What are over / under bets?

What are over / under bets

In over / under bets you bet on whether more (over) or fewer (under) goals will be scored in a game than specified by the bookmaker. Classically, this is a tip on the total number of goals scored in a match. Some betting sites use the English-based term over / under betting. In principle, the betting option is offered not only on the number of goals scored, but also on the frequency of further events during the game. For example, you can bet on the number of cards, substitutions or corners.

Over / Under betting explained using an example

Football is an excellent illustration of over / under betting. If Bayer Leverkusen plays in the Bundesliga against Bayern, you can bet, for example, that more than 2.5 goals will be scored or that Bayern will score more than 1.5 goals .

These are very common over-bets. To win, 3 goals must be scored in the game or FC Bayern must score at least 2 goals . After all, the number must be higher than that determined by the bookmaker.

If the game ends 1-1 or FC Bayern scores only 1 goal, the bet loses. But if the game ends 1: 2 or 2: 1 or FC Bayern scores 2, 3, 4 or even more goals, you can look forward to a winning tip.

Conversely, you win with under-bets, provided the number of goals, cards, corners, substitutions and so on is lower than that specified by the bookmaker.

What does under 4.5 goals mean? – Explanation and examples

The more popular over / under betting markets include “Under 4.5 goals” . But what exactly does that mean? In a nutshell: In total, no more than 4 goals may be scored for the bet to win. Under 4.5 goals means that with 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 goals scored – regardless of which team – a payout for the bet is due. But if a total of 5 or even more goals are scored, the bet loses.Examples of betting under 4.5 goalsFC Bayern against Augsburg, result 2: 1 – the “Under 4.5 goals” bet wins because a total of 3 goals were scored. Hertha against Wolfsburg, result 3: 2 – the “Under 4.5 goals” bet loses because a total of 5 goals were scored.

What does under 3.5 goals mean? – Explanation and examples

If you bet on the “Under 3.5 Goals” betting market, you assume that a maximum of 3 goals will be scored in the game . Even if 0, 1, 2 or 3 goals are scored, your bet wins. It doesn’t matter which team scores the goals in this market, because only the overall result counts. As soon as a fourth goal is scored, the bet loses.Examples of betting under 3.5 goalsDynamo Dresden against HSV, result 1: 1 – the “Under 3.5 goals” bet wins , after all , only 2 goals were scored. SC Paderborn against Greuther Fürth, result 4: 0 – the “Under 3.5 goals” bet loses because a total of 4 goals have been scored.

What does over 1.5 goals mean? – Explanation with examples

The “Over 1.5 goals” betting option is fairly straightforward. In this market, you bet that at least 2 goals will be scored in one game . However, if only 1 goal or no goal is scored, the bet loses. Since no half goals can be scored, a single goal decides whether to win or lose.

Should there be a spectacular result like the 7: 1 between Germany and Brazil at the 2014 World Cup, a bet on the market “Over 1.5 goals” logically wins. After all, 8 goals were scored. This bet has no upper limit, only lower limit.

The best tips and strategies for over / under betting

You should never rely on just one strategy when betting, after all, luck also plays a big role in sport. For example, if you consistently bet on “Over 1.5 goals” for your favorite team, you can surely jump out of it from time to time. In the Bundesliga, there are an average of more than 2.5 goals per game . Accordingly, you have to reckon with comparatively low odds for “over 2.5” goal bets.

For a more accurate prediction of the result, you should definitely look at the current statistics of the teams . Then you may be able to make a forecast that at first glance is more risky, but whose quota would also bring you a better profit.

A suitable over / under betting strategy for beginners is to place smaller amounts on different betting markets. This enables users without major weather experiences to develop a better feeling for their own predictions and not to be discouraged by any losing bets.

Once you are a little more experienced, combining the over / under bet with another betting market can turn out to be an excellent strategy . As a result, the odds multiply together if you win. The chance of winning with it is less – but the bet for it is all the more exciting. If you want to calculate your over / under bets, you should definitely take this into account.

