What is a single bet

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What is a single bet

This is by far the most popular bet type in all forms of sports betting, whether shop front betting, on course betting, or online betting both pre event or in-play. Single bets will account for the majority of bookmaker’s bets. A single bet is a bet that a particular participant or team will win. A single bet is the simplest of all bets to both place and calculate.

Single bet calculations

To calculate a single bets returns simply multiple the decimal odds by the stake. For example, calculating the return from a winning £10 bet at 6/1 is calculated as 7 x 10 = £70

Maths for decimal singles

Stake x Decimal odds = Winnings

Maths for Fractional odds

Stake x (fractional odds + 1) = Winnings

Working out Each-way single bets is only slightly more complicated. Each-way betting is really two separate bets. One single bet on the selection to win and one for it to place. To calculate the returns you firstly need the “place factor?. This differs from sport to sport and bookie to bookie, but is most commonly 1/3, ¼ or 1/5 and the punter will normally be informed of the place factor prior to placing the bet. The calculations are then dependent on whether the selection wins or is just placed.

Calculations for a win bet

Stake x Decimal odds x (place factor + 1) + 2 = Winnings

Calculations for a placed only bet

Stake x (Decimal odds x place factor) + 2 = Winnings

Example of how Single Bet calculator works

Without a calculator working out a single bet is ever so simple. As you’ve seen from the calculations section it is as easy as multiplying the decimal odds together with the stake. Let’s say the odds you got were 6.4 and you bet £20. All you have to do now, other than hope your selection wins, is to multiple these two numbers together to get your potential winnings.

6.4 x 20 = 128

So as you can see form this example you’d get a total return of £128. Remember this money also includes your original stake of £20. Therefore total profit is £108.

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