Safe betting – a myth?

Safe betting

Everyone knows the saying of the “surefire bet”. But are there really bets where there is absolutely no risk? Are safe bets just a myth? And what are the so-called surebets that are mentioned again and again? Our sports betting experts get to the bottom of the riddle.

Numerous advice sites on the Internet and even some books promise strategies for supposedly safe betting. But can you really always avoid losses? We would like to emphasize at this point: A sports bet without any risk is de facto not possible. Because if we categorically rule out manipulation, then – as the name suggests – it is about betting on sport. And there is always a certain imponderability in sports, regardless of how strong a team or a player is favored.

Are surebets worthwhile?

There may be a single exception where one can speak of a safe bet in the broadest sense in the sports betting field. We are talking about the so-called surebets, for which, however, an enormous effort has to be made. For a surebet, you first need betting accounts with at least two bookmakers.Let’s take a tennis match as an example. In order to place a surebet, you would have to find two betting sites who rate the match significantly differently in terms of odds. So you bet with two different bookmakers on two different results of the match. The stakes must now be distributed so that the bottom line is that you make a profit. There is a similar strategy for football or ice hockey, where three providers simultaneously bet on home win, draw and away win.

These surebets have several disadvantages . First, it is extremely difficult and time consuming to find the appropriate games and odds. Second, the profits made are often minimal. Third, it is often forgotten to include betting tax in the overall bill. This can lead to the fact that all the effort was in vain in the end and not even the hoped-for small profit remains.

So you bet as safely as possible

It is not possible to predict the result of a sports event with 100% certainty. That’s why “safe bets” are actually more of a myth. However, you can of course significantly reduce your risk in order to make the safest possible profits. The sports betting experts from our editorial team have summarized a few simple rules that will allow you to bet successfully in the long term.

Single bets safer than combination bets

If you want to land permanently in the profit zone, you should avoid all too many combination bets. No matter how many supposedly safe favorites you summarize on your slip , the risk increases with each selection . Real betting professionals therefore rely almost exclusively on single bets.

Stay away from “crazy” odds

Would you like to bet with a 501.0 odds that Fortuna Düsseldorf will be German Champion this season? Sure, you can do that with many bookmakers – but you can just as easily burn your money in the fireplace. Of course there are also sensations of the century in sports like the Premier League championship of Leicester City in 2016. However, these are blatant exceptions . Avoid the slightly crazy fun bets and concentrate on a serious betting strategy.

What kind of sport do you know about ?

Basically, sports betting is always about the duel between you and the bookmaker. If you have an advantage through expert knowledge, then take advantage of it. The same applies to – naturally legal – inside information . Perhaps you know the coach of a regional league personally and on Friday they tell you that the team is in a really bad mood over beer. Perhaps this is the ideal time for a bet.

Accept lost bets

If the white ball does not fall into the desired field during roulette, you can play “double or nothing” just a few seconds later. Something similar is also possible with sports betting, especially with live betting. We can only warn against this: wanting to recover lost bets as quickly as possible and with increased risk usually goes wrong. Losing a bet should be part of every strategy .

Choose the right bets

Don’t bet on any women’s second division basketball game in Japan just because you feel like betting and nothing else is going on. It is best to make your own personal betting plan at the beginning of the week and stick to it. Only bet on games and sports that you really know about. A thorough and conscientious research is the basis for any successful sports bet.

Bet with the best sites in the industry

You won’t find secure bets and guaranteed winnings at any bookmaker. However, top bookies deliver better odds and regularly have lucrative bonus promotions in the program with which you can ultimately get more out of their tips.

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