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Best Top 14 Betting Sites 2020

Top 14 is one of the most renowned rugby leagues on the planet. Opposing the fourteen best French teams, this championship offers several possibilities to bettors.  For this, you must be able to know all the information concerning the operation of the competition. By going to the article below, you will have everything you need to get started fully in the analysis of rugby matches of the French elite. 

Top 14:  what is the operating mode? 

First of all, you should know that the Top 14 takes place in two phases:  the regular season and the  play-offs .  Opposing the 14 best teams in French rugby, the championship offers many goals to these teams.  While the weakest teams are fighting not to descend, the last two in the ranking are directly demoted to Pro  D2 .  Finally, the leading teams fight to reach the final phase of the championship.  For that, the six best teams of the regular season meet to obtain the shield of  Brennus . 

The final phase of the Top 14 takes place with a direct elimination system.  While the first two of the classification are directly qualified for the semi-finals, the next four teams will compete to join them.  The third in the standings hosts the sixth in the regular season, while the fourth receives the fifth.  At the end  of these  meetings, the two winners find the leaders of the classification and compete on neutral ground.  Note that the first six of the regular season qualify for the Champions  Cup  and that the seventh has a play-off against the eighth in Pro 14.

While the field for the final of the French championship is planned in advance, it is contested in June.  The winner of this meeting therefore wins the Top 14.  You should know that Stade Toulousain holds the record for victories in the French championship.  The Toulouse team   has won the title 19 times  but  remains closely followed by the Stade Français and its 14 trophies. 

Very difficult to win outside 

You should know that during rugby matches, teams playing at home often manage to take advantage of their audience to grab the victory.  Therefore, it is not a surprise to know that there is often little success outside during Top 14 weekends.  Especially since the favorites lose very rarely on their lawn .  Last season, almost nine Top 14 teams suffered less than two defeats at their stadium.  A fairly interesting statistic   knowing that all the teams in the championship play 13 games on their field. 

As soon as the meetings can then be tight on paper, it can become very interesting to bet on the team playing at home.  If last season La Rochelle knew no defeat on its lawn, Montpellier for its part lost only once. The two French teams  were closely followed by Clermont, Stade Français,  Racing  92, Toulon, Castres and  Brive .  These six teams have been  defeated  only twice on their lawn.  

The RC Toulon, Montpellier and Clermont, marking machines

In view of the unattractive odds concerning the dry wins   of the favorites, it may become essential to find alternatives.  For this, the number of meeting points can become a very interesting system for the most frequent bettors.  Therefore, you need to be able to find out about the teams that have scored the most for several seasons already.  It is not a surprise to find among these favorites for the final coronation. 

After taking into account the last two seasons, it is very simple to see three teams stand out:  Toulon, Clermont and Montpellier.  Last season, the three teams placed in the first four places in the classification of best attacks.  A situation that was already the case the previous edition.  Clermont was still very strong during the 2016-2017 season since the  yellows  were on average more than 30 points per game. 

If you want to bet on spectacular matches, it can therefore become very useful to turn to these three teams.  Especially since when they work at home, they often manage to finish the job. 

Parity scores are very rare in rugby

Before betting on rugby, you must understand that it is very rare to see parity scores in these matches. With several ways to score that yield a different number of points, teams can gain the upper hand in different ways.  Therefore, even if the odds can be very tempting, it is better to refrain from this type of result.  To convince you that draws would not win in the long term, here is some analysis from previous seasons. 

In the 2015-2016 edition, only six teams had drawn at least one draw during the year.  A very low total knowing that each team competes in 26 Top 14 days.  Last season, the French matches gave rise to more parity scores.  However, it is not difficult to think that this new year should return to usual standards.  As the Top 14 teams approach halfway through the season, spectators have only seen three draws in all of these games. 

Regular season winner unsure of shield

When the regular season ends, it’s often easy to think that the leader will win the Brennus shield  .  However, this is not always the case.  We must therefore be wary since as these important meetings approach, each team succeeds in transcending itself. With matches on neutral ground, the situation can quickly be reversed between the favorite and the underdog.

In recent years, you should know that the winner of the regular phase has not won the title since the 2013-2014 edition.  Indeed, Toulon, Clermont and La Rochelle had failed in the quest for the shield.  It therefore remains very difficult to find the winner of the competition since, during the last three seasons, he has been twice in fourth place in the Top 14.  As a result, the Stade Français and then  Racing  92 were not necessarily favorites to win.

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