Practical tips from professionals:

  • 1Predicts different markets and initially places smaller amounts on several games.
  • 2ndTry high odds on selections with many goals (e.g. over 4.5 goals). Then use the cashout option if 1-2 goals are scored early in the game.
  • 3rdCombine your bet with other betting markets.
  • 4thChecks Statistics Team for better prediction – there are important players such as failures?
  • 5Bet on shorter seasons, e.g. on the 1st half or use live betting (next 5, 10, 15, etc. minutes).
  • 6Use a betting configurator, e.g. from Bet365: You can use it to put together your own individual bet.

Use helpful statistics for over / under tips

Before placing an over / under bet, you should take a look at the latest game results and the performance of the teams. This will give you an overview of the current state of the team, know which player has played better or worse and how the teams have generally been doing lately. In this way, you develop a feeling for the upcoming matches and can thereby make a better forecast and place more profitable bets.Statistics are essential for over / under betting

  • Number of goals per game in the last matches (head-to-head)
  • Number of goals the teams have scored in the last few games
  • Injured and / or suspended players in upcoming games as well as current performance by individual players


Of course, these and similar statistics not only help with over / under betting on goals, but also for corners , substitutions, penalty kicks, and red and yellow cards . There are many factors that can affect a game. Therefore, it is always better to know as much as possible about the current performance of a team and individual players.

The most important thing about over / under betting in football

Especially for beginners, over / under betting in football is worthwhile. Betting providers often have a very wide range of over / under markets on offer, as these are attractive and easy to understand, especially for the inexperienced.

The classics naturally include bets on the number of goals scored, i.e. goal bets . These markets can often be found directly on the bookmaker’s homepage. Betting on the number of goals scored is straightforward, especially when it comes to the total number and not a single team. Bookmakers set a value of 0.5 / 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.5 / 5.5 etc. Since no half goals can be scored in a game, the next larger or smaller whole number always counts .

If the bet is over 2.5, at least 3 goals must be scored for a win. This also answers the question “Who will win ‘Under 2.5 goals’?” Success comes with 0, 1 or 2 – but no more – goals. It is ideal for anyone who wants to take less risk but still want to experience an exciting game.

Corner kicks in over / under betting

If you want to specialize more than just the number of goals scored, over / under betting on corners is a great option. You can bet on the total number of corners in the game (e.g. more than 10.5), or the number in the 1st or 2nd half (e.g. less than 5.5 / 1st HZ). Live bets are also great , especially if there have been corners in the game and you predict how many (or few) corners there will be. If you want to know more: Here are the best tips for betting on corner balls .

Card bets on over / under bets

Bookmakers often offer several options when it comes to the number of cards awarded. On the one hand, you can tap on the number of all cards distributed in the game, but you can also often refine the selection on the exclusive number of yellow or red cards. There are also markets where you can find over / under bets on the number of yellow cards for a particular team , as well as for red cards or cards in total. The better you know the teams, the more precisely you can determine your betting market, place the bet and possibly win a lot with a good odds. We have also put together helpful tips and tricks for betting on yellow and red cards in an extra article.

Over / under betting in basketball

In basketball, the most common type of over / under betting is to bet on the total number of points. For the match, the bookmaker sets a value with a certain odds, for example “Over 183.5” and “Under 183.5”. If at the end of the game the total score of the two teams is at least 184 points, you win with the “Over 183.5” bet. However, if the score is 183, the sub-bet will be the winner. A single point can make a big difference, especially in basketball, which is why over / under betting offers a lot of excitement and thrill until the end.

Over / under betting in American football

The high season for American football traditionally starts in September and culminates with the Super Bowl on the first Sunday in February. You can then bet on the total number of points of the match or the team. Over / under betting on a team’s lead in victory or the number of field goals and touchdowns are also exciting. American football is even interesting for newbies, as there are often attractive odds and excitement is guaranteed.

Handball and over / under betting

Due to the relatively short seasons of 2x 30 minutes of a handball game, live betting is particularly exciting because a few seconds can decide whether you win or lose. As soon as another goal is scored, the odds change and you have to quickly decide whether to use the cashout or keep the bet going.

When betting live over / under tips on the total number of goals or the number of goals in the 1st or 2nd half enjoy great popularity. You can even bet on handicap bets and goals scored by a single team.

Tennis and over / under betting

Tennis is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports, because the tournaments offer a lot of over / under betting markets. The most common bets include the total number of games in a given set or the total number of games in general . You can also predict how many games a player will win, e.g. Angelique Kerber over 9.5 .

