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[source: John Scarne, “Scarne on Dice”]

New York Craps always appeared to me as an undignified way to
play Craps. The dealer’s constant handling of quarters used to make
change seemed a cheap way of running a modern dice table. Often, while
scouting the casinos of the Bahamas and England, I have observed dice
players a $5 bet on a box number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10). The dealer then
shouts, “25 cents, please.” The players usual answer is, “What for?” “The
5% house charge,” cries the dealer, to the bewilderment of the players.

The reason why some casino operators prefer New York Craps to
Bank Craps is that New York Craps has a greater house percentage
than Bank Craps. Any casino that opens only in the evening and caters
only to gambling junkets–with little or no walk-in business–cannot
run a profitable Bank Craps or Las Vegas style of dice game. Many
casino operators in an area where the action is limited to a few hours a
day, have tried unsuccessfully to operate by dealing Las Vegas odds.
The result, they went broke in the attempt, and either went out of
business or resorted to running a bust-out joint.

Several years ago, the Administrator of the Hilton Hotel Casino in
Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, informed me that casinos in the area–
because of the lack of walk-in business (where natives are not permitted
to gamble)–were going broke. Gambling junkets proved to be unprofit-
able. So then and there I decided to develop a craps layout that would
permit casinos such as these a chance to survive and at the same time
give the junket player a run for his money. I also took into considera-
tion the fact that for years everything was increasing in cost, casino
rent, salaries, entertainment, drinks, cigarettes as well as paying for
hotel accommodations and plane transportation for junket players.
Strangely enough, the only thing that had not gone up was the house
percentage at casino tables.

Shortly thereafter, a new craps layout which I invented appeared
for the first time at the Curaçao Hilton Hotel Casino. I have taken the
creator’s liberty of naming this Scarney Craps. In other words, I simply
dignified New York Craps by eliminating the 5% charge and made use
of place betting. Scarney Craps, like New York Craps, lacks a Come
and Don’t Come space, but the proposition bets at Scarney Craps pay
an extra unit more than most Bank Craps tables throughout the world.
Scarney Craps is played on a standard bank craps table. As stated
earlier, Scarney Craps is being played in many Carribean casinos as
well as in Europe and South America.


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