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Best Sailing Betting Sites 2020

What is sailing? And why is it mentioned here? Clearly because the recommendations do not punish any sport with disregard – least of all a tradition as traditional as sailing. Of course you can place bets on sailing events online at recommendations . Admittedly, the hugely popular America’s Cup – the oldest sailing regatta in the world still held today – is clearly the focus here. Our bookmakers also offer odds on races at the Olympic Games (sailing has been Olympic since 1900!) Or other top events. Use a new customer bonus for your first sailing bets. As part of the starter package, our recommendations double your first deposit. More than enough extra credit to make the risk-freeCheck sports betting odds from the world of sailing. For the top regattas, our test winners also provide betting information on the news site , which will provide you with some additional information on the way to your first sailing bets. If your tips run according to plan, you will soon be able to request your first sports betting payment .

Find the best sailing bets

Sailing betting enjoys sports betting actually growing in popularity. Sailing sports betting is an interesting option for everyone who runs it themselves or regularly follows regattas like the America’s Cup on TV or online. Whether you can bet on a regatta or on a trip clearly depends on the current offer. Regattas have two variants: the so-called match race between two boats and the fleet race with more sailors. The America’s Cup is without doubt the most important in the world. But there are also many other events in 34 of these classes, for example at the famous Kieler Woche, Warnemünder Woche or in Travemünde, to name significant German events. Traditionally, sport is also the focus of the Olympic Games. For you, the actual event makes no difference if you have odds on the bets.

A minimal disadvantage

Live betting are rather unusual in sailing bets. Unlike football, you cannot bet on events during a game or in this case a race. At best, however, you can follow a major event live, for example on TV or on the Internet. Then you can react and maybe spontaneously bet on your personal winner. If the America’s Cup or the Admirals Cup is coming up, a bet on the winner you think is an interesting chance of a good odds. The closer the goal gets during this race, the lower the odds will be. If you are early, you can win a lot of money with a correct bet. This also applies to other major sailing events. The weather, who are familiar with this sport, have advantages maybe even from a sailor’s perspective. You can better judge a race. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to get information before a race.

Important sailing events

Betting on sailing is possible for some important events. Incidentally, in English one speaks of sailing. The America’s Cup is one of the most important sporting events in the water. The Admirals Cup is also popular. In addition, sailing at Olympia also plays an important role every four years and is the focus. When there are major sporting events in this sport, there are usually a whole series of races. This is due to the over 30 classes this sport has to offer. So you don’t have only one option for a bet, for example in a match race. When two boats compete against each other, you cannot bet on both if you really want to make a profit. If you proceed in this way, you cannot make a plus in the end.

Different classes

You can place bets on sails in the various classes to benefit from the sail betting odds. First of all, it’s about ships with sails. There are different ship classes and different odds for individual boats. If you bet on Germany, you may be able to earn more money than if you bet on Australia or the USA. Of course, these are just examples. The classes of the boats are related to their size. Those who deal intensively with this sport will be able to read a number of books, and many pages on the Internet also provide explanations. Note that the participants in the major sporting events are all well trained and, for example, have several special certificates and driving licenses. The larger the boats, the more people are on board. Everything has to go hand in hand, that’s a big challenge in this sport. After all, the goal is to win a race, wasted seconds can cost victory.

Sailing: comparable sports

In addition to sailing, there are more sports related to water in the program of recommendations. In addition to sailing, boats can also be used for canoeing or kayaking. And then there are the sporting events in a swimming pool, i.e. swimming at different distances, for men as well as for women. Water polo is played, diving is taking place, as well as other interesting sports that can all ensure good odds. Take a close look at the program from’s recommendations, it consists of an average of 35 sports. If there are Olympic Games, you will even be able to experience all of the sports mentioned on TV within a short time.

What are the odds for sailing?

The sailing odds from the recommendations stand up to any comparison with the odds of the competitors. Anyone who deals with sports betting must pay particular attention to these odds. Betting odds indicate how much money could be won. Outsiders have a higher rate than favorites. The completely understandable logic behind it is easy to understand: the likelihood of a favorite winning is greater than that of the outsider. The more you bet, the more your account balance will increase if successful. If you compare the numbers of the individual sports betting sites for current sailing events, the recommendations will often outperform the competition. Everything is the same in football. Examples are the Bundesliga, the Champions League or the Europa League sports betting odds .

Odds key as a comparison

Odd key is a technical term for sports betting and therefore also for sailing. Each bookmakers has its own key, which specifically tells how much money will be paid out of the betting revenue again. The higher this amount, the better the odds. You can understand the key as a trend. For recommendations, this is 95%, on average. This means that at best it can be higher, but occasionally lower. When it comes to this key, you don’t need to know more than that the number that is missing to the full 100% is the one that goes into the pocket of the recommendations in this case. Of course, a bookmaker has to make sales to be successful. But the weather must not be forgotten in this context.

The betting bonus – which is why you may not get it

You know that the recommendations always have a new customer bonus. But what could be the reasons why you don’t get a bonus? On the one hand, there is the possibility that you have consciously foregone a bonus from the recommendations. You may want to make bets with your own money and then make a payout immediately after winning. So all is well. Or maybe you used the wrong deposit method. Various payment methods are possible with recommendations, some do not qualify for the bonus. A third possibility is that your first deposit was too low.

Facts check

  1. Sailing as a sport is divided into cruising and regattas.
  2. There are more than 30 classes and there are major major races around the world.
  3. The most famous is certainly the race for the America’s Cup, which is held annually on page 1851, but sailing has also been part of the program at the Olympic Games since 1900, which also says a lot about the status.

Why is it worth betting on sailing? A conclusion on the topic

You want to earn money with sports betting and are looking for alternatives to football? Try betting on sailing events. There are so many important sporting events and different classes that there is something going on in this sport at regular intervals. Note the program from the recommendations and here the search word sailing. If you are generally interested in sailing or have been well informed, you have a variety of options.

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