Over / under betting in hockey and ice hockey

Ice hockey is more common in Europe than hockey. The World Championships and tournaments during the Olympic Games in particular attract viewers. Many bookmakers always have great over / under bets on offer. So you can also tap how many goals will be scored in a game or how many will fall in a third, which is particularly exciting when it comes to live betting.

Place over / under bets with Tipico: It’s that easy

Tipico is one of the best-known and most popular betting providers, which is why over / under betting should of course not be missing there. If you take a look at the Tipico website werft, stellt ihr schnell fest, dass dort direkt Fußball-Livewetten angeboten werden. Über/Unter-Wetten sind als „Tore ab jetzt +/-” gekennzeichnet.

The two odds below stand for the over bet (+) and the under bet (-). With a click on the odds the bet is already added to your bet slip. In the following example, the Bookie offers the option 0.5 goals. If 1 goal is scored, the over bet wins, if no goal is scored, the under bet is the winner.

Other providers such as bet365 and betway also do the same . There, live bets are also the top priority, so that players can get started straight away. After all, there is nothing more annoying when betting than having to look for hidden odds and markets while a game is in progress, instead of starting betting immediately and not missing a second of the action.

If the desired market with an attractive quota is in your betting slip, you only have to click on “Place bet” quickly to actually place your bet.

Be there live – the best providers for live betting

If you don’t want to wait until the start or end of the game to win with your bets, live betting is particularly exciting. While a game is in progress, the bookmaker is constantly adding new markets and odds that are immediately available for typing. For example, a goal may have been scored in the 12th minute, whereupon the following betting option appears: Under 1.5 goals until half time. If no other goal is scored until the 45th minute, you have won. The best providers of live betting include Betway , Tipico , bet365 , Unibet and Interwetten .

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about over / under betting

What is the difference between goal lines and over / under betting?

While there are only 5 goals to choose from over / under bets, goal lines are bet on whole numbers. With these goal lines, you have the option of getting your bet back when a certain result occurs.

If you get your bet back, it is a so-called “push”. For example, if you place your bets on the “Over 2 Goals” market , the bet will win if there are at least 3 goals scored . If there are exactly 2 goals, the push is refunded. However, if there are 1 or 0 goals, the bet loses.

For Asian goal lines, half of the bet is placed on 5 goals and the other half on an integer. That means you basically place two bets. For this reason, such tips are also known as Asian over / under betting .

What is the difference between over / under betting and handicap betting?

While over / under betting seems relatively simple and clear at first glance, handicap betting requires a little more consideration . In over / under bets, you bet whether more or fewer goals will be scored or points will be scored than determined by the bookmaker.

In handicap betting, a team is given a fictitious lead of one or even more goals or points. These are added to the official final result and this result then counts for the evaluation of the bet. The lead is given by bookmakers when one team is apparently superior to the other.Example of a handicap bet

In the game Leverkusen – Bayern Munich there could be a handicap 1: 0 (for Leverkusen). This gives Leverkusen a fictitious goal advantage, but it is still assumed that Bayern Munich will win. Bayern Munich must score at least two more goals than Leverkusen.

Why are decimals used?

Fractions were originally used to display quotas . They are still widespread in America and in horse racing, for example, but decimals have always been used in Europe. Decimals allow a very easy calculation of the profit, after all, the stake only has to be multiplied by the odds (the decimal odds 1.75 looks like a fraction: 3/4).

What happens in extra time or injury time?

Here you should pay close attention to the betting rules of the betting provider. In many cases, over / under betting applies only to the period of regular time, including injury time. However, if it is an extension, this time is often not included in the result. Each provider can set the exact guidelines themselves , so you should definitely inform yourself beforehand on the respective website in order not to experience any unexpected disappointment.


The concept of over / under betting is relatively simple, but tapping the markets remains exciting. However, it is important to always be informed about current games and team achievements. After all, you need to know what you’re betting on. Users with no typing experience should also first look at an over / under betting statement and, if something is unclear, it is better not to bet too much. Once you have some experience, you can make good predictions and combine different betting markets.Recommendations for over / under bettingBy clicking on the linked keyword you jump directly to the corresponding text.

  • Use betting configurator
  • Use the cashout function for live betting
  • Place smaller amounts on multiple games
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