Smarkets Review

Smarkets Review

sMarkets is a British betting exchange for fans of football betting who are looking for high betting odds and can do without a wide range of bets.

SMarkets is a British site based in Malta – this gives the betting exchange two licenses: the license of the English Gambling Commission and the Maltese Lottery & Gaming Authority. As already mentioned, sMarkets is not a classic bookmaker, but a betting exchange in which supply and demand determine the betting market and many other factors. Compared to most bookies, the betting offer only consists of a mere ten sports plus social and political bets.

The focus is on equestrian sports and other British sports such as cricket and rugby. Football offers are not neglected either, but cannot keep up with other bookmakers in terms of breadth and depth. The betting odds depend on the customer offering and are on average about fifteen percent above the typical bookmaker odds.

It is particularly positive to mention that there is no betting tax and sMarkets takes over this in full. Customer service and the website are only available in English – the same applies to the app. New customers are welcomed with a £ 10 free bet. There are no bonus terms – just a £ 20 deposit has to be made. The bet itself remains the property of sMarkets and is not payable – only the winners can dispose of the winnings.

The transfer portfolio is quite manageable and the weather has to bear in mind that a bank transfer of the winnings to Germany, Switzerland or Austria will incur a fee of twelve euros – however, there are no additional offers in the form of poker rooms or a casino.


The sMarkets betting exchange already consists of only twelve sports – we have already counted the social and political bets. Unlike other bookmakers, the focus is not on king football, but on offers from gallop and trotting races. Typical British sports in the portfolio are rugby, cricket and golf.

As a result, sMarkets cannot compete with most other betting providers in terms of width or depth. This even applies to mainstream football and especially German football. Here the betting exchange clearly does without exotic encounters. There are also almost no special bets. In addition, the football betting offer is always dependent on the use of other tipsters, since sMarkets is not a bookmaker, but a betting exchange.

Nevertheless, football fans will also get their money’s worth here, because football is of great importance in Great Britain and is therefore more strongly represented at sMarkets than any other sport.


Football is only in second place when it comes to live betting – because sMarkets clearly focuses on horse racing. Almost all races taking place worldwide are equipped with the corresponding quotas by sMarkets. The selection of bets is very limited for live football bets as in the classic pre-betting offer. All other sports offered are not offered live at all.

However, the live center at sMarkets is – like all other betting exchanges – dominated by supply and demand. If more customers bet on soccer live betting, the selection would also be greater. sMarkets can therefore not change much of the offer.


sMarkets is a British company – sMarkets Limited. It is based in Malta and therefore has a license from the Maltese Lottery & Gaming Authority and an additional approval from the English Gambling Commission. sMarkets wants to take the betting market leader Betfair off the throne with its betting offer.

Unlike a conventional bookmaker, fees for using the sMarkets betting exchange are in the form of a commission. This is calculated by sMarkets in the amount of two percent and is therefore very low compared to the other betting exchanges. It is particularly interesting that the company hides some well-known names that appear as investors. sMarkets is in the process of conquering the market in Europe too and many customers are discovering the world of betting exchanges for the first time through sMarkets. Because in terms of reliability and reliability, sMarkets can score with its double license.


Betting exchanges do not have a quota key – because the same applies here as for betting and live betting – the football offers are determined by the customer himself. In general, however, the odds of sMarkets are generally higher than those of classic bookmakers – in some cases they are up to fifteen percent higher.

A great advantage of sMarkets is that the betting exchange only lives on a fee of two percent. This is also the main argument why many friends of football betting swear by betting exchanges: Here the best odds are available in comparison – usually even at a distance. Because even if the commission is withdrawn, sMarkets can keep up with the top bookmakers or still be above it.

The betting limits are also based on the bet setting and the frequency of customers and are not determined by the betting office. In our experience, the possible uses for unimportant sports events, which at sMarkets also include many football bets, especially in smaller leagues – are rather small. Limits of twenty to fifty euros are not uncommon. Four-digit betting opportunities are only available in the top football leagues.


One major disadvantage is that the website and customer service are only available in English. However, the website is modern and simple and gives the user a pleasant feeling. In addition, navigation is self-explanatory and simple thanks to this clarity. A search function is available for the football betting markets and an app enables mobile betting on the go.

The website focuses on the essentials, with everything important available. So customers can of course find the terms and conditions, various help, FAQs and explanations, information on payment transactions, the rules for betting, the contact options, important information about the history of the company and also a blog to get a lot of useful information. All of this is clearly indicated at the bottom of the website.


SMarkets customer service responds quickly and answers customer inquiries within a few hours – an answer by email is available after 24 hours at the latest. However, in our opinion, it is very much in need of improvement that not only is the entire website in English, but also that support has to be in this language.

We hope that sMarkets will be improved here in the near future and that the employees will then also be available in German. After all, that would surely greatly increase the number of customers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Customers from Europe who are proficient in the English language can contact the English-speaking customer support via an official telephone hotline. However, it should be remembered that this is a long-distance call, because the hotline can currently only be reached via a landline number from Great Britain. German customers have to factor in additional international telephone charges.

The employees are very competent and friendly. They respond individually to all questions and explain them in an easily understandable and detailed manner. The British are available between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. – contact can be made either by email or telephone. The friendly and competent customer support is also available from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. via live chat and Twitter.


Anyone new to sMarkets can look forward to being greeted with a £ 10 promo cash. To receive this free bet, all you have to do is make a deposit of at least £ 20. This free bet can be used within three months – after that it expires. Incidentally, all deposit methods are valid for this.

This free bet is always the property of sMarkets and if the bet is won, only the win of the bet, but not the bet, is credited to the customer account. The freebets are not subject to any further rollover requirements. The football betting bonus is therefore not particularly lucrative in terms of amount. However, this is not surprising when the customer keeps in mind that sMarkets is not a bookie but a betting exchange.

A betting exchange does not have to lure customers with large bonus amounts, because sMarkets offers a customer-oriented and professional football betting offer for those who enjoy the betting hobby and not for those customers who only register due to huge bonus amounts. The bonus is always enough to get your first football weather experience at sMarkets and to test the betting offer. Finally, there are no high requirements for the payment of dubious bonus offers, as is the case with some bookies.


sMarkets completely takes over the tax burden of its customers. That makes the already very good betting odds even more attractive. At sMarkets, for example, all winnings are paid out gross for net. Whoever places a football bet with sMarkets will also receive the full prize. With a profit of 100 euros, only the two-percent fee is kept – in this case, it is two euros, which results in the payment of 98 euros, which will be deposited in full on the betting account.


The portfolio for deposits and withdrawals is quite small. Only the classic bank transfer, the MasterCard and VISA credit cards and the e-wallets Neteller and Skrill are available. For this, the provider has all transfer methods available free of charge.

The minimum deposit amount is ten euros for credit cards and Skrill deposits. At least 20 euros must be paid for bank transfer and Neteller. Only when paying by credit card will 2.5 percent of the total amount be charged as a fee. Fourteen different account currencies are available and of course the euro is included. Except for the bank transfer, which takes three to five working days, all other deposits are booked immediately and are visible on the customer account after a few minutes.

Withdrawals are processed by sMarkets employees within 48 hours. It should be noted that sMarkets for withdrawals outside the UK will charge them a fee of EUR 12. The e-wallets are the fastest for payments and require one to two days, three to five working days are required for the transfer.


sMarkets deliberately avoids an app in a customer-friendly manner and has opted for a website version optimized for mobile devices. The football betting app can be called up with almost all tablets and smartphones. This means that betting with Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry is completely independent of the operating system of the mobile device. The technical adaptation to the display size and performance of the respective end device takes place automatically. For this purpose, sMarkets also provides the complete betting range on the go. It is also possible to make deposits and withdrawals on the go.

The setting options of the mobile version can be found quickly and the navigation menu is easy to understand and self-explanatory. Even beginners can find their way in just a few minutes. Not all functions can also be used on the go, but the range is still sufficient to keep an eye on all activities and results.


The overall rating for the betting market sMarkets: sMarkets differs from the usual bookmakers, but can certainly score in some areas. So there is point deduction for the betting portfolio and the transfer options, sMarkets is suitable for all those friends of football betting who value good betting odds. Tax exemption also has a positive effect. The free bet is enough to try it out. In short: If you are looking for good betting odds, you are in good hands with sMarkets.

Advantages of sMarkets:

  • Higher betting odds than usual with a bookmaker
  • Betting tax is entirely borne by sMarkets – winnings are paid out gross for net
  • Only a small commission of two percent
  • Two European licenses attest to a high level of seriousness: from Malta and Great Britain
  • Uncomplicated implementation and use of the website – easy to understand and self-explanatory
  • Profits are paid out particularly quickly
  • Only a small bonus in the form of free bets, which do not require any rollover requirements

Disadvantages of sMarkets:

  • Small selection of football bets, because focus on gallop and harness racing
  • Customer service only available in English and by landline number in the UK
  • Sometimes very low betting limits that already end at twenty euros
  • The transfer portfolio for deposits and withdrawals is very poor, transfers cost 12 euros
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