over / under strategy in live betting for ice hockey

over / under strategy in live betting for ice hockey

Betting on ice hockey, which you can place a bet on the German Ice Hockey League, but also on foreign teams, is also very popular. Many ice hockey fans bet on the National Hockey League (NHL), which unites teams from the USA and Canada. Betting on ice hockey teams from the USA or Canada is popular because an Olympic ice hockey tournament went down in history in 1980, in which the then USSR had to compete against Canada and the USA. Two superpowers faced each other, finally the USA won and wrote history as “Miracle on Ice”.In this fast and intense sport, the puck can slide over the ice at a speed of 190 km / h. It depends on speed, strength and skill, quick reactions are required. Ice hockey is a very old sport; the oldest records of a game that was very similar to ice hockey are dated 1134 and come from Denmark. However, the first real ice hockey game was only played on March 3, 1875 in Montreal between students and lecturers from MC Gill University. On ice hockey you can place advance bets, but also live bets. I would like to explain to you today how the over / under strategy for live betting in ice hockey works.

The live bet in ice hockey

You can make a live bet during the game; You can follow the game on TV or as a live stream on a PC and place your bet in a specific situation. A live bet is even possible shortly before the final whistle. It is characteristic of live betting that the odds change during the game. While you can place the advance bet as a single, combination and system bet, the live bet is only possible as a single bet, because it is important not to lose any time when betting. You have many options for live betting:

  • Bet who gets offended
  • Bet on the next scorer
  • Bet on the next goal
  • Half time betting

In live betting, you should watch the game closely to see the situation and the shape of the teams. You should be able to interpret the further course of the game exactly. If a team has many chances and they still don’t score a goal, you have to expect that a goal will eventually be scored. Warnings and expulsions can always occur in the game, and players can also be injured and therefore leave the field. These players are missing from the team, so the game can go in favor of the other team. Before you follow the game and place your live bet, you should do an analysis and use statistics from past games. However, you should also rely on your gut feeling during the game. The odds are pretty good in live betting, especially when betting on the next goalscorers. The odds are also quite high if a team with two to three goals was behind. In this case, you should quickly place a bet, because it can happen that this team scores the next goal. The odds are always lower the longer you wait with your bet. The online bookmakers offer a variety of live ice hockey bets and announce important games in good time so that you don’t miss a game. the longer you wait with your bet.

The first third in the game

While you can bet on halves in football, you can bet on thirds in ice hockey. If you bet in the first third, you can submit your first bet as early as ten minutes after the kick-off, because then you can already assess the course of the game. You should watch the game closely before placing your bet. Ice hockey goals can be scored in a short time, and several goals can be scored within the first ten minutes. For example, you can place a bet over or under 7.5 goals on the first third, you are not betting on an exact number of goals, but on a sub bet that a maximum of seven goals have been scored and on an over bet that at least eight goals have been scored were. If at least two goals have been scored in the first ten minutes, you can place the bet over 7.5 goals. While the over / under bet 2.5 is typical in football, In ice hockey, you bet on a higher number of goals. If you bet in the first ten minutes, the odds are pretty high. However, if at most one goal was scored in the first ten minutes, you should bet on fewer than 7.5 goals.

The over / under bet in the second third

You can place the over / under bet on ice hockey not only on the first third but on the entire game, it is also possible on the second third of the game. You can place an over / under bet after the second third, if more goals have already been scored. You can then bet on less than 7.5, 8.5 or 9.5 goals, but it depends on the odds for the over bet. The odds rose frequently after the second third, because now many goals are to be expected. Over / under betting is also possible if you have little knowledge of ice hockey so far. This strategy is recommended for beginners, the chances of winning are good. Due to the high odds, you can multiply your bets.

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