. On the other hand, certain events in a game can of course make a live bet with over / under worthwhile. Perhaps one of the two sides is sent off or the other vehemently pushes for a goal through tactical changes or substitutions? This can then be converted into an over / under bet for the remaining season. However, these aspects are of course not hidden from the bookmakers whoconstantly adjust the quotas offered live .

In addition, there is also the possibility of betting with the so-called Asian handicap for the over / under bet. Here you can also bet on full goals, for example in football on over / under 3 goals in 90 minutes (or within another selected period). With this bet as an Asian handicap you have the advantage that if this number is reached exactly the weather will get your money back, the bet will be regarded as a “tie” between the weather and the betting site. Of course, this gives a lot of security when betting, especially in low-scoring game football. For this security you have to accept compromises in the odds offered. For some people, this somewhat safer type of bet is often the preferred choice.

Strategy for over / under betting in the Bundesliga

It is worth taking a special look at the Bundesliga, since most of the five major leagues in Europe always score on average here. And yet a 1: 1 is the most common result in all the years of Bundesliga history. That sounds tempting to often bet on “under 2.5” goals in a Bundesliga game. In fact, however, the 2: 1 and the 1: 2 result comes in second place and games that end 0: 0 – at least compared to the 1980s – are becoming increasingly rare.

So it would be much safer to bet on “over 1.5” goals or with an Asian handicap on “2 goals”. This is where the chances of winning (or in the case of an Asian handicap bet) should be greatest. Nevertheless, of course it also applies to the Bundesliga that one should always analyze the specific pairing. A game of FC Bayern Munich against a promoted team ends up rarely with less than 2.5 goals …

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