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Rugby Propositions, a.k.a, “Props”

As a relatively high scoring sport with lots of players involved, rugby is a sport that makes it easy for bookmakers to create fun prop bets. The list is almost endless, however there are some more common types of props that can be found at most online bookmakers

Since a lot of rugby prop bets can be found at multiple rugby wagering sites, always shop for the best price. Small advantages repeated over and over can result in hundreds or thousands of pounds in your pocket. This is especially important with prop betting because bookmakers know that most casual punters aren’t calculating the juice.

Here are some of our favourite rugby prop bets.

First Scoring Play

First scoring plays are simple props where the punter selects a team to record the first score, and how they will score (try, penalty, drop goal). Of course drop goals have the highest odds, but they’re difficult to predict. For more consistent wins, stick with try and penalty scores.

Team to Score First or Last

The title basically says it all. Punters select which team they think will score first or last. Of course favoured teams are expected to score more often, so their odds will be shorter than dogs. To find an edge, research first and second half team scoring and apply this information to your bets. Also, be sure to shop for the best price, because some bookmakers will offer these with 10% vig, and others at 15%.

Double Result Prop Bets

Double result prop bets are based on results of the first and second halves of a match. The punters job is to decide which team will be ahead after the first half, or if it will be a tie, then the same thing repeated for the second half. There are nine possible results, which include:

  • Team A – Tie
  • Team A – Team A
  • Team A – Team B
  • Tie – Team A
  • Tie – Tie
  • Tie – Team B
  • Team B – Team A
  • Team B – Team B

My favourite bet for double result props is underdog-favourite. The reason I like this bet is because underdogs are more likely to win over short periods of time, and favourites tend to win in the end. Odds can be quite high for these wagers, and I don’t have to win often to make a profit. The key is picking an aggressive underdog who has a legitimate shot at winning the first half.

Team to Win Both Halves

This is another simple rugby prop where punters decide if either team will win both halves, or not. No teams are chosen – you either choose both or neither.

For example:
Either team wins both halves: 1.36
Neither team wins both halves: 3.00

There are arguments on the best way to play these, as some say it’s best to pick a close matchup and take whichever side offers the best odds. Other punters prefer to bet on a team winning both halves, on a lopsided matchup. The problem with this bet is that the odds are generally very short, and if the underdog has one good half, a lot has been lost for a small potential payout.

Personally, I only bet on these props when I’m also betting on the matchup. The reason is because I want to know I did my homework on the game and am making a reasonable choice. These are such easy bets to place that casual punters who haven’t done their homework will generally find themselves losing more often than they expected.

Other Rugby Props

As mentioned above, rugby is a sport with a lot of prop betting options. Since a lot of prop bets tend to have a higher vig than match result bets, serious punters need to do the math before placing their bets. With so many rugby betting options, there’s no reason to be betting on something with a vig of higher than 10%.

If props are your thing, you’ll probably like live betting as well. Live bets are wagers that can be placed on a wide variety of things that might happen during a match. Most books have a minimum wager amount for live bets in the range of £1 – £5, and they can make a match a lot more exciting. If the book also offers mobile betting (most do), punters can place live prop bets from their mobile device.

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