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Point Spread Rugby Bets

Point spreads are one of the most common types of betting in rugby. Point spreads allow punters to wager whether a team will win or lose by a certain number of points. This is not to be mistaken with money lines where you are betting which team is going to win, regardless of their performance. The spreads provide an incentive for people to bet on underdogs. Spreads are used in order to have more people betting more or less equally on both of the teams, creating a more “even market”. They might seem complicated at first but they are actually quite easy; let us give you a few examples to demonstrate how straightforward these bets are.

Examples of a Point Spread

Ireland is playing United States in Internationals Rugby Union Competition. Ireland is more likely to be a favorite in this game and the United States is a heavy underdog. Most people would just bet on Ireland if the odds were the same and there was no consideration of spreads. Thus an online sportsbooks applies a point spread of 36 points. The odds will appear this way:

-Ireland -36 (1.87)
-United States +36 (1.87)

If you are betting on Ireland, then they have to win by more than 36 points. Thus, if the final score is 20-13 for Ireland, then Ireland would have only won by 7 points, and your bet would be a loss. If the final score is 56-10, then Ireland would have won by 46 points, and your bet would have been a win. This way, if you bet £100 on Ireland and they win, you will get £87 plus £100 that was bet on it. Similarly, if you bet £100 on the United States, then you will get £87 plus £100 that was bet on it originally.

Tips to Look For

Research The Teams
You should know as much as possible about the teams when you are betting on point spreads. The most important thing you should research is their team strengths. Is one of the teams completely dominant and the other team much weaker? If so, then the point spread should be significant. If it is not as big as you would expect, then perhaps it would make sense to bet on the favorite in this case as there should be a bigger spread. So do your research, and follow the betting tips for a profitable, or at least higher opportunity to win your rugby point spread bets.

In addition, you will be more and more ready to move up in betting level by going through the rugby parlay bets.

Parlay Introduction

Parlays allow placing wagers on multiple games with a single bet. A parlay needs to consist of a minimum of 2 matches. Usually parlays tend to be around 5 matches and go up to a maximum of 10 matches. Sometimes though you will be able to parlay more than 10 matches if an online sportsbook will allow you to do that, but those are rare, and those bets are not recommended either unless you are a professional punter; obviously, the more matches they are in the parlay, the smaller the chance of you winning, but the higher winning potential you would have too.

Let us say you want to bet on two matches: Bradford Bulls versus Leeds Rhinos and Castleford Tigers versus Wakefield Trinity Wildcats in the Rugby Super League competition in England. The odds are listed as:

– Bradford Bulls (4.75)
– Leeds Rhinos (1.20)

– Castleford Tigers (1.15)
– Wakefield Trinity Wildcats (5.50)

You want to bet £100 and you think that Bradford Bulls and Trinity Wildcats are going to win their respective matches. Both of these teams have to win for you to win the bet, otherwise, you will lose.

Calculating Parlays

If the Bradford Bulls win, you get a total of £475 (your original £100, plus £375 that the odds give you). If Trinity Wildcats win, that £475 will get you a total of £2,612.50 (£475 plus £2,137.50) – quite the potential winnings and definitely the temptation to bet on… hence their danger level to; it is just too much winning potential.

Parlay Betting Tips

Many seasoned punters prefer to stay away from parlays. The payoffs with parlays tend to be less than the true odds of hitting them. For instance, real odds of hitting a 10-team parlay (betting 10 times separately) are about 1,029 to 1, while the payoff will be only around 600 to 1. So unless you are a real betting professional, which even so we would advise against it, you should not bet such big parlays and stick to smaller size bets, keeping a strategy and balance within your bets, without letting greed overcome you, and if you follow this tip, then you should have no issues betting your rugby parlays.

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