Sports Arbitrage Betting

Sports Arbitrage

Arbitrage bets are safe bets, with a minimal risk and long-term, guaranteed profit – the fulfillment of the dream in search of the “holy grail” of all sports bettors.

However, there are currently no more than (estimated) 10,000 professional arbitrageurs worldwide. Why, one wonders?

For comparison: Deutsche Börse has over 3,200 employees. However, the largest and world’s leading provider of automatic arbitrage services, rebel betting , has no more than 2,000 subscribers. Fewer arbitrage customers than the German stock exchange has employees …

Why this small customer base despite secure profits of 1.5 to 3.5% per betting round and with a 15 to 25% profit on the monthly investment guaranteed as well as we do?

That is considerably more than you get on your capital at any bank! One should think.

Sports arbitrage betting – capital investment and potential winnings

The average player is rather not an investor (= banker, trader), but is betting more for fun and pleasure for the “tingling” in the stomach. A certain league is pursued, or you favor a team or a certain player.

Although arbitrage betting can be seen as a fairly secure financial investment, it all has a lot to do with arithmetic and has to do with keeping records.

You don’t follow a specific team or league, but the prices. This is probably also not necessarily the majority of players and / or is not in their interest, apart from the time and effort required to learn sports arbitrage.

In order to achieve a 15 to 35% return on capital per month with 1.5 to 3.5% arbitrage profit per betting round and, for example, to earn € 5,000 per month, you need at least € 25,000 in starting capital .

However, the average player will likely have less (if any) savings , and with too little capital, you simply won’t make enough money with arbitrage. This will likely be the main reason for the small number of arbitrageurs in the market.

Because if you have the money in liquid, you are well advised to be active in the stock market (and stop losing your money there) .

Because the stock market offers much more liquid and larger markets, without all the many opaque restrictions that sports arbitrageurs are constantly exposed to for bookmakers .

Sports arbitrage betting – time and effectiveness

Although arbitrage is legitimately called “risk-free”, sports arbitrage is not absolutely risk-free ( risks of arbitrage betting and solutions ), but above all it is extremely time-consuming and effectiveness is questionable.

For your own security against a total loss, you should not bet more than 5 to 10% of your total capital per betting round.

With a total capital of € 25,000, you work on average with € 1,000 to € 2,000 per round, and then earn around € 15 to € 40 per betting round.

With a profit target of € 5,000 per month, this means that in order to achieve this, you have to make around 250 arbitrage bets per month (converted to the day: 12 daily) . Added to this is monitoring and accounting.

Even with practice, the use of professional software, excellent market knowledge, etc., you have to expect about one hour per arbitrage, because not every sports arbitrage found can be carried out.

  • Find the arbitrage
  • Check the prices and calculate the stakes
  • Placing bets
  • Monitoring

12 arbitrage bets daily x 1 hour = very time-consuming
(and over time very boring) FULL-TIME JOB

In addition, you have to be resident in a country where betting is not prohibited . Of course, a reliable internet connection is also required.

Not to forget … It takes years of experience to achieve significant arbitrage profits.

It is said that it takes about 3 to 5 years to reach a level of knowledge that allows you to live from arbitrage – I am talking about an annual income of € 50,000 to € 70,000. If one converts the arbitrage profits made into an hourly wage, professionals can achieve around € 20 per hour worked.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is worthwhile and learning arbitrage is a noteworthy goal …

Is Sports Arbitrage Legal?

This question can (and must) be answered clearly with YES .

Arbitrage is definitely legal since the Arber only takes advantage of price differences in the market for its purposes. There is nothing illegal about it.

However, it is of course understandable that bookmakers do not really like to see arbers and since a company has the right (arbitrarily) to decide who you want to have as a customer or not, it can happen that arbers are only allowed to bet or to a limited extent Customer accounts are even blocked and / or closed .

It is often enough that the bookmaker only suspects that the customer is doing arbitrage. There are very few bookmakers who explicitly welcome arbers as customers (such as Pinnacle Sports).

Therefore, in order to realize profits in the long term, to make a living from sports arbitrage and to implement large sums, one has to work long term over “straw men”; or register yourself with the bookmakers under different names and IP addresses .

There are likely to be many other ways to trick bookmakers about true identity, but that will definitely add to your effort and cost.


If you are really familiar with arbitrage, then sports arbitrage can actually generate secure income with a capital return of 15 to 25% per month. However, the profits are realized in a relatively small market (currently around 500 bookmakers, of which only about 50 are of considerable size) . Most bookmakers are reluctant to see arbitrageurs as customers.

This balancing act of pursuing an activity that is legal per se, but being treated as an unwanted customer by bookmakers, and thus being forced into illegal acts, such as disguising one’s own identity and having to hide, is probably not for everyone.

In addition, the income is limited to € 50,000 to € 70,000 annually due to maximum bookmaker stakes as well as own capacity limits.

You should therefore consider carefully whether you want to use your time to learn and master arbitrage or whether there are other activities that could be used more profitably.

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