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Tryscorer Wagers in Rugby

Since you’ve found your way to this page we’re going to assume you know what a tryscorer is and skip past the explanation. For those who want to bet on try scorers, sportsbooks give us several ways to do it.

Most sportsbooks offering rugby bets have first tryscorer, last tryscorer, and anytime tryscorers. The punters job is to select the correct player for each respective wager. It’s also possible to bet on the no try scorer option, but these are difficult to predict.

Odds for first and last try scorers generally start in the range of 6.00 to 8.00, and go up to 15.00 for other likely tryscorers.

Tips and Strategies

As player-based wagers, always check injury reports before placing a wager. Even if a player isn’t expected to miss a match, an injury could stop them from starting, which would obviously hurt their chances to be the first tryscorer.

For last try scorers, be aware of players who generally sub in later stages of matches. Value can often be found with these types of players – especially in the right positions (scrum half, out half, full back, centre).

Try scorer bets can have a nice payout, but they’re difficult to win. If you’re looking for more consistent wins with rugby betting, look at handicapped match bets or winning margin bets instead.

Tryscorer Live Betting

With the growing popularity of live betting, many sportsbooks now offer live betting for the next tryscorer. These are fun markets to wager on, but can be difficult to win. We always recommend that punters watch the games on tv or listen on the radio to get an idea of how a match is playing out before placing live bets. Even with the more sophisticated, information-rich software that sportsbooks offer for live betting, it’s difficult to get a feel for a match. To place smart live bets on try scorers, it’s important to know who is being effective and who isn’t, and which team is controlling the ball.

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