Sportradar compiles statistics for the US league XFL

Sportradar compiles statistics for the US league XFL

For decades, the most traditional leagues in the US stayed away from sports betting, fearing that this could compromise the integrity of the games. At the same time, the organizers and club owners benefited from the betting on Fantasy Sports, even if they might not want to admit it. However, the situation in the US market has changed fundamentally and the betting industry is operating in a legal framework today. The NBA, the NHL and the MLB each have official betting partners and the NFL is also moving in this direction. The newly renamed XFL wants to go further and is determined to make the league betting-friendly with the new partner Sportradar.

Fun with the latest sports technology

Through an exclusive media partnership between the American league American Football XFL and Sportradar, the organizers want to give fans and partners access to data and statistics as quickly as possible. The global technology and software company Sportradar has an outstanding reputation worldwide in terms of technical performance as well as ensuring integrity and ethics in sport.

The first season of the XFL is already underway and ends with the championship game on April 26th. As the official sports data partner of the XFL, Sportradar offers a play-by-play data feed that was specially developed for media use, including sports betting websites, apps and digital platforms such as fantasy sports.

This ensures that anyone who watches XFL games and deals with league content has access to the latest sports data. For you as a betting player, this is an essential prerequisite to be able to fully use the range of XFL bets. As a member of Betway Sports you are well advised, not only that you can get an attractive start bonus through us, the variety of bet types is also impressive.

For fans of American sports

The American Football League XFL is a former product of the WWF and NBC, which has been suspended for years and now, after the decision in the Super Bowl, enables football games until spring. The XFL-2020 is organized by the operating company Alpha Entertainment LLC in the new format. As in the first edition a good two decades ago, eight football teams will participate in the league operations, all of which are officially organized by the XFL.

The regular season offers ten match days, in which four teams compete for entry into the playoffs in an Eastern Conference and a Western Conference. Subsequently, there will be a semi-final as part of a 14-day postseason among the first two teams in the table of XFL-East and XFL-West and at the end a final to determine the XFL champion.

Rule changes for a faster game

The compact mode and enthusiasm for football in the USA as well as a gradual increase in international betting interest automatically attracts the media industry. In addition, the XFL revolutionizes the rules of the game. The new time rule, which increases the pace of play, is extremely exciting.

After a touchdown, teams can choose to favor one point from the 2 yard line, two points from the 5 yard line, or three points from the 10 yard line. This increases the chance of catching up and gives the XFL more excitement. In addition, these unpredictable factors cause plenty of movement in bookmakers’ odds in the area of ​​live betting.

The way of the new market has been prepared

Sportradar is a leader in the distribution of sports data and content of sporting events. If the expertise creates an attractive betting market, it will certainly have a positive impact on the reach of the XFL football matches.

Through this cooperation, football fans will have completely new opportunities to deal with the games, teams and football players. The agreement complements Sportradar’s official partnerships in the collection and marketing of live data with numerous popular US leagues, including the NBA, NFL, NHL and NASCAR.

Even the PGA Tour is now increasingly relying on live betting in cooperation with data feeds that Sportradar markets to licensed sports betting sites. As an interested sports betting participant, the bookmaker plays an important role for you, so I would now like to present a few interesting providers to you.

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