How do you recognize a good betting strategy?

How do you recognize a good betting strategy

An almost endless wealth of supposedly safe betting strategies is advertised on the Internet. In the end, you can tell whether these are actually recommended by the fact that the profits made exceed the losses. In advance, the chances of success, especially for beginners, are difficult to estimate. With the following contribution we give an overview of important features of effective betting strategies.

1. Realistic chances of winning

Certainly, all sports betting fans silently dream of getting rich with their hobby in no time. Unfortunately, this hope is incompatible with reality. The appeal of sporting competitions is precisely that the outcome is never one hundred percent predictable . A bet without risk is therefore de facto impossible. No matter how high a team or a player is favored, there is always the possibility of a defeat. 

Anyone who searches online will occasionally encounter supposedly surefire strategies that guarantee high profits. Don’t let that impress you. As a rule, these are questionable websites , the operators of which are up to no good. The goal of a serious betting strategy is of course also to generate permanent income. Only very few get rich with sports betting.

2. Risk protection 

Since there is always a certain risk when tapping on sporting events, a good betting strategy should take this into account. First and foremost, it depends on responsible money management . As a rule of thumb, only ever use amounts whose loss you can get over in case of doubt. Betting variants that require irresponsible high stakes should therefore be avoided. 

There are also various approaches that can be used to protect against losses . For example, in over / under betting, you can bet on both options at the same time by taking advantage of odds changes. There are also various options for combination bets with tips on opposite game outcomes. However, always bear in mind that such methods always require thorough preparation and that there is always a residual risk .  

3. No dubious systems

Every now and then bet types appear that rely on mathematical foundations and are supposed to guarantee profits in this way. Examples of this are the Martingale strategy adopted from roulette or the Fibonacci system . Dealing with it can definitely be interesting and also trains logical thinking. In theory, such approaches may be promising, but we strongly advise against it.

How do you recognize a good betting strategy?


Such systems usually require constant odds and unlimited betting capital. In practice, both are unrealistic . Before you land in the profit zone, irresponsibly large sums of money may already have been gambled away. In addition, you rely on sheer numbers instead of analyzing a sporting event in advance and aligning your bet accordingly. The real sports betting feeling is definitely not there. Always remember that the bookmaker is always mathematically at an advantage in the long run.

4. Preparation and statistics

Basically, you should never rely on pure gut feeling for your tips . If you want to have long-term success with betting, you cannot avoid thorough preparation and the evaluation of statistics. For a football match, for example, the following questions should be answered in advance: What is the current form of the two teams? What does the direct comparison say? Are they teams that are strong at home or away? What is the injury situation, etc. … If, for example, only the B selection is used, a supposed favorite can easily lose against an underdog. 

Track relevant sports media and learn to distinguish important from unimportant news. Many bookmakers offer detailed statistical areas on their portals that can be accessed free of charge. A good betting strategy can be recognized by the fact that the sporting background is always taken into account . 

5. Consider your own options

What good is the best betting strategy if there are simply no personal prerequisites? Many methods are extremely time-consuming to achieve the desired goal. So first make a realistic assessment of whether you can apply it at all. In addition, beginners in particular should keep their distance from particularly complex tip variants. 

Last but not least, some approaches are only worthwhile if a certain minimum capital is available. Streaks of bad luck occur from time to time even with proven betting professionals. So you should be able to survive longer periods of loss without having to accept financial restrictions. Conclusion: The optimal betting strategy corresponds to both your own level of knowledge and the personal requirements in terms of time and money. One thing should never be neglected in all tactical considerations: The fun of betting! 

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