What is a Round Robin Bet

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What is a Round Robin bet 

A round robin bet consists of singles, accumulators and ‘any to come’ bets. It’s a bet that has 3 selections and is often see as a Trixie bet with 3 SSA (single stakes about) bets attached. Meaning a round robin bet consists of 10 separate bets. The 3 doubles and the treble that make up the Trixie and the 3 SSA bets (which are each 2 separate bets in themselves). For a punter to get a return on a round robin wager at least 1 selection must win, this is due to the SSA as a Trixie pays nothing for a single winner.

Round Robin calculations 

It is very rare that you will come across a bookmakers offering this bet type anymore, but if you do, it’s defiantly recommend you use our Round Robin calculator to calculate returns for any bets made. This is due to the pain it is to calculate such a bet, but as always we still think you should have a quick look over the method that is used as it is always better to a good working knowledge of any bet type you plan on using.

As this bet type is made up of two different bet types that we have already covered in great detail, we suggest you visit our articles on them if you want an even greater understanding of how our Round Robin calculator works. Here we will assume you know how the formulas for a Trixie bet and SSA are derived and will just should how to combine these two formulas to calculate your bet.

Below is the maths used for Trixie and SSA bets, remember SSA bets are 2 separate bets in themselves

Trixie maths

((A + 1)(B + 1)(C + 1) – (A + B + C + 1)) x stake = winnings

SSA maths if both selections win

((Stake x A) – Stake) + (Stake x B) + ((Stake x B) – Stake) + (Stake x A)

And the maths for only one winning selection

(Stake x Winning selection) – (2 x Stake)

So as a Round Robin bet has 3 selections which make up three different SSA bets you will have to do this calculation three separate times. Once for AB, AC and BC.

Example of how our Round Robin calculator works 

As always it is normally easier to see a working example to any formula so let’s have a look at a basic example. This method is the exact same way in which our Round Robin calculator calculates your bets.

First, let us say you have a £10 Round Robin bet in which all 3 selections win. There odds are of 3, 5 and 7 respectively. Now all you have to do is feed these numbers into the formulas outlined above. Starting with the Trixie we get:

((3 + 1)(5 + 1)(7 + 1) – (3 + 5 + 7 + 1)) x 10 = £1760

Now to work our way through the 3 separate SSA bets using the formula for both winning selections

AB = ((10 x 3)-10) + (10 x 5) + ((10 x 5) – 10) + (10 x 3) = £140
AC = ((10 x 3)-10) + (10 x 7) + ((10 x 7) – 10) + (10 x 3) = £180
BC = ((10 x 5)-10) + (10 x 7) + ((10 x 7) – 10) + (10 x 5) = £220

Giving a Grand total of £2300, but £100 of this is made up from the stake. Giving a profit of £2200

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