Best Snooker Betting Sites 2020

From a Central European perspective, snooker is one of the absolute marginal sports among online betting sites. The special billiard game is largely unknown in this country. In Germany there are currently only 4,000 players who are organized by the snooker. For comparison: a total of six million players are officially registered in Great Britain. The top players are real national heroes in the kingdom.

It is therefore not surprising that the world’s best snooker players come from England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. The billiard game is also quite widespread in the former Commonwealth countries.

Sports betting for snooker: Official snooker rules

Before sports bettors place their first snooker tips, they should familiarize themselves with the rules of the game. Generally there are two opponents in the game. The game is played on an extra-large pool table, on which there are 15 red and another six different-colored balls. In addition, there is the white ball with which the play is made. The goal is to sink a red “ball” first. Afterwards you have to play on a different colored ball. Then it alternates between red and another color.

The main balls, says the Reds, remain in the tabs. All other colors are put back into the starting position after the hole has been punched in until there are no more red balls. If this is the case, the other colors of the value must be punched from bottom to top. You get points for each sunken “billiard ball” as follows:

  • Red – one point
  • Money – two points
  • Green – three points
  • Brown – four points
  • Blue – five points
  • Pink – six points
  • Black – seven points

After each failure, the players change. If all balls are sunk in accordance with the rules, the frame is complete. The tournaments are played in different modes. Most competitions are held in the “Best of Seven” mode. If a player has won four frames, the match belongs to him. At the World Championships, on the other hand, the finals are even played in the “Best of 25” level. It is then not uncommon for the encounters to stretch over several days.

Snooker competitions: what can you bet on?

There are of course countless snooker tournaments. The value is staggered similar to that of tennis. The top events (Grand Slam) are at the top.

We recommend newcomers to initially concentrate exclusively on the highly endowed competitions. In the so-called ranking tournaments, the world class players are automatically qualified. The rest of the players have to fight through several qualification rounds.

The top tournaments of the season are:

  • Wuxi Classic
  • Australian Goldfields Open
  • Shanghai Masters
  • International Championship
  • UK Championship
  • German Masters
  • Welsh Open
  • Indian Open
  • China Open
  • World Snooker Championship

Why should you only type these competitions? The answer is obvious. The top players in the snooker scene can also be researched and assessed relatively easily for an interested layperson. Sufficient statistics are also available. In the small tournaments, however, the opponents are largely unknown. A precise bet analysis is not possible. In this case, only the odds of the betting providers remained as a point of reference.

Betting odds: Are snooker odds worthwhile in sports betting and how high are they?

On the normal 2-way win bet with the snooker, there are quite low odds, which are still located below the tennis. The favorite roles at the tables are usually quite clearly distributed. In our view, a well thought-out betting strategy on the outsiders can be worthwhile. It is also worth taking a look at the special bets.

Betting offer: What different snooker bets can you play?

The betting range at Snooker is amazingly diverse. Anyone who thinks it can only be predicted to win or lose is extremely wrong. The best online sites sometimes equip the snooker encounters with over 70 special bets at major events. The following betting markets are the most popular:

  • Total number of frames
  • A player wins three frames in a row
  • Number of centuries in the match
  • The highest break in the game
  • Exact end result
  • Victory lead
  • First or last colored ball of a frame
  • Handicap bets on head start
  • Score of a player’s last run

How do snooker live bets work and where are they offered?

Live snooker betting is limited to the individual frames. Not every action at the table can be typed. The betting odds are adjusted after each frame played.

Tip: There are really good offers to dust off as soon as the favorite has to take a surprising break. The meager victory rates then become really attractive offers in no time.

Do bookmakers offer snooker as a video live stream?

Yes. Furthermore, bwin transmits numerous games from the pool table. Other betting sites largely refrain from live images from the snooker.

Tip: Betting fans who want to watch the games of the top stars should try their luck at BBC Sports or Eurosport. Both television stations always have at least the ranking tournaments in the program.


With many betting sites you can place bets on snooker and thereby place long-term bets on the winner of the different tournaments. With some betting sites, the selection of online sports betting on snooker is quite good, here you can make advance bets and sometimes live bets on the different games. Special bets are also sometimes offered. The odds for betting on snooker are below average